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A Message From Peter James


The Unravelling Of America      


                     The day Shock and Awe came back home.


A Must Listen To:  Mayor Nagin Of New Orleans Interview


One listener’s comment: The silence at the end the way it wraps up is stunning. So that is what a politician who cares sounds like. The rest of them are just pieces of debris.


Another Comment: This mayor is my hero. Truth was spoken. Finally, a politician speaking truth.


Another Comment: Being in Illinois,

"...I had never heard of Ray Nagin before this crisis. I would vote for him for any office in the country.

This interview/cry for help/scream of frustration should be looped to play forever in that part of hell reserved for people like George Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and all the corporate plutocrats running our country for the benefit of only themselves.


I'm sure everyone will forgive Bush seconds from now after they see him kiss a "survivor" of this tragedy he has a hand in.

-kay jones"


Repub chant "We are aware , but we don't care "


Another Comment: ► I just got a chance to listen. This guy is amazing. This was one of the most incredible things I've ever heard.

It starts out rather normal but ends with one of the most moving moments in recorded history.

This isn't America anymore... the Bush admin has made this country something else... I don't know what this is now... but I know this is no longer America.


The Above Comments were from                              


Sadly the whole world watches as we see the ‘Super Power’ America unravel

before our very eyes. In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina the T.V.

news states that even Bangladesh reacts better to flooding than the U.S.A.

One ex Iraq soldier said that what he is seeing looks exactly like it was

in Iraq except for the bomb craters.

How few have considered that there is a very direct link between Katrina and Iraq?


Quite amazingly the nationals of their own country are being called refugees.

I hope and pray that this does not disintegrate further, and that they are

then called insurgents. My understanding is that the nationals of the U.S.A.

are Americans.


Consider that this massive disaster all happened in a matter of just hours.

We really don’t even want to consider it, but the reality is that the hurricane season

still has a long way to go.

Will we wake up and learn?

What are we all going to do?


       REALITY – Life And Death


Quite unbelievably

FEMA has released to the media and on its Web site a list of suggested charities to help

the storm’s hundreds of thousands of victims. The Red Cross is first on the list.

The Rev. Pat Robertson’s “Operation Blessing” is next on the list.


This is the same Pat Robertson, nominal Christian, who said that the President of Venezuela and

all who speak about UFO’s should be killed.

This is the same billionaire who is involved in some very questionable financial activities.


We are really in a fix if we want to help.

I suggest that you seek out some smaller organisation and route whatever you are doing

through that organisation.


The following is a software provider, who is attempting to help directly.

(I am sure there are others)

The hearts of coffeecup certainly seem to be in the right place.



The fact is that establishment charities have history of withholding disaster funds

The Red Cross, under the Liberty Fund, collected $564 million in donations after 9/11. Months after the event, the Red Cross had distributed only $154 million. The Red Cross' explanation for keeping the majority of the money was that it would be used to help 'fight the war on terror'. To the victims, this meant that the money was going towards bombing broken backed third world countries like Afghanistan and setting up surveillance cameras and expanding the police state in US cities, and not towards helping them rebuild their lives.

President Bush has enlisted Bill Clinton and his father to head up the collection of charity.

The question is what has happened to all the money collected for the Tsunami?

Where has it all gone?

Weren’t these same two people involved?


Clinton, Bush slashed levee spending - preventive maintenance was cut for 10 years.

The message is clear. You are on your own. The levees that collapsed were the ones the canceled funds were intended to strengthen. Bush cut all those funds to help pay for his war in Iraq, a war started with lies.

This is not wise leadership. It is reckless "loot the treasury to pay for phony wars" leadership. Bush has, through incompetence, wrecked a major US city just as thoroughly as any terrorist could ever hope to do.


* Billy Graham on disaster: Evil is mystery - 'someday we will understand, but not now'


These so called ‘Christian Leaders’ both political and spiritual are certainly showing

their spiritual nakedness.


Our Rhema said it is judgment – the Tribulation.

In our Rhema, the Eternal said that those responsible for how the people

are treated were accountable to Him.

“I will recompense the cruelty and disregard of those who profess ME but refuse to OBEY ME upon the poor and needy that are now seen to be suffering on your screens in those Southern Sates.

I know My own and I know those who are culpable in all the Evil that has enveloped the world.

They will not escape.”


There were some communities who bluntly refused to help the disaster victims as they ‘lowered the tone of the area’.

As we have stated, just wait, coming to your town, your street, some form of tribulation, then who is going to help you?

What you reap you sow.


Galatians 6:7  Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.


I have been wondering what happens when the many thousands of national guards men, from this devastated area see their hometowns utterly destroyed, and the lack of prompt action to help their families, who are going through horrific suffering, return home.

How is this going to affect what is happening in Iraq?


I do not believe that America will be the same again.

Unlike the twin towers and the spin and lies etc.,

this was so clear that even a blind man could see it.

No ‘conspiracy theories’, were needed.


Listen to, and pay careful attention to the very angry and frustrated and in  many ways powerless, mayor of New Orleans.



Maybe the police of New Orleans who resigned felt totally gutted and let down by the system they had trusted and upheld for years as they risked their lives daily. I do not believe that they were just afraid of some snipers, bad as this is.


It is very easy to sit in the comfort of your home as an armchair professional who has all the solutions.

Shoot all looters some said.


Most were just trying to get water and food to survive.

We did not see masses of gun toting people, just thousands of people in total shock who had lost everything, family and possession.

A few mad people took TV’s and other useless items.

Some took lots of shoes/trainers.

I wondered why, and then I saw someone with two bits of cardboard tied to his feet for shoes.

These people were also sharing the nothing they had.


Put yourself in the position of wanting a glass of water in 90-100 degree heat, while around you there is water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink and there is some in a shop,

what would you do?

There is no money and there is no one there anyway?

Have you ever tried going 3 days without food?

We need to try it sometime before we start pontificating.

Can you imaging living in a chemical, biological sewer for 5 days, with the dead and dying around you?

Can you imagine the smell?

Have you ever been attacked by mosquitos, which multiply rapidly in stagnant water?

What happens when you are diabetic and you have no food?

What happens when you are asthmatic and you cannot breath the damp horrible air?

What happens when …..  and on and on it goes ?


Be thankful that at present you are spared this.

As we have been saying it is now time to pray.


In our Rhema the Eternal said:

“Time is late.

It is NOW possible for anyone who truly wants to find out My Will for them and do it.

That is the glorious provision My Son’s Sacrifice has made for them.

It is in their heart and available to them to-day, right now.

They do not need to wait.

If they listen, I will SPEAK to them and then they obey and the miracle of Eternal Life starts

for them. Do this day by day, hour by hour and they will immediately begin to know ME and experience My Presence and Life within them in increasing ways.”



The only way out of our dilemmas is Jesus Christ.

         He is the only way of escape.

                 Praise the Lord.

          Come soon Lord Jesus.




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