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The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of the Eternal God


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  CHAIN                                               CHAIN    

                Breaking All Chains

        Setting The Captives Free 


          Some Very Pertinent Rhema For Everyone


By Peter James from:   




I, The Lord God, speak to you, once again.


You have tried to bury your head in the sand, have put Me, the Eternal.

back in your box, labelled “God”, and have gone back to your daily grind of

trivialities and nothingness.


Your ‘Christian’ life is a sham.

You are bombarded on all sides by feelings of desolation and despair,

yet you keep a stiff upper lip, and bluff your happiness in the face of your family.

But you cannot lie to Me, your God.


Put aside the hypocrisy of your worship of Me.

I am not honoured by lip service observance of the holy days.

Where is your love of your fellow man?

Where is your love of your husband?

Why are your rightful desires towards your husband sublimated

in your spoiling of your child?

Where is your rightful service to Me, your God?


Nothing is real to you now.

You live a miserable, unhappy life, where I am pushed into a corner.

You put on your dutiful face to your husband, because he sees you only

as part of ‘his’ image – you do not exist as a real person to him.

You live a loveless life, pretending to your husband, your child, your mother,

your friends, your church acquaintances – PRETENDING.


Pretence is a LIE.

Satan is the father of lies.

As your husband pretends that he loves you,

pretends that he is a  ‘Christian’, he is a LIAR, as you are a LIAR.


Do not live a lie any longer,

Live for me, as a true servant of the living God.

I, the Creator God, give life,

I abhor lies.


No matter how you fudge the issue and justify yourselves,

your husband shows no love or respect for you as a wife and mother,

and your feelings for him are daily being eroded by his intransigence,

and paltry attempts at giving love.


If neither of you can love the other,

you CANNOT love Me.

If you do not love ME,

you minimize who I am, and you BOTH DISHONOUR ME!


Do not continue, both or you, to be hypocrites any longer.

Think of this time you are celebrating – the taking out of captivity of those

in bondage to Egypt, just as My Son, your Saviour, Jesus Christ,

freed all Mankind from the effects of slavery to Satan, IF they worship ME,

by His death and resurrection.


The ONLY intermediary between man and God is Jesus Christ, My pure Son.


HE gives you faith to keep you going in spite of every setback.

HE give you righteousness,

when your own righteousness is as filthy rags to Me.


HE releases His/My love in you as you worship Me in Truth.


HE is the source of all joy.


HE gives you insight and understanding of Me, the Most High God.


You can learn NOTHING of Me, if you do not acknowledge My Son’s sacrifice

for you individually. Be very sure that His blood in on your doorposts because,

when My judgment comes -  America falls first, then Britain –

you will have no access to Me if My Son is not at the centre of your worship.


Do not scorn these words, from My servant.

I protect her family, but you and your husband are responsible

for  your own salvation –

seek it with fear and trembling!


Learn to love each other now, before My judgment falls,

because then you will have nothing, and your ‘Christian’ life will be as

dead ashes in your mouths.

You can call on Me, but I MAY NOT answer,


Do not, if you value the lives of your daughter and your husband at all,

laugh this off!


I have given you time to seek Me, time you have not used to advantage.

What use will double glazing be if you have no home, no prospect of any

food, no friends – all dead?


Get your priorities right, both of you, NOW!

I speak these words of warning in love.

If you do not heed Me, your God, then Satan will be able to use you,

and abuse you at HIS will.

Do NOT allow that to happen.

If you do not value your life, think of your daughter.

Cry out to Me for her sake.

You would not want to live in a world divorced from Me,

but that can happen in a flash.


Hear the words that I, your God, say to you, and live for Me.


Your Father in Heaven gives you much Grace.




“I the Lord God of Hosts, sorrow at My servant’s sorrow.

Each person is important to Me because I place My life within that person

to help him/her weather the storms of life.


My son, your life is grey, devoid of happiness and harmony,

because you choose to put  your concerns for your family ABOVE your love for ME.

You will not come out of the mire of your own making, if you do not PUT ME,

your Creator God, FIRST.


I should be the one you wake up thinking of, wondering

what you can do to honour Me, and serve me that day.

My words of encouragement should be on your lips constantly,

their sound ringing in your ears.


Psalms of praise to Me should be your daily meat and drink,

not darkness and self-pity, desolation loneliness. Concentrate on Me, your God.

Put every atom in your body on alert to serve Me, as a living sacrifice.

My Son’s Spirit is in you, so that you can commune with Me in prayer and meditation.      

Do you know the joy I feel when one of My servants speaks to Me at any time,

like a father or a friend, to ask questions they cannot answer,

request outcomes they could never engineer or expect?


You cannot understand the love I feel towards you,

if you think that I can see you suffer and do nothing.

But, how have you received this message?

One of My servants on your behalf, cried out to Me for a word

of encouragement for you.

I am honouring that cry.

But  you have not cried out to Me properly on your own behalf?

Not in a half-hearted way, so that I could put a sticking plaster on your situation.

No! I, the Lord God, will change your circumstances forever, for the better,

if you give yourself to Me. Give Me ALL of yourself: your thoughts,

your mind, your heart, your desires.

Place your burdens on My Son, your Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Believe in Him!

Believe in Me!


If I created you, and I desire your good,

I put you through a refining process to bring you nearer to Me.

I do not put My servants through needless suffering because they

DO NOT call on Me, or expect so little from Me, and would rather muddle

through themselves.

Many times, I am blamed for what they have brought on themselves

(“O, if you serve God, you have to suffer” is what they say).   


DO NOT put Me in a box and think, because of your own spiritual condition,

I will provide only a quarter or a half of the solution.

I am not niggardly in My giving.

I give without measure, otherwise I would not have allowed My sinless Son to die

for a sinning world.

Do you see how your thinking has limited what I will do for you?


I CAN CHANGE your little world of your family.

I have many grave injustices and horrors to deal with, but I love you as much

as anyone else. However, My servants are called to cry out for others

(not just their families), to feel the pain of those who all their lives have lived

in torment – babies and young children especially.

Think of how you would feel if your children had to suffer,

as others have suffered, and do suffer constantly.


My love is boundless, but that love dwells in My servants through My Son’s Spirit.

I expect YOU to reach out far beyond your own family to those who have nothing

and have been treated like dogs.

My love for you, in you, puts the RESPONSIBILITY on you,

to cry out and love in your turn.


If all you have, and all that animates you, is your family,

what will become of you when it is taken away?


Do not continue your introspection, your despair. I strengthen all, I give life to all,

but I DEMAND reverence and obedience from My Servants,

NOT lip service. I do not hear lip service prayers, no matter how long a person

has been in a church.


I will turn your home life around, if in humility, you will repent of all your

wrong-doing, and wrong thoughts before Me, the Eternal.

You make a decision to give your life into My hands, and accept what I tell you to do,

because you will listen for My personal words to you, each morning.

If you desire to hear Me, with no emotional baggage blocking the flow of My words,

I WILL assuredly speak to you. But, the prerequisite is BELIEF in Me, your God.

I am NOT a myth.



Believe in Me, and see what I will do for you.


You Father, who loves you, gives you much Grace.




“Sorrow now, as I have told  you before, for those who will not hear –

not because they cannot, but because they choose not to do so.

They choose not to hear.

I do not yet confuse them.

In a time of relative peace for most, THEY choose not to hear the cries of those

who suffer, and THEY choose to allow that the suffering be prolonged.

Yes, their connivance with the system – be it political, economic or religious

- prolongs the suffering of others.

Instead of crying out to Me so that I the Eternal, would answer their cries by terminating or mitigating the suffering of others, THEY are too interested in themselves:

their concerns; their families; their church.

Those who do not have pity will have no pity shown to them.


Do not think that it just a matter of staying with a sinking ship.

NO, by their disobedience towards Me, their Creator God,

they are condemning others to death.

Their inactivity leads to the deaths of people llike themselves, made in My image.

They are murderers. 

I do not say this lightly.

You and My small group of faithful servants give life,

but others bring death on those who have been tormented all their lives.


There are only two courses:

My way, the way of life – through obedience to Me, you walk in My way;

OR the way of Satan and death -  Through disobediecne to My will for you.

Those who refuse to obey what I say to them, for the good of others

not just themselves, fall into condemnation.

No lip service at any Feast blots out that stain, ONLY repentance in humility.

Play time is over for all who have rejected Me.

There is no going back into the status quo.

Only hypocrites and liars think that they can live such a life.

Time is at an end”


Much Grace

                                        By Peter James from: