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By Fred Gilliamwith additional comments from Peter James.


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††††††††††† The 12 Tribes Of Biblical Israel


As you know at the time of King Solomon, the Kingdom all the twelve tribes

were known as Israel.
The Kingdom was passed to Rehoboam, at Solomon's death,

who taxed the people very hard, then ten tribes revolted.


2 Chronicles 10:19 And Israel rebelled against the house of David unto this day.

(That is the 10 tribes rebelled against the two tribes, Judah and Benjamin,

which comprised the house of David)

The northern nation the ten tribes became the Kingdom of Israel.
The southern two nations became the Kingdom of Judah, with Benjamin,

and to fight against Israel.


2 Chronicles 11:1 1And when Rehoboam was come to Jerusalem,

he gathered of the house of Judah and Benjamin an hundred and

fourscore thousand chosen men, which were warriors, to fight against Israel,

that he might bring the kingdom again to Rehoboam.

The two nations kept their identity throughout bible history. two separate Kingdoms.
Never in all history, Judah i.e. the Jews were called Israel.

The northern Kingdom Israel the ten tribes were taken captive

by the Assyrians. (Mainly modern day Germans)

The southern nation the Kingdom of Judah,

were taken captive by the Babylonians.
In no way can the Jews Judah call themselves Israel.
Today the nation calling itself Israel is a counterfeit nation.
God has not taken them back, when God does it will be all Israel the twelve tribes.
You might like to search for The two Kingdoms on the web.

I keep getting the thought that this year 2017 is a Jubilee year, I will tell you why?

This year 2017 is the centenary year of the taking of Jerusalem by British and

Empire troops, as it was then in 1917.

I had three uncles on my fathers side in Palestine and Iraq.
Edward the eldest was killed in Iraq with 40,000 others (a major disaster

only the general and his batman were saved) all the rest were killed,

the Turks (Esau/Edom) did not take prisoners.
Fred was killed just outside Jerusalem, Nebisa Samil and buried

on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem War Cemetery.
William my other uncle told me about what went on in the taking of Palestine

and Jerusalem, and the march through the Sinai desert in 40 days,

and the waters of the Nile reaching Jerusalem.
General Allenby was known as the prophet of God as his name translated

into Arabic means, prophet of God.
I Had three other brothers on the western front, my father Alfred was

wounded at Mon's, and taken prisoner at a field hospital.
Henry was in the RAMC and saw sights unimaginable.
Walter joined the American army and saw action in France.

From 1917 to 1967 50 years Jerusalem old city was taken.
Is 2017 50 years the Jubilee year?
You might like to search the Internet is 2017 a Jubilee year?



Additional Comments by p.j.


It is important to understand, that prophecy when:

Samaria is mentioned it can be referring to all of the nation of Israel.

Jerusalem is mentioned it can be referring to all the nation of Judah


Israel was made up of all the 12 tribes, which were the 12 children of Jacob.

The Eternal God changed his name to Israel, therefore we now have the twelve tribes

of the children of Israel.




The breakdown of the 12 tribes is a little complicated,

because we do not have any land assigned to Joseph, who was a son of Israel.

When his father Jacob, and brothers fled to Egypt,

because of the severe famine,

the aged Jacob/Israel took both of Josephís children to be as his own.

The result is that we do not see any land assigned to Joseph,

but rather to his sons, Ephrain and Mannaseh. We can be certain that

Joseph will have a very high position, in the Kingdom of God,

above that of his brothers.

Excerpt from our document:††† The Mirror And The Sycamore


Judah††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Israel†††††††††††††††

Judah††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Ephraim††††††††† Asher††††††††† Zebulun††† Dan††† Reuben

Benjamin††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Manasseh††††† Naphtali†††††† Issachar††† Gad††† Simeon


Levi lived near the Temple, in Jerusalem, in which they served.


Our best understanding of the Biblical Israelite nations today is as follows.


These are the main players in todayís world.


Ephraim††††††† England, Australia, Canada,New Zealand, White South African, and Zimbabweans. . .

Manasseh††† U.S.A.

Judah†††††††††† Genuine Jews, some in the nation called Israel, & also around the world.

Reuben†††††††† France

Zebulun††††††† Holland


These are the other players, I am not suggesting for a second,

that they are not important.


Benjamin††† Dan††† Asher††† Naphtali††† Issachar††† Gad†† Simeon


Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland,

Scotland, Ireland, Wales.


There are 3 other major groups that are of interest to us in these end times.


First: Ishmael was a son of Abraham, through his servant, Hagar.

As Sarah, Abrahamís wife had no children, and when she was around 90 years old

she told Abraham to try to have children with her maid, Hagar, so that the blessings

promised to Abraham would come into effect.


Genesis 16:15 And Hagar bare Abram a son: and Abram called his sonís name,

which Hagar bare, Ishmael.


Ishmael always hated Isaac.

The Arabs are the descendants of Ishmael.

They will quickly tell you this.


Second: After many years of bareness, Rebekah the wife of Isaac,

Abrahamís son, had twins, Jacob and Esau.

The 12 tribes originated from Jacob,

whose name was changed by the Eternal God to Israel.

Genesis 25:21And Isaac intreated the LORD for his wife,

because she was barren: and the LORD was intreated of him,

and Rebekah his wife conceived.

Genesis 25:24 And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold,

there were twins in her womb.

Genesis 25:25 And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment;

and they called his name Esau.

Esau/Edom always hated Jacob.††† Fate Of Esau = Edom = Turkey


Third: The false Jews of Revelation chapters 2 and 3, verse 9 in both cases.

These are a very potent force in the world today.


Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty,

(but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews,

and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan,

which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold,

I will make them to come and worship before thy feet,

and to know that I have loved thee.


Much of the havoc in the world is originated by these false Jews,

who want a New World Order. As primary tools of the Vatican,

they control most of the Biblical Israelite governments,

the banks, industry, media, and entertainment.

They want a greater Israel, which would include areas at present

which belongs to other nations.

They have persuade most of the world governments and churches,

that they are the real Jews, and should be completely protected,

from all enemies, as they are the primary people of God.

These Talmudic Jews are a curious mix of Ashkenazi people and Edomites.

All other people are regarded as less than human, and the only reason

for their existence is to be their slaves.

The believe that all Christians should be killed.

They believe in incest, paedophilia, bestiality, lying, stealing,

having sex with the dead, and murder.

To make statements as the above immediately puts one on their death list.

Synagogue of Satan


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Jerusalem, The Nation Called Israel And Biblical Israel Ė Their Fate


This link gives very valuable information about what happened

in the nation called Israel in 1917 and 1947.

As Birds FlyingJerusalem 1917 © 1992 IAT Ministries


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