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My blessed servant, pleases Me very much.

He is diligent to do My will.

His work with the computer is almost over.


I am looking forward to that great and wonderful day

of the marriage of My Son to His Bride.


The time of its fulfilment beckons,

and all those of the Manchild will come to My Throne.

You shall be brought on the wings of My Angels, the wings of eagles.


It will be such a joyous time, for My elect and Holy Bride.


Be patient My people for the time is nigh.

Suddenly the light will appear.

Suddenly everything will change.


The nations roar, but it is like the mewing of a kitten,

compared to My Almighty Power,

which will soon be revealed to a sick and dying world.


Hope, hope in Me.

All your tears shall be washed away.

A new heavens and a new earth is soon to come.

My eternal plan for My creation, My children, My earth is almost here.

The appointed time is almost here.

My people small in number, but is faithful and true.

Rejoice, lift up your heads, look up and rejoice.


Your Father sees you all, and soon you will all see My face.

What joy.

What happiness.

Rejoice My people.

Your heavenly Father loves you very much.

Rejoice and be glad.

Stay close to Me and pray always.

Rejoice again I say rejoice.


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