The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God

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                   God is Love


                                 We should ALL be sighing and crying about the sad state of our world.










                                             “ YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!  Come Drink Of The Water of Life.”      

                                     Rhema Archive Files




                        What Is Rhema?                              What Must I Do Now ?  



                         Most REcent Rhema


                         Enoch Chapter 1 Rhema   


                         Enoch Chapter 11 - 13 Rhema    


A Matter Of Life or Death Ezekiel  Chapter 37 Rhema                       

                        Jeremiah 5 Rhema

                   Jeremiah 31 Rhema


                   Pharoah's Hard Heart  


                        The Dark Ones Rhema  


                        Useless Activity Rhema



                        Archived Rhema In Alphabetical Order


                        A Cunning Plan Or My Name Is Not George Bush        


                        A Grateful Praising Heart


A Life Hid With Christ


A Loving Father You Can Trust


A Matter Of Life or Death Ezekiel  Chapter 37 Rhema


A Message To Young People   


A New Heart And A New Spirit I Will Give You


A Prison Planned To Control You Starting In 2004


Accepting The Cross Of Christ 


Acts Rhema         All 28 Chapters, Display  & Audio


America And Britain     


America The Judgment                                            


An Adulterous Generation


Be Not Discouraged                                                                          

Before The Foundation Of The World

                        Bind And Loose 


Blessings Are Clean


Call on the Name of the Lord


Calm Down  


Citizens of the British Isles


Claudio & Filippo


Colossians    Rhema  Chapters     1 - 4             Includes Audio*


Come Out Of Her My People 


Conspiracy Of Evil   




Courage and Fear     




Do Not Touch The Lord's Anointed  


Do You Love ?


Ephesians     Rhema  Chapters     1 - 6             Includes Audio


Emulators Of Christ    


Establishing The Law                                            


Fear And Absolute Love


Fear Is From Satan      


Feed Them 


Fight The Spiritual War


Forgive Others


                        Galatians Chapter 6 Rhema       Galatians With Audio for all 6 chapters.


                        Galatians Chapter 5 Rhema

                        Galatians Chapter 4 Rhema 

                Galatians Chapter 3 Rhema

                        Galatians Chapter 2 Rhema

                        Galatians Chapter 1 Rhema


God Is Love                   


God Is Love Wait Patiently    


God Possession Not Demon Possession 


God's Will Is Perfect   


Grow In Love And Humility


Healing For All the Nations 

Health And Prayer

                        Hebrews        Rhema  Chapters     1 - 13           Includes Audio*

Holy Days

Humility And Obedience


I Know You Not


Importance Of Words - Faith


In Fury                                                                    


In Weakness, Power


                        Jeremiah 31 Rhema


Jeremiah 5 Rhema


Jesus Our Righteousness


Job's Suffering


             Job Chapter 42 Rhema  

                         Job Chapter 41 Rhema  

                 Job Chapter 40 Rhema 

                Job Chapter 39 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 38 Rhema   


                        Job Chapter 37 Rhema 


                        Job Chapter 36 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 35 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 34 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 33 Rhema  


                        Job Chapter 32 Rhema  


                        Job Chapter 31 Rhema 


                        Job Chapter 30 Rhema 


                        Job Chapter 29 Rhema 


                        Job Chapter 28 Rhema 


                        Job Chapter 27 Rhema 

                Job Chapter 26 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 25 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 24 Rhema 


                Job Chapter 23 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 22 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 21 Rhema 

                         Job Chapter 20 Rhema 

                         Job Chapter 19 Rhema 

                         Job Chapter 18 Rhema 


                        Job Chapter 17 Rhema


                        Job Chapter 16 Rhema 


                        Job Chapter 15 Rhema 


                        Job Chapter 14 Rhema 


                        Job Chapter 13 Rhema 


                        Job Chapter 12 Rhema 


                        Job Chapter 11 Rhema 


                        Job Chapter 10 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 9 Rhema 

                Job Chapter 8 Rhema  

                        Job Chapter 7 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 6 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 5 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 4 Rhema 

                        Job Chapter 3 Rhema


                        Job Chapter 2 Rhema


                        Job Chapter 1 Rhema


Judging Others


Judgment For All


Judgment Time Knocking On Your Door Recovery & WCG.   


