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By: Dr. R. Winfield May 01, 2006


PART 2 See Part 1 here.

Whenever I'm back in Britain I'm struck by how much further along we
are in The Plan, sadly most have accepted it peacefully. Or they are
all worked up about ancillary issues that are merely red-herrings to
draw them from ever knowing the truth that binds them. The dividing
of the American people is also in full swing. A blatant example of
this was seen during the last "elections." The supporters of both
parties were at some rally and there was a lot of screaming and
shouting going on. On these people's faces, you see absolute hatred.
The TV showed one man walk up to another who was holding a young
child in his arms, and spit in his face. These encounters are a
hair's breadth away from bloody violence, and that is exactly what
the Puppet Masters want. That's what is really behind all the recent
immigration protests in the US, the Muslim protests in France, etc.
The mind controlled masses are being whipped into a frenzy, every
Western nation is like a simmering cauldron about to boil over.
Before we move on, please remember the election protest spitting
incident, and remind yourself that both leaders of the opposing
parties were confirmed members of the same "secret society" the
Skull & Bones. Of course I know any mention of this automatically
triggers those two words designed to shut down all thoughtful
evaluation; "Conspiracy Theory." But this fact is well documented
and was even mentioned in interviews with both Bush and Kerry on
CNN. Why are the secret societies now coming out of the closet? I'll
tell you.
First, let's clarify a couple of terms. In some current writings on
hot button issues, you occasionally hear these "opposing" factions
referred to as "Punch & Judy." If you're not from England, you might
not have the full picture on how apropos this is. Punch & Judy are a
children's puppet show. Now, watch how this fits with current
events. Each episode of Punch & Judy involves some issue and the two
puppets fight, one is good the other bad. The children become
totally engaged, emotionally involved and enraptured in the sights,
sounds, actions, suspense, consequences, etc. Yet, all the while,
just behind the curtain, it is just one man operating both puppets.
Next; End Game. This term is one that is bandied about regularly
in "alternative news" circles. There are some videos, and websites
that use the words End Game to describe current geopolitical
conditions. The phrase in this context doesn't fit the idea of a
football game, where the players are weary from the length of play.
End Game applies more to chess, where strength increases and power
accrues towards the end where there is no longer any hiding the
intent of key pieces in strategic positions. Time has removed the
deceptive cloak from the desire of malevolence.
This is why the secret societies are now emerging publicly.
This "coming out" is significant, and you can watch the process with
your friends that mock the notion of conspiracies. Here is the
general formula for the emergence of sinister secrets in current
events. First, complete and utter denial, then casual
acknowledgment, and finally harmless dismissal. We've seen this
played out many times in the media or with personal contacts. If you
had phoned a talk show like Larry King Live fifteen years ago and in
the middle of your discourse mentioned the CFR (Council On Foreign
Relations) or Skull & Bones, you would have been laughed off the air
as a conspiracy kook. I remember people mentioning in lectures that
the majority of politicians of both parties belonged to this group,
and the speakers being mocked for it. Then a few years later Arafat
appears in the New York Times photographed at CFR headquarters in
New York. Now it's merely common knowledge and no longer
interesting. You'll see the same formula followed with Skull &
Bones, Bohemian Grove, and then finally The Bilderbergers.
Recall that Bill Clinton's mentor Carol Quiggly in his epic tome
Tragedy & Hope confessed that there is indeed a secret agenda to
lead the planet into a New World Order global system, but he (almost
prophectically) called for it to be brought out of the shadows and
proclaimed openly. This is what they are now doing. This Plan is
being implemented right before our eyes, its progenitors,
increasingly brazen are no longer concealing their intent. It's all
out in the open now, it's time to prepare for the NWO which will
include a new global government, a new global economic system, and a
new global religion.
So, what is this "religion of hatred" I've previously alluded to?
