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                                CHAIN    Breaking All Chains  CHAIN                                                

                                                      Setting The Captives Free 


                           The Eternal God Does Not Play Games.


  For many years we have been shouting loudly, ‘Your House Is On Fire’,

  but most quietly ignore this important warning, and continue to live

  their lives, according to their own rules,

  which they often make up as they go along.


  Judges 21:25  In those days there was no king in Israel:

  every man did that which was right in his own eyes.


  This has been a trait of the nations that make up Biblical Israel,

              from ancient Biblical times.


  The world is now full of liars, murderers, and hypocrites.


  We have seen all sorts of words, such as “disingenuous” when

  referring to politicians, when we can simply say ‘You are a liar’.

  We play word games, whilst people die.


  Hypocrites can be identified, by their lies, duplicity, crookedness,

  deception, and treachery.


  Mark 7:6  He answered and said unto them, Well hath Esaias

  prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written,

  This people honoureth me with their lips,

              but their heart is far from me.


  Christ called the Scribes and Pharisees, the officials over the people,

hypocrites.  They were legalists in the very worse sense of the word.

  They would make sure that they would give the value of one tenth

  of herbs to the priest,  then they would happily kill someone,

  even Christ, Himself. The filthiness, just as is found in a grave is hidden

  by the dirt, which covers the corpse.


Nothing has changed, it is exactly the same today.

The world is full of hypocrites.


  Luke 11:42  But woe unto you, Pharisees! for ye tithe mint and rue and

  all manner of herbs,  and pass over judgment and the love of God:

these ought ye to have done,  and not to leave the other undone.

  Luke 11:43  Woe unto you, Pharisees! for ye love the uppermost seats

  in the synagogues,  and greetings in the markets.

  Luke 11:44  Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!

  for ye are as graves which appear not,

  and the men that walk over them are not aware of them.


  I can assure you that to be called a hypocrite by Christ is exceedingly bad.

  For Him to then say ‘Woe’, that is a word of doom.


  The characteristic of focussing on that, which does not matter,

  and carefully avoiding that which is critical, is symptomatic of Satan,

  and his followers.

  If the issues which should be addressed, were addressed,

  most would find that their comfort zone has been destroyed,

  and they have to make drastic changes

  to their lives, if they are not going to have to go through ‘Great Tribulation’

  in order to wake them up.

  Of course I am referring to those who rate themselves as believers.


  The world at large will be punished after Biblical Israel has been punished.

  Many people of the world and in the churches,

  are truly Satan’s children, as they have perfected the ability to focus

  on trivia, whilst at the same time carefully ignoring what the Eternal God

  says, as they chose to go in the directly opposite direction.


  They really think that the Eternal God not only plays games,

  but is at their beck and call.


  The Governor of Texas has blamed God as the cause of the current

  drilling oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, May 2010.

  He failed to mention that all the nations of Bibilical Israel are not really


  He failed to mention the great greed of the oil companies.

  He failed to mention that it is judgment.

  He failed to mention that Biblical Israel excels in polluting other countries.


  This is what Texaco did in Ecuador in their greed.

  18 billion gallons of toxic water was dumped straight into the rainforest,

  instead of re-injecting it back into the ground to replace the oil

  which had been extracted. This was the standard practice elsewhere.

  The oil companies do not do this in their own countries.

  For years we have been saying that we will reap what we sow,

  individually and collectively.


   Galatians 6:7  Be not deceived; God is not mocked:

   for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap


   God Is Not Mocked  


  The chickens are now coming home to roost.

  Just 2% of the toxic oil pollution in Ecuador is 30 times larger

  than the Exxon Valdez disaster.


   Snaps from YouTube


   This was done deliberately to save money in the 1960’s.




    Children at play !



                                                                                             Dumping Toxic Water by the millions of gallons   



    Up until this time this was the worst oil disaster that the world had

     ever seen.

    The current nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico threatens to eclipse this.

    Don’t believe for a minute that they telling us the real scale of the disaster.


    As the name implied Texaco was a Texas company.

    It is now through various business activities – Chevron.


  Texaco lied about the situation in Ecuador, the people are still dying from

     it’s diabolical practices.


                                                                                     Chevron Tower San Francisco



    Just as the report about Job and Satan in the book of Job,

    we have a similar account here,  but this time about Abraham. 

    Satan appears before the Eternal to give and account of his works.


Jasher 22:46 And the day arrived when the sons of God came

and placed themselves before the Lord,

and Satan also came with the sons of God before the Lord.


Satan says that he has been roaming through the earth.


Jasher 22:47 And the Lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou?

and Satan answered the Lord and said, From going to and fro

in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.


Satan then makes an accusation against the people on the earth.

Accusing is his business, and not only general accusations but

specific charges, against the brethren.


  Revelation 12:10  . . . .  for the accuser of our brethren (Satan)

  is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

  (It is his non-stop occupation, 24 hours a day.)


