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††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††To My Servants


††††††††† First of all, the realization has got to be in the mind,

††††††††† through your own personal experience, and the insight that I,

†††††††† the Lord, your God, give you, My servants,

that you are in a fight to the deaththe death of Satan and ALL his works.


I, the Lord, