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A Message From Peter James


Who Is running The Show ?


On April 13 2005, 23 had the opportunity to have our messages go out to the email list of another

Website, that was some 900 people.

First we had to declare who we were and what was our purpose.

We told them absolutely straight without pulling any punches.

We were told we could post anything that we wished.

We posted ‘Experiencing Christ in Reality’.

We were promptly banned from the site.

This document was not controversial in any way except it mentioned that an individual could and would

Experience Christ in reality.


In a very short space of time an ex Catholic minister wrote a nice letter.

His only concern was that he took it that we were promoting salvation by good works.

Quickly we responded and explained that we actually have several documents which

prove the exact opposite. We suggested that he checked the site out.


Almost immediately are response from a U.S. Roman Catholic Priest.

This is what he said.




==== "THE TRUTH EXPOSED" =====
conversion testimonies from 4 former Ministers:

Dr. Scott Hahn Former Presbyterian Minister

Marcus Grodi Former Lutheran Minister

Larry Lewis  Former Assemblies of God Minister

Jeff Cavins Former Methodist Pastor.”


I was very pleased with the references supplied.

We have been saying for quite some time that almost ALL churches have already

Given their allegiance to Babylon – the Mother of Harlots.

Last year we mentioned the big meeting in Germany  from which the media was banned

But 10,000 representatives of various churches attended, with world-wide satellite link up

For those who could not attend. We have other evidence that multiple thousands of

Church ministers have literally been bought for cash to keep their congregations in slavery.

This came directly from one converted controller of multiple thousands of ministers.

This was all part of the proposed One World Government and One World religion.


Note the four ministers mentioned above were from four different denominations.


If you still think that every minute aspect of your life is not controlled

In the tiniest detail, then think again.

The Internet is a major source of deception and the works of the powers of darkness.


Most times when we post a document via Wandado, immediately, Wandoo goes down

For ‘maintenance’. It is like clock-work.


I had the thought to let you all be fully aware of the reality of what we are saying.


A final note:

The counters on the site do not represent in any way the many thousands of visits

to our site nor the thousands worldwide who also receive our material directly.

They are for our own purposes.









The only way out of this dilemma is Jesus Christ.

         He is the only way of escape.

                 Praise the Lord.

          Come soon Lord Jesus.





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