  In the two previous churches, which I attended, both of them made

  false accusations against me.

  They blatantly lied.

  In two out of three situations there was no apology,

  but rather haughty arrogance.

  These men continue in their leadership positions leading their sheeple

  further astray, as they openly control and manipulate them.


The Lord then asked Satan what was the condition of the people

on the earth.

Satan then bulked all of the people on the earth together,

and claimed that they just sought the Lord when they wanted something,

and after they got what they wanted, they forgot Him.

Sadly this is often very true.


Jasher 22:48 And the Lord said to Satan, What is thy word to me

concerning all the children of the earth? and Satan answered the Lord

and said, I have seen all the children of the earth who serve thee,

and remember thee, when they require anything from thee.

Jasher 22:49 And when thou givest them the thing which they require

from thee, they sit at their ease, and forsake thee,

and they remember thee no more.


Satan would have been wise to shut his mouth at that point,

but like many people he continued to rant,

and to put Abraham in the same bracket, as the rest of the world.

Until this has been pointed out to you, you might well have agreed

with Satan’s evaluation.

We should note that his claim that Abraham had not made

any offerings was true, but there were two accusations that were lies.


That is always how it is, a mixture of truth and lies.


Jasher 22:50 Hast thou seen Abraham the son of Terah,

who at first had no children,  and he served thee and erected altars

to thee wherever he came, and he brought up  offerings upon them,

and he proclaimed thy name continually to all the children of the earth.

Jasher 22:51 And now that his son Isaac is born to him, he has

forsaken thee,he has made a great feast for all the inhabitants of

the land, and the Lord he has forgotten. (Lie No 1)

Jasher 22:52 For amidst all that he has done he brought thee

no offering; neither burnt offering nor peace offering, neither ox,

lamb nor goat of allthat he killed on the day that his son was weaned.

Jasher 22:53 Even from the time of his son's birth till now,

being thirty-seven years, he built no altar before thee, nor brought any

offering to thee, for he saw that thou didst give what he requested

before thee, and he therefore forsook thee. (Lie No 2)


Having listened to all that Satan had said, the Eternal then asked Satan,

Have you considered my servant Abraham?


This means that the Lord ignored absolutely everything that Satan had

said about Abraham, and furthermore had concluded that Satan

had not actually considered Abraham in spite of his many words.

The situation is the very same today.

There are many people who say a lot of words,

and they are meaningless, and miss the point.

They play word games.

The Eternal God is saying the very same thing about His servants today.

In spite of all his words, Satan had not considered Abraham at all.


Jasher 22:54 And the Lord said to Satan,

Hast thou thus considered my servant Abraham?


 Now we see the Eternal God explaining to Satan, that which he did

 could not see.

 Satan was going on outward appearances,

 and as we are warned not to judge by sight  and hearing, he got it very

 wrong. Unfortunately many people do exactly the same today,

 and when they are confronted by truth,

 they make all sorts of reasons to side step it.


 This is how the Eternal God judged Abraham.

 We can see that it is very different to Satan’s accusation.


 Jasher 22:54 . . . .


 1) for there is none like him upon earth,

 2) a perfect and an upright man before me,

 3) one that feareth God and

 4) avoideth evil;

 5) as I live, were I to say unto him, Bring up Isaac thy son before me,

    he would not withhold him from me,


 Now we see that not only were there two lies, but the reason that

 Abraham did not make any offerings, was because the Eternal God

 did not ask him to do so.  Many people who scoff at the idea of Rhema

 need, to consider this carefully, and instead of launching accusations

 against us, seek the Lord about what we are saying,

 and come back to us about the results.

 I listen to all comments.

 I do not claim to be perfect, and to have all wisdom,

 those are attributes of the Eternal God,

 however, He certainly leads and guides us.


 6) much more if I told him to bring up a burnt offering before me from

 his flock or herds.


 Satan then throws his top card, just like he did with Job.

 Job never denied God, and rebel against him, and neither did Abraham.

 He obeyed the Eternal God, traumatic though it was.


 Jasher 22:55 And Satan answered the Lord and said, Speak then now

 unto Abraham as thou hast said, and thou wilt see whether

 he will not this day transgress and cast aside thy words.


               I repeat, The Eternal God does not play games.


               I am writing this at the ‘Passover Season’.

               (updated nearer Pentecost some time later)

               At this time countless millions are celebrating Easter,

               which of course has nothing to do with the Eternal God.


               There are some, who are celebrating Passover on various days.

               Today I heard a Jewish Baroness explain the joys of celebrating

               the related Seder festivities, in the next couple of days.

               She mentioned that we should remember that the Jews were captives

               in Egypt, and they were delivered out of this captivity,

               and how we should treat others, this celebrates this.

               She was/is a former Rabbi.


               I am not hearing a lot of fuss about the 110 million Africans who were

               transported across the Atlantic as slaves to the U.S. and the Caribbean,

               literally packed like sardines in a tin, lying in their own filth often for the

               entire journey of several months.