Basically, there are literally millions of people who awaken each
day filled with absolutely vile and venomous hatred, it drives them
in virtually all they think, say and do. They can barely last 30
seconds in a conversation without some of it spewing forth, and then
you will hear the rhetoric of their religious views; America is the
great Satan bent on taking over the world, George Bush is the root
of all evil, and so on.
Am I referring to fundamentalist Islam? Communist Cuba, China? No,
I'm talking about many Americans and Europeans. Do a search
for "protest pics Republican convention" or " protest pics Bush
Europe." You will see thousands of people from every walk of life,
exerting all their energy and passion, and one thing unites them
all, their hatred of America and Bush. You'll see it etched on their
faces and in their slogans, and often with the attachment of various
other causes; abortion, homosexuality, gun control, Israel, or a
war. I say "a war" instead of "the war," because these are ongoing
operations. We'll look at that in a moment. But what if I told you
that all this anti-American, Bush bashing was a carefully planned
psychological exercise to further The Plan? What if the whole
religion of hatred was designed to bring us closer to the goal of
the Puppet Masters?
The PM ruling elite have a very clear vision of the future with only
2 great superpowers, and America isn't one of them. Their Orwellian
world view has the great phoenix of Europe risen again to surpass
her former glory and a new super Asia with communist China ruling
all the little tigers in tow. Bad news if you live in Taiwan or
Japan, but worse news if you live in the once good, not so ole USA.
So, what do the Puppet Masters have in store for our American
cousins? You only have to look at their own writings to know. With
less prophecy than certainty, Henry Kissinger stated over 20 years
ago that communist Chinese military would be "peace-keepers" on the
streets of Los Angeles, and Americans would welcome them. The
perfectly orchestrated Mexican immigrant vs all "occupiers,"
tinderbox is ready to bring Henry's dream to fruit. But if you
really want to see what they have planned for the US, you'll be very
interested in my Part 3 installment where I mention a current film
with an insider's message that outdoes Brokeback's propaganda quota,
and this time they're not just after sex, they want the whole planet.
If you and a few of your choice friends controlled all the media,
how easy would it be to alter the minds of people? The Mexican
immigrants that receive their cues to march and chant, get them from
radio stations and controllers that are non-Mexican ruling elite.
The legions of loyal Daily Show fans that giggle and titter each
night at the silly Bush, and march lockstep the next day at an anti-
Bush rally are just as duped to believing a myth. All of these
issues are constructs designed to conceal The Plan, until they
reveal it incrementally. They want us to believe that the whole
world hates America, and that the USA is divided right down the
middle. The orders for, and the exposing of all recent US tortures
and war crimes, came straight from the top. And no I don't mean Bush.
Nobody in the religion of hatred seems to notice that it doesn't
even make sense. On the one hand Bush is a bumbling idiot who can't
even string a sentence together, while at the same time he's an evil
genius with a secret plan to take over the world? It's as illogical
as the OJ defense argument that the police were stumbling buffoons
that accidently contaminated all evidence, while being evil
masterminds trying to frame him in a brilliant plot.
To that the haters will respond - "it's not the figurehead of Bush
but his maniacal handlers, Cheney and Halliburton." Oh please, that
tired old saw is so devoid of thought. The Plan continues no matter
who is in office, it has nothing to do with Republicans or
Democrats, Labour or Tory. Next time you're out marching screaming
hatred against Bush, just remember you're furthering The Plan, and
you'll probably psyche yourself into cheering wildly when your next
President Hillary takes office. Oh, did I mention that I don't
believe there is any voting at all? It's all decided who leads,
years in advance. Prove me wrong. If you want a little personal
speculation, I think they will make the facade complete by "running"
Hillary against Condi. But if my calculations are correct, Hillary
is a done deal, and they'll probably use the "nurturing mother" to
counter the exotic new plagues by bringing in the national health ID
cards. Chipped of course. We'll soon see...
We must look at the whole picture, these issues are not merely
political or financial in nature, they have a deep occult history
and a very dark and sinister plan for you. So when you're out
marching in the street, protesting the war thinking you're working
against the New World Order, you're actually working for it. The
beast thrives on conflict and controversy. So the purpose of the war
isn't to seize oil revenues or enflame Muslims, those are just
perks. In the Grand Plan, the war has 3 purposes;
1. To contaminate and decimate the US military and their families
(the vaccines they used in Desert Storm, weren't as effective at
removing patriots as the depleted uranium which contaminates your
wife and children when and if you return).
2. To further bring down the USA in the world's eyes and put an end
to cowboyism, all nations must bow before the UN and its "peaceful"
3. To contaminate the earth and kill many souls as a form of praise
and worship to the god of the Puppet Masters.
That's it, the war in a nutshell. Now you see how it leads towards
having communist troops on US soil, and that's precisely why, as we
speak, those troops are in position training for the house to house
searches. When the US troops have been whittled down to nothing and
are "engaged" elsewhere, a domestic disturbance will result in the
American public calling out to their new god, the UN. "Please come
save us!"
Since I just mentioned religion and a god again, perhaps we should
clarify something. The purpose of the war, is one thing, but what is
the purpose of Bush in The Plan? The war is to drag America through
the mud for the world, Bush is to drag Christianity through the mud
for the world and its god. We'll cover the fact that it's the only
religion one can publicly vilify daily in the press, and don't cite
Danish cartoons as a rebuttal, that operation went off flawlessly.
When I tune into American Christian radio, I'm flabbergasted that so
many promote Bush & Co as Christian. "Well he mentions God a lot,
and we've seen him coming out of church carrying a big bible." Oh
really? The same was said of Bill Clinton, but none of the Christian
conservatives held him as their own brother. If you call yourself a
believer, let me ask you this; Could anyone that is a lover of
Scripture participate in an moonlit occult ceremony where the
spirits of the dead are called forth while surrounded by skulls, he
is laid out nude masturbating in a coffin?
Which brings me to FOX news, and the same illogical inconsistencies
that plague the religion of hatred and the OJ trial. Do you think
that FOX news supports your family values of God, country, family,
etc.? Well, isn't it just a bit strange that their sister channel
the FOX Network, consistently airs the shows that stretch the
envelope in defiling those values? In fact, the FOX Network often
outdoes the cable channels in shock and awe, and anything that's
just too raunchy to pump into your family living-room, they
disseminate thought their other sister, FOX Films. Notice any
inconsistency yet? How about that the trusted CEO, Mister Rupert
Murdoch owns the PATENT on the bible that you read? The NIV,
America's most popular bible, which was introduced and marketed with
much fan fare and millions and millions of dollars to the
unsuspecting and sleeping churches of your once fair land. Each new
printing omits, changes and rearranges words to fulfill the wishes
of The Plan, already over 20,000 words have been tinkered with. So
much for written in stone. Whether you're on the "conservative
right," or the "liberal left," The Plan decrees what you think,
believe, say and pray.
It's not just FOX, it's all of them, even the "religious"
broadcasting networks, PBS, or any form of media you can think of,
it's all under the thumb of the PM. But what about the internet, and
all these "alternative" news sites? Most of them are just
unwittingly promoting The Plan, every time I see an anti-Bush rant
or artwork, I feel sad, not for Bush but for the people that think
they're fighting they system with their so-called "freedom of
speech." So, how about me, wouldn't they be upset that someone
really is exposing their plan? No, not really. As I said earlier,
they're coming out of the closet now, they like to announce what
they're going to do, they like the fear it instills. It's like the
low acoustic modulation in a tiger's roar that paralyzes the victim
before impact. Also, fear in the hearts of the masses, rises like a
sweet hymn to their master.
Are we getting close to revealing the "they," are we ready to know
the names of the Puppet Masters?
People often ask me; "We're seeing all these things that concern us;
loss of rights, a globalist agenda, increased surveillance,
microchip tracking, media control, economic pressures, oppressive
laws, increasing crime & violence, immorality, international
tensions, terrorism, toxic contaminants, exotic new diseases,
breakdown of trust in government, etc., please tell us who you think
is behind all this. Is it the Masons, Illuminati, Jesuits, Lucious
Trust, International Bankers, UN, Opus Dei, Thule Society, CFR,
Skull & Bones, Multi-nationals, NGO's, Priory of Sion, OTO, Bohemian
Grovers, Rosicrucians, WHO, Knights Templar, NASA, Club Of Rome,
Bilderbergers, Tax Exempt Foundations, FEMA, Rhodes Scholars, WTO,
Trilateral Commission, or Luciferians?
My answer.... "Yes."
You see, it's coming from every side. A scholar could study just one
aspect of this beast and have their hands full, round the clock. It
really is moving that fast. The end game is a time for the
tightening of the net. Ever wonder why they call it the "web" and
the "net?"
Of course, we're considering a notion that you've heard before, that
there are powerful men behind the scenes steering current events to
fulfill their plan of an occultic destiny for the earth and her
people. The trouble with already being familiar with a concept is
that we often categorize information into mental compartments
labeled "already dealt with," "nothing new," or "not so pressing."
This is the reason for films like Skulls, National Treasure, and
Conspiracy Theory.
These taboo topics have already been aired and their complete
immersion into the popular culture renders them impotent. Human
nature yearns for secret knowledge, so when it is no longer secret,
we move on with itching ears for the next titillating tidbit.
Propaganda masters know this, so they release half truths or lies
wrapped in the skin of a truth. Spin doctors and disinformation
meisters have free reign in today's media, with roots running deep
through many years of study into psychologically manipulating the
minds of the masses, thanks to the Rockefeller Foundations,
Tavistock Institute and Nazi Germany. It is no secret that the
leaders of all the world's leading media outlets belong to the same
globalist groups. They have a united agenda.
Often human tendency is to either take conspiracy with a grain of
salt or rationally diminish its significance, because if all this is
true, then we are forced to make serious decisions about our world
view, and how often do people really change their religion?
Which brings me to a very important point; documentation. Many have
written me moaning about my lack of footnotes and references, they
impugn my character or education. A typo becomes a titan, a
malapropism a mountain, and a formatting faux pas some sort of snafu
beginning with "F." However, documentation would do little good in
persuading nay-sayers. You've seen it yourself, if you produce
evidences that contradict your friend's position, they dismiss the
source as biased, or the funding behind the study, etc. So my
current position is not to win arguments, my debating days are done.
Instead, I just put some ideas out there, and if you are challenged
or encouraged, fine. If you're upset, well, that's life. But if you
feel your curiosity stimulated to the point where you want to
inquire into any of these different ways of looking at current
events, wonderful. The web will provide plenty of avenues for your
investigations. Use caution though, we'll have to address propaganda
on the web another time.
Others have written me worried about the reality of what they are
seeing played out before their eyes. "What is the solution?" they
ask. Indeed, that is the most salient point. If I only bring you bad
news and never provide a solution, I would be the most negative
tedious bore. However, at this point, if you heard the solution,
you'd reject it, despite what is clearly coming upon the earth.
Do you really think that electing some new party or president will
end earth's woes? Will science invent a magic pill that will make
everything alright? Should we, as many so-called "intellectuals" are
suggesting, surrender everything to the unelected "officials" of the
United Nations? Or will the religion of hatred under the guise of a
grass roots movement, assemble all the environmentalists and new age
spiritualists and somehow overthrow the oligarchy? Good idea, just
see how that went at the World Trade Summits, and visit the graves
of the dead hippies at the storm trooper's hands. No, I'm not a
pacifist, or defeatist, I'm a realist. Do you honestly believe any
of those solutions hold one ounce of promise?
Until we meet next time, here's your homework, rationally meditate
on this one question;
Where is my hope?
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