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            Rhema:   My Army – I Am Your God                 

            Be still, and know that I am God.


Stop your rushing around in fruitless tasks. 

Only I am important.


Be still and listen to Me. 

You are nothing without Me.

I am calling you to the fight NOW. 

No one can stand against Me. 

I am the Lord of Hosts. 

No matter what is thrown against you, I am your shield.


You have all been through a time of testing,

of preparation for the future. 

You are part of the army of the God of Israel,

the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


What a privilege that you, My loved ones,

are chosen now to stand up for Me,

to fight for Me,

to die for Me.

Never think I take lightly the sacrifices of My people. 

I have truly numbered the hairs on your head. 

Everything you do is important to Me. 

Remember, everything – the smallest detail.


Serve Me in purity, in uprightness, in Truth. 

You are fighting a deadly enemy

– abhor the lie. 

My Son came to you bearing Truth. 

He IS Truth.

Seek and you will find Me.

I am your God.


Know that My angels are encamped about you in their millions,

encamped about you, My army. 

Wake up! 

Realize why I have called you, before it is too late.

I will care for you and protect you. 

This is a holy war I call you to, not like Man’s wars. 

I will be your guide and protector. 

I will nourish you.


There is hardship, there is privation,

but what a glorious future I have called you to. 

You are My sons and daughters. 

What father does not carefully nurture his children? 

Do not fear. 

I am not like man. 

Everything I do is for your good.


You will be clothed in My raiment, in My colours. 

You will stand out, marked as Mine. 

I will protect you. 

You are in My vanguard, those who begin the fight,

and many will join this army.


Be strong.

I will empower you. 

You will not use you own strength in this fight. 

It is a fight of the spirit, not of the flesh.


You will all have to humble yourselves before Me for this fight. 

Fast, pray, cry out to Me,

not for yourselves because you are already chosen,

but for those who are joining you. 

Many will stand behind My banner. 

They will be encouraged by you. 

Do you know how I love you,

that I call you at this time to represent Me? 

You will never understand the depths of My love for each of you.


As I have said to you before,

this is a time of self-denial, of training, for the great battle ahead. 

You do not need to worry, the Lord your God is your leader.



                                                     The End blue