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A Message From Peter James


Richard Dawkins - The God of Delusion 



Richard Dawkins, is an Atheist, Professor. Evolutionist, and author.

From the following you can see that he is a very clever man.


A graduate of Oxford, he did his doctorate under the Nobel-prizewinning ethologist Niko Tinbergen.

In 1967 he was appointed Assistant Professor of Zoology at the University of California at Berkeley,

returning to Oxford in 1969.

He has been a Fellow of New College since 1970.


Professor Dawkins's awards have included the Silver Medal of the Zoological Society of London (1989),

the Royal Society's Michael Faraday Award (1990), the Nakayama Prize for Achievement in Human Science (1990),

The International Cosmos Prize (1997) and the Kistler Prize (2001).

He has Honorary Doctorates in both literature and science, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society.


My question for Mr Dawkins is this:

What was the evolutionary concept that these butterflies have in mind

when they decided to have a letter of the English alphabet imprinted on their wings,

long before the English Language was created?


These are letters and numbers found on the wings of

butterflies in the wild.


    (The Full size poster or books can be purchased here:


Can we now expect each butterfly to logically go through each letter of the alphabet,

and the letters 0 to 9, in the process of time?

With all our intelligence we are quite unable to  ‘program’ butterflies which have nothing

written on their wings to have a specific letter on their wings and then for their offspring

to carry on this feat in perpetuity.


Mr Dawkins recently presented a program in the U.K. on channel 4, early in 2006.


Root of All Evil? 1. The God Delusion”


I was able to see almost the whole program.


The sentiments expressed by Mr Dawkins in a sense was understandable.

The venom and the anger and arrogance of those who supported one religion or another was evident.


However, the reality is that even a casual study of the book which he easily dismissed as myth, the Bible,

would make it very clear to him, that the views expressed were totally contrary to the Bible.


Mr Bush was mentioned as a Christian, where ever did that idea come from?

A Muslim sort of claimed responsibility for 911, where ever did that idea come from?

Both claims are as weird and absurd as the theory of evolution.


Because every one calls me a teapot that does not make me a teapot.


The number of people who actually follow the teachings of the bible are very few indeed.


Of course the vast majority of churches are deceptive, control and manipulating money making machines.


We are clearly told Thou shalt not kill, and if we even hate in our hearts, we have sinned.


Mr Dawkins could have made a really valid point by telling these people that they do not

practice what the One they claim to follow teaches.


The point is that the animosity and hatred carried out by so called Christians

actually disqualifies them from calling themselves Christian, or worshippers of God.

Pat Robertson ‘Christian’, of the 700 club called for the murder of Chavez of Venezuela.

President Bush and Prime Minister Blair have killed countless thousands in the name of God.

They even kill their own and the rest of us as they leave a legacy of death, in Iraq,

which will last longer that the supposed age of the earth.


The Bible says to love not only your neighbours but your enemies.

White phosphorous and bombs of any kind are not expressions of love.


The Muslim who says because of your conduct we can kill you, is just as wrong as

the ‘Christian’ President who invades Iraq for his own reasons and who is egged on by his strange

fundamentalist backers. Two wrongs do not make a right.


I am not angry in the slightest with Mr Dawkins. He interviewed some peculiar people.

He has a mouth, and as such he can say anything he desires.

I have no desire to kill him.

He is a person, a human being like me, with the same basic hopes.

Unlike animals, of which he has great understanding, we have free will, which allows us to choose

on a far superior plane to animals.

Animals have never been able to, and never will be able to do this.


My home is a house of Peace and what does not happen outside of it,

certainly happens in it. This cat and dog are strangers. The dog is visiting my home.

If animals can do this, we should be able to do this. We claim to be intelligent!



We need to understand the reality that we accountable for every thing we say and do.

Whether we believe it or not is irrelevant.

In practice any scientific study will show this to be correct.

We just need the patience to wait and see the results.

We will reap what we sow.

It is a law.

An immoral promiscuous life style carries a very high price, even your very life and of your children.

The bible which he scorns warns against this lifestyle.

All these people promoting violence, war, hatred and bigotry will eventually pay the price, regardless

of which god/God they claim they serve.


As an intelligent person who has studied animals, I am sure that he is fully aware of the many creatures

and plants which are totally reliant on each other in order to survive.

They both had to evolve at precisely the same time.

If they did not do so, then none of them exists today, and he knows that they do exist.

He is fully aware of the statistically impossible odds of this happening however long he waits.


For how long did the Archer fish take shooting lessons to learn to knock insects down from over hanging branches?

Did it die of hunger before it learnt to deal with all the problems associated with refraction of light

through water? Why do that any way? Why not eat food that is available in the water?


What would make one species of eagle or the bar headed goose fly up to 80,000 ft?

What ever would put that idea in its tiny head?

There is no food up there.

There are no mates up there. Is the temperature –80c?

How did it know that up there exists?

Why would it want to go up there in the first place?

Was it to show that it was the fittest?

Who was it going to show that it had been there and how?

How is it that it has not frozen to death on its long upward journey?

We would die at a fraction of that altitude.

Was God having a laugh to mess our arrogant minds up with the things which He created?


I believe that He was, by just looking at the things I see every day, the bumble bee which science

said at one time was not aerodynamic enough to fly.

Of course we know that bumble bees do not fly, they just sort of walk on air.


How does our mind cope with spiders, besides the fear of them, consider their marvellous webs.

The variety of designs, and types of silk, how do they walk on them etc., etc. are beyond words.


Why would toads and fish slow down their metabolism and then go and bury themselves in the ground

for months or years until the next rainy season?

Are we saying that these animals are smarter than us?

Would we ever have thought of that as a solution?


How does a millipede decide in its tiny brain which of its many feet to move and when?

Who taught it when we spend ages teaching babies to walk?


What about growing back parts that have been lost, like the lobster and ‘daddy long legs’,

why haven’t we done that? We are king of the castle

Why don’t we change our skin colour at will, so when we are being followed to be attacked

we just blend into the scenery and evade our attacker?


The only conclusion I can come to is that these creatures below us on the fictitious evolutionary ladder

are a great deal cleverer and much further up the supposed evolutionary ladder,

as we humans have not managed to do that as far as I know.

So we are the head of the chain but the lower species are cleverer than us?

My head is beginning to hurt.


When the bees learnt their dance, how did they teach the others what their various movements meant?


What about the ants farming?

How did they work out controlling a parasite that can ruin their harvest with a potent antibiotic bacteria?

Did they learn it at university?

Did all their crops die off before they evolved this process?

How did they work out carrying these bacteria in special pockets on their bodies?


The truth is that the questions are endless.


I would like to ask the question,

what evolutionary process made frost on my car produce this pattern?

What was the evolutionary purpose of it?




I am sure that Mr Dawkins is fully aware of the vast gulf between animals and humans.

There is a non physical element which animals simply do not have, although there is a spirit in man,

and a spirit in animals.

Of course there are many physical similarities.

Trees and plants come from the soil and ultimately so do we, but that does not make me a tree or a plant.

No, a monkey would never type the bible, however long you gave it, or however many generations you gave.

As an author he is fully aware how much effort goes into writing.

Time does not make a book come together.

Without a mind you would have absolutely nothing.


Pornography, abominable paedophile activity, and animal rights groups are the result of saying

that humans are animals.

For this reason women are debased and degraded to be like lumps of meat, and animal rights

activists think that it is acceptable to kill people who kill animals. Even court sentences can be

more severe for harming animals than harming people.

It is for this reason that how we treat animals is the 7th commandment of the New World Order.

The intention is to eventually kill people for mistreating animals.


The creation, a term to which Mr Dawkins objects, has something which is truly awesome.

It is the absolute precision, beauty in design and the functionality in the specific purpose of the

things created. It is quite stupendous.

The total efficiency of every part staggers the imagination.

The builders can efficiently build e.g., the termites.

The killers can kill, the shark, the lion etc.,

The collectors, bees gather and store their honey efficiently.

The things which are there just to be beautiful, are just that.

On none of these things can we improve.

The deeper you look the greater the precision.

In spite of our high powered intellect and arrogance,

we cannot improve the flight of a single insect or bird.

We cannot improve the activity of any creature in the sea.


The sense of humour and fun in the mind of the One who made all things is clear.

Many things have been done, which we see every day, to just blow our minds completely away.


The eye was mentioned on the program.

Have a look on the Internet and examine the complexity of the eye.

If you truly believe that it could self assemble gradually over a great period of time them just keep taking

the medication, that is all I can say.

A thorough study of any part of the human body will fill any sane person with utter admiration.


Honest doctors admit, that in their speciality subject there are lots of things that they simply do not know.

The design, the intricacy, the accuracy and the fact that it works as intended is miraculous.

Man designs things and they are forever breaking down and failing.

If you had never seen a bird before, and you saw one on the branch of a tree,

you would never imagine in your wildest dreams that in an instant it could transform itself from a

beautiful, but certainly not something aerodynamic in appearance, into an efficient flying machine.


Whether it is a humming bird or the I won’t touch down for a few years ‘Swift’.

You just have to admire the rock steady humming bird’s head even when seen in slow motion as it

sips nectar, or the Swift as it climbs invisible ladders to satisfy its voracious appetite, and then in a blink

it accelerates to some 80 miles per hour and vanishes in the distance. 


How does a bird kept in captivity for many generations when given nesting materials, build the same nest

as those in the wild? Did the bird genetically in some evolutionary manner pass down the information?


Life of necessity demands a life giver.

It is a scientific impossibility for something which is truly dead to give life.


Orderly progression through eons of time is indeed a fairy tale.

I do not have to go to the second law of thermo dynamics and argue for and against it. 

The reality is a simple scientifically observable fact.

If you leave anything to itself in time it will utterly perish.

An untended garden does not improve to a ‘House Beautiful’ garden.

It simply does not work that way.

It becomes a jungle.

A house that is not cleaned becomes a tip, not a castle.


If you leave a child alone, it does not improve and become a well mannered individual.

Rather, the result is a rebellious obnoxious person.

The Bible said that we should train up a child in the proper manner and discipline as required.

We have thrown that out of the window, and now we are having court orders for children

as young as ten years old with serious destructive behavioural problems.


I need someone to tell me exactly what it was that decided that it was going to evolve, grow in the ground,

and produce a stupendous variety of flowers, plants and trees?


        This Rose is ‘Peace’


Because we fail to love our neighbour we are photographing more and more people under

the security scam. Apparently in Croydon, South of London in England, there are more

cameras than in New York. Where I live has probably the greatest concentration

of cameras in the UK, and maybe even on the planet.

The point is that we are breaking clearly stated laws which forbid killing,

lying, stealing, adultery, and coveting and we are paying the very high price.

If we obeyed we would not be in the world destroying crisis, on many levels, which we are now facing.


Even worse still, when you look after things they still decay and get ‘mashed up’.


Mr Dawkins is a very bright man, surrounded by scholars.

They know how very difficult it is to make the simplest things.

Even a baby can smash an ant, but who can make one?

Use all the computers and all the man power in the world, who can do this, really minor thing?


How is it that with all our collective mind power and education most relationships fail?


I know the scientist who said that he was the one who worked out that the earth is 4.5 billion years old.

He also claimed to be a Christian.

The earth can be that or any age really.

It does not affect what the bible says.


I acknowledge that Christians are their own worst enemies, but I am sorry for them because

they have been utterly deceived as stated in the ‘Bible’, believe it or not. It is a fact.


I absolutely know that there is a supreme God, but not simply because some one told me so.

When I was very young I believed in God.

But as an adult by my experience I know that there is a God and that

this is not a pipe dream or fanciful illusion.

A true believer will move from believing to knowing.


Is this the result of evolution or the result

of the handiwork of a Master Craftsman


I would like the professor to please tell me where did matter come from in the first place?

All evolutionists start with basic things existing.

That is just not good enough.

You have to start with nothing, ‘absolutely nothing’, no matter, no time, no space, no vacuum, zero, zilch.

The ignorant primitive people realised that, but of course they got it very wrong when they worshipped

the sun. We greatly blessed people, have it even more wrong, when we say that something suddenly

materialised from nothing, without any intelligence whatsoever.


We say there is no Creator.

There is no God.

We do this because it will humble us to accept that in an unfathomable universe there is a being

who controls and sustains absolutely every aspect of His Creation.

It means that regardless of how and what we think of ourselves collectively, we are truly less than nothing.

It is a lesson which we all will learn sooner or later, but we will learn it.

We like to thing that we are great.

We enjoy strutting about in fancy uniforms, with fancy titles and lording it over others.


It often takes serious sickness and death to wake us up.


If scientifically I want to know precisely all the details of a cake, you cannot start by telling me,

well we get some flour, and then list the other ingredients.

That cannot be the starting point.

The flour did not materialize out of nothingness into the kitchen cupboard.


Some of questionable mental status worship mother earth, and even give it intelligence.

I am sure that Mr Dawkins is aware that the earth is an inanimate object.

The reality is that the earth is exactly the right distance from the sun and it is tilted

at exactly the right angle for life to exist.

How did this happen?

It is the exact shape, and rotates exactly as the ‘ignorant’ ancient writers of the bible stated.

How did these ignoramuses know this?

Who started the earth spinning?

On what was it hung?


How did it get the intelligence to create itself, and all the other facts that makes it what it is,

so that it can support the myriad forms of life?

The condition required for life differs greatly for each group of plants and animals.

It is impossible to compute the odds on the countless life forms not only finding exactly the right environment

for existence, but also keeping the balance between these varieties.

From plankton to gigantic whales it all has to be carefully balanced and regulated.

When we move one species from one area to another, either wilfully or ignorantly,

most times it causes unforeseen devastation.


Science expects laws to exist and for them to be constant.

The laws found in what we call nature do exactly that.

If they did not, life and society as we know it would not exist, period.


We truly have become fools while we profess ourselves to be wise, as it is written.


Our governments pass libraries full of laws, and with our great intelligence we are forever having to adjust

them because they are deemed to be inadequate in some way or another.

In the same breath we are saying that unintelligent life could work out conforming to the very strict

restrictions and laws which are constant in ‘nature’, and which they must do to survive.


When we take plants and fish out of their normal habitat, it requires all of our intelligence to keep

these things alive. How many hundreds of thousands of people have tropical fish tanks, which cost

a fortune and they give up as the fish keep dying. These same fish are deemed to be intelligent enough

to find exactly the right niche in which to survive and even prosper, in a hostile environment. 

House plants are another major business, but most plants in houses look little better than sick weeds,

as we fail to provide the exact right conditions for them.


There is an utterly relevant quotation from the bible.

It says: The Fool says that there is no God.


Psalms 14:1  The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.


Even demons acknowledge that God exists.


Perchance that I am right and Mr Dawkins is wrong where does that leave him?


Revelation 20:12  And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened:

and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things

which were written in the books, according to their works.


We can afford to be wrong about all sorts of things, even what we teach and promote.

I am not saying that it is good, but ultimately we cannot afford to make the serious mistake

to believe that God does not exist and that He will not call us to account, because He will.


My advice to everyone is simply forget about the Christians, and their Churches,

forget about all this evolution stuff and seek for yourself whether the Eternal God exists.

It is really quite simple.

All that is required is that we humble ourselves,

acknowledge that it is possible that we are wrong, and ask the Eternal God to reveal Himself to you.

He will.

The result will be that your pointless fruitless frustrated life will take on a new purpose and meaning.


The only way out of our dilemmas is Jesus Christ.

         He is the only way of escape.

                 Praise the Lord.

          Come soon Lord Jesus.




   Messages By Peter James