               99 million of them died in the process. 

               A figure which makes the exaggerated holocaust figures,

               whatever number used for the holocaust pales into almost insignificance.

               Research will show that this trade was done by the so called ‘Jews’.

               There are Jews who challenge the figures  and treatment of the Jews

               as a fabrication. To do this is very brave and to step outside the comfort

               zone of the Nation called Israel in the Middle East.


               It is not only the Jews who were captive, in Egypt,

               but all the tribes of Israel.

               This is not a small matter.

               In fact it is very important, who biblical Israelites are.


              The Rabbi correctly spoke about how we should treat others.

               I could not help but think of the people in the prison of Gaza,

               where they are denied, food, water, medicines, and their houses

                are destroyed.

               I could not help but think of the people in Iraq,

               who are suffering in countless ways, including being bombed by

               (Nuclear Weapons) by the so called Depleted Uranium weapons,

               and white phosphorous bombs.

               Would the people of Afghanistan, consider that they are being treated

               as demanded in the Word of God? 

               All this suffering is taking place whilst the celebration with lots of food

               and festivities is taking place, by the people who are supposedly

               worshipping and honouring God.


               This lady in the house of Lords bothered me with her word games.

                She was saying one thing, but the reality was the exact opposite.


               For most of us today the command is very clear.

               We are told to come out of Babylon.


              Document: Guilty Come Out Of Her My People


       Revelation 18:4  And I heard another voice from heaven, saying,

       Come out of her, my people,

       that ye be not partakers of her sins,

       and that ye receive not of her plagues.


               This verse is telling the people of God, that they are in the wrong place.

               They are in Babylon.


               As I said we play games, but the Eternal God does not.


               May 2010, the election in these past few days resulted in what

               would have been

               ‘a hung parliament’.

               No, they are not going to hang them, but they probably should.

               It means there is no clear majority, so it is a coalition of the Conservative,

               Liberal and possibly others, who will form the government.


               It is a fact that there are professed homosexuals, and atheist in offices

               of great power. My documents and videos clearly state that we are ruled

               by the basest of men, because of rebellion against the Most High God.


               Daniel 4:17  This matter is by the decree of the watchers,

               and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living

               may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men,

               and giveth it to whomsoever he will,

               and setteth up over it the basest of men.   


               According to this, the political party makes no difference.

               Most people already knows that regardless of who is in power

               things only get worse.


               We now have a deputy Prime Minister,

               who is the head of the Liberal Party.

               The fact is that he is a professed atheist,

               this is not really different to many of the other leaders, who are,

               but do not profess it openly.

               Many supposedly Christian ministers, neither believe in God, nor what

               He says in His Word.              

               Biblical Israel Nations, supposedly ‘Christian countries’,

               with atheists, and other perverts at the helm in politics, and religion.

               That is certainly an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms,

               but that is precisely what is happening.


               A Roman Catholic vicar declared on BBC radio 2’s, thought for today

               that God laughs at the mess we are making of His creation.

               Do we seriously think that our diabolical destructive conduct,

               towards His cherished creation, amuses the Eternal God?

               I can tell you quite bluntly, that He is not amused one little bit,

               and very soon we are going to see, and feel how very sad,

               and very angry, He is, at how we abuse other people, including children,

               and how trash his material world,

               and all the life forms, which exist, on a minute by minute basis.  


               Very shortly everyone is going to see and hear that the Eternal God

               is most unhappy, and He does not regard what we are doing,

               as a laughing matter.    


               The election was said to be comparable to that of a third world country.

               Tens of thousands were not permitted to vote,

               though they turned up at the polling stations.

               It was an organized shambles.

               Such things are not by accident, but rather by design.


               In the bible we are told a liberal

               is a vile person,

               will work iniquity,

               practices hypocrisy

               utter errors against the LORD -  (an Atheist)

               let the hungry, starve.

               let the thirsty, thirst  

               the tools of his trade are evil

               his wicked devices destroy the poor with lies

               he rules against the needy, even when they are in the right

               he will stand by all the evil that he proposes.  


               Isaiah 32:5  The vile person shall be no more called liberal,

                nor the churl said to be bountiful.

                Isaiah 32:6  For the vile person will speak villany,

               and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy,

               and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry,

               and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

                Isaiah 32:7  The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked

               devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy

               speaketh right.

               Isaiah 32:8  But the liberal deviseth liberal things;

               and by liberal things shall he stand.


               How can we ever hope to be blessed with such leadership ?


               You figure it out, but remember,    There is A God In Heaven


              What are you going to do about it before it is too late?


              See The Video:  Obedience Is The Only Way Of Escape


          Be Humble    Repent   Listen To The Eternal God   Obey Him           



             This is very easy to say, but I assure you that it is physically impossible,

             without the empowerment of the Eternal God.

             Just going up to some altar call, running to some church, or isolating

             yourself in the hope that somehow it will all go away, will not do it.