Keep Focussed


Last Message To All Churches  


Letter To Erik


Letter To Dr Joseph Tkatch


Listen To, And Obey The Eternal


Living The Life


Love In Practice


Manipulation Warning To A Trojan Horse       


Message To A W C G Member    


Message To All Churches                                         


Message To ALL Muslims 


Message To David Hulme


Message To Pastor Ray McCauley 


Message To Peter Williams        


Message To Ted Wen Of The Recovery Church   


Message To The United Nations  


Miracle Key & WCG Condition




Mutual Respect      


My Invitation

My Judgment On All The Rebellious Churches

My Love Is My Message Now 

My Word Is Eternal Life 



No Compromise -  Rabbi TSEDAKAH


No Half Measures  


No Respector Of Persons


Noblesse Oblige                                                      


No Smooth Prophecies  


Obituary - Don't Let It Also Be Yours     


Our Present Predicament - The Solution    


Our Service And Worship Defined                                              


Passover Rhema


Pearls For The Pearl Fishers


Performance Related Love


Plain Speaking


Plead To Me  


Prayer For All Churches


Preparation Of The Bride


Prepare To Meet Your Maker Recovery Church 


Prophet Yahweh And The UFO 


                        Psalm 20 Rhema


                        Psalm 19 Rhema 


                        Psalm 18 Rhema 

Psalm 17 Rhema 

                        Psalm 16 Rhema 

                        Psalm 15 Rhema                                     

                        Psalm 14 Rhema  


        Psalm 11 Rhema      


                         Psalm 10 Rhema


                         Psalm 9 Rhema


                         Psalm 8 Rhema 


                         Psalm 7 Rhema 


                         Psalm 6 Rhema 

                         Psalm 5 Rhema 

                         Psalm 4 Rhema 

                         Psalm 3 Rhema   

                         Psalm 2 Rhema  


 Psalm 1 Rhema  




Questions & Comments For The Recovery, N.C.F., W.C.G.                                       


Releasing Of Burdens






Revelation     Rhema  Chapters     1 – 22          Includes Audio


                        Rhema For Citizens Of The British Isles Originally posted In 2004

Applicable Today For U.S. Also   Reposted


Rhema Is God's Judgment On All Who Are Involved                   


Rhema Is Rhema is Rhema     


Rhema Response To Dr Joseph Tkatch         


Rhema  - To My 4 Servants  


Righteousness Is Obedience 


Romans         Rhema  Chapters      1- 16           Includes Audio*        


Safe In God's Hands


Satan Fears Rhema Led Warriors   


Satan's Sacrifices


Say No To Catholicism  


Seduced By Doctrines Of Demons       


Separate Yourselves 


Sharp Shooters   


Silence In The Spirit


Sin & Sickness - Message To HRH The Queen                                                     


Sorrow Now    


Stand Fast, Undeceived & Spotless              


Strength Wisdom Truth   


Success Guaranteed


Surrender And Control    


The Ark And Our Covenant                                                            


The Beast, The False Prophet  v  The Holy Spirit


                        The Eternal Our Guide


The Conditioning Of Darkness


The Dictatorship Of A Loving God


The Eternal God Is Our Protection


The Internet Temple


The Joseph Generation


The Law & Rhema


The Love and Severity of God


The Last Great Day


The Law And Testimony Part 2


The Law And Testimony Part 1


The Man Child - Rhema


The Power Of The Word - Rhema


The Power Of Rhema


The Practice Of Our Calling


The Reality And Practicality Of Our Calling     


The Reality Of The Spiritual World    


The Rejected Rhema


The Sabbath                                               


The Spirit World - The Future                                                         


The Thief  In The Night      


The Thorn In The Flesh Amplified


The War Is On               


There is NO Money From Nesara  


Time Is Short                         


This Is The Way of My Bride  


Time Gentlemen Please  


To His Glory And Praise


To My Servants    


To The Editors Of The Daily Mirror & Tehran Times     


Touch Not My Anointed                                                                  


Tribulation Is Now

                        Trust God The Eternal

                        Victorious Prayer

                        Walking Through The Veil  

                        WCG Condition


                        We Are Righteous In His Sight


                        Worldwide Church Of God - The Deception

                        Many Selected Documents Exposing WCG, and its harlot daughters.

                        From Website: Outsider’s Inside  Updates  (Site currently Not Found)

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                        We Are More than Conquerors    


                        We Are Responsible For The Situation Today     


                        We Are Warriors


                        What On Earth Is Going On ?


                        Where Are You Seated ?                                                                                                                                    

                        Who Is Your Risen Lord ?

                        Which Day is the Christian Sabbath ?

                        Workers Of Iniquity               


  The only way out of this dilemma is Jesus Christ.

                                          He is the only way of escape.

    We have to be under His Care and Protection.          

                        Salvation by any other name or means,

                                         Simply does not exist.

                               Complete Obedience is required

                                               Praise the Lord.

                                       Come soon Lord Jesus.


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