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                                                                 Let Us Pray


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             Week commencing 08.01.2011      


                The focus this week is ‘Child Abuse’.


It is my opinion that there is no repentance for Child Abuse.

Of course the Eternal God can do whatever He desires.


Mark 9:42  And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones

that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone

were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.


The Eternal God desires that we concern ourselves beyond

the narrow confines of our families.

We need to pray about the abominations, suffering and deaths,

that our governments are carrying out, supposedly in our names

and for our benefits.


For sometime the most popular document on the website

has been ‘Child Abuse’.

This document has no pictures, but it is being accessed across

the world.


We need to understand that this atrocity happens from

the governments, through the churches, and right down

to families. I personally know many people,

who have been raped, and abused.


Abuse takes many forms, but all leave the victims permanently damaged.


Great numbers of children are being imported to be forced into

prostitution, and homosexuality.

This is certainly happening in the U.K., the U.S.A. the Arab

countries, and the nation called Israel, and elsewhere.

Children are being abducted from impoverished countries

to supply this perverted market.

This is happening right now in Haiti. In these appalling conditions

children are being abducted and exported to be abused and for prostitution.


MORE than 2,000 orphans have been snatched by child traffickers

in Haiti since last year’s earthquake, which killed an estimated

300,000 thousand and made 1.5 million homeless.

Babies and toddlers have also been taken from the makeshift camps

in the ruined capital Port-au-Prince and sold for as little as £30 a child.

January 10th 2011 Daily Express



Many people are going on ‘holidays’, where the primary

objective is sex with children.


We are therefore seeing child abuse at home and abroad.


Of course much abuse takes place in the churches.

Though the Catholic Church heads up the list for paedophile

activity, which is institutional.


Those who practice these abominations also include other

churches, governments, freemasons, councillors,

and sadly family members.


We need to pray, that the Eternal God will block out the past

from the minds of all these victims, and give them hope f

or the future.


We need to pray, that any spiritual contamination is removed

from them.


We need to pray, that in spite of the past, that all of these people

will be able to have happy and joyful relationships,

which completes the removal of the past

very destructive experiences.


Marriage relationships after abuse, must rank as one of the

most difficult experiences possible.


We need to pray, that all of these victims realise that

they do not have to permanently feel that  they have

to continually beat themselves,

to prove anything to themselves, or anyone else.


We need to pray, for the children of those,

who have been abused, that they do not experience what

their parents or grandparents, or other ancestors went through.

This is a very big topic, but it can go all the way to Slavery,

which was used to abuse in the past ,and still used to abuse

to this very day, not only in far away countries,

but right where we are all living.


On the African continent, mere children from 9 years old

are being taught to rape and kill, as their childhood is destroyed.


Child sacrifice is still rampant worldwide,

including the country where you live.

Underground cities where this occurs are also very real.

Whether you believe it or not, this is all reality.


There have been approximate 1 million abortions already

this year, and it is only the first week of January  2011.







Can you believe that girl is smiling and not complaining ?

















These could be pictures of you or your children,

but for the mercy of the Eternal God.



                                           So Let Us Pray.