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                                We should ALL be sighing and crying about the sad state of our world.




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                              This page features URL links to videos from other Websites

                                We invite you to visit the sites directly to see other videos

                               which are available. I feel that these videos are must see videos.

                                            When applicable the full video index is shown and a small selection 

                                of videos might or might not be shown. Please check them out yourself.

                                          I assure you that it is a very worthwhile exercise.

                                Download immediately if you can the very telling Monsanto video that

                                we linked to for awhile has been withdrawn.                               






                I pray that the Eternal God will continue to protect and bless,  John Pilger 

                Naomi Wolf , and all the others, such as ‘Truth Seeker’, who carry out a similar function.

                to the uttermost  for their brave, and courageous work.

                Please join me in this. 

                We are showing these videos, as they are pertinent,

                and very relevant although some were made

                several years ago, they could have been made today - p.j. 



                 If you have been involved in abortion all is not lost you can repent.

                 It is not the unpardonable sin.  Contraception is not sin – Abortion  is.   


                 Click here to watch Silent Scream - A Must Watch Video.                         (27 min)   


              7/7 The Ripple Effect,  An Excellent Video About The London Bombings


                Video  By Naomi Wolf       THE END OF AMERICA  - The same applies elsewhere - U.K.

                The ten steps which are always use to establish a Dictatorship. - Excellent

                BIG SUGAR  Part 1 By Brian McKenna - A Shocking Must Watch CBC Video         (44 min 29 Sec)   

              BIG SUGAR  Part 2 By Brian McKenna - A Shocking Must Watch CBC Video          (44 min 28 Sec) 

                Video Aspartame -  Sweet Misery                                                             

            Write for Free DVD to: Character Building Books, P.O. Box 35946 London N17 7WG


                Video - Common Purpose Plans Exposed - The Enemy Within - A Trojan Horse

             By Brian Gerrish Former Royal Navy Submarine Commander.

                Originally found here:         (1 Hr 55 min 28 Sec)


                Palestine Is Still The Issue By John Pilger                             Excellent        (52 min 03 Secs)

                Paying The Price Killing The Children In Iraq John Pilger      Excellent           (75 min)

             Burma Land Of Fear By John Pilger                                       Excellent        (51 min 54 Secs)

                The Invisible Children                                                                      Excellent           (55 min 08 Secs)


                 Excellent Latest Video Links Added   


             Do you understand Israel, and do you support Israel?

                Surprise yourself and watch these three short videos. 

    My document Synagogue of Satan is confirmed.

    Download and read the Talmud from The Synagogue of Satan.

    See it in action below.


    Cool facts About Israel                                                              Lasts: 4 minutes 21 seconds                   


   Not So Cool Facts About Israel                                                 Lasts: 9 minutes 58 seconds


             A Thirteen Year old Addresses the U.N.

            “I am only a child” – excellent



               See and hear top scientists debunk

             The Great Global Warming swindle.

             As usual we are fed lies, propaganda, and pseudo science.

             The sun affects our weather more than our actions.

             See the associated spiritual problems in our document. Climate Crisis 






                Many articles on our website expose The Synagogue of Satan and the fact

             that We live in Babylon.   We expose The False Shepherds.

             Now watch a Texe Marrs Video which you can judge the tele-evangelists from

             what you see and hear them say. I have a video where you hear some say

             ‘I serve Satan’, whilst they are 'Speaking in Tongues’  ¬ see our document.

             I have also heard them blatantly curse any who disagrees with them,

             even more strongly than you will see in the video.







                 Excellent Previous Video Links    



             On the anniversary  of Martin Luther King's assassination a timely video 

             highlighting facts that have come out in court to show that there was 

             a conspiracy and not a lone gunman that killed Martin Luther King. 

             This was the decision of a Jury.  



                 Link:-  Prayer  For Peace   Watch the Video for the Song.       

                                 By New Orleans-based singer-songwriter Esther Sparks.

                                 Backup Video URL:



    Link:- A Child Asks - "Can You Live This Way"

     A 5 Minute Must Watch Video

                             I Ask - Aren't  We Responsible For This  ?   

                            Thanks To Information Clearing House.

                            Original is here:


                                    Link:- The True European Union

                              What is the European Union?  Who is it ran by?

                             Who was it formed by? What are it's end goals?    Highly recommended






Link:- See the complete catalog of
free Brasscheck TV videos


Brasscheck says: It may be the single most consistently censored story in America...

The ongoing policy of abuse of Palestinians by the Israeli government.
While the rest of the world watches on in horror as the Israeli war party

systematically eliminates Palestinians through economic warfare, terror, humiliation
and in some cases outright murder, most US citizens are unaware.
Worse yet, have been indoctrinated to view all Arabs and Palestinians as "terrorists."

One group, If Americans Knew, founded by a former US Congressman, is working
to educate Americans through video and the Internet.

Here's one of their short films: approx 13 minutes


Link:- The Easiest Targets

Link:- The Israeli Policy of Strip Searching Women and Children


Brasscheck says: “This is some of the most powerful and damning evidence
I've seen that shows that:

                                   Link:- Inside Job

                                   Link:- WTC: Demolished by internal explosions

1) The Twin Towers were demolished by internal explosions
2) This undeniable fact was captured on live video
by all the major US news outlets...which then went on to
ruthlessly suppress the truth and spin a false counter story.



The following link is from

and goes back to

Video: Poison DUst Depleted Uranium is no longer just taking a toll

of Iraqi civilians and Coalition soldiers; its effects are now also evident among the offspring of soldiers returned from Iraq. Watch filmmaker

Sue Harris’s telling 90 minute video here More ...



                                                                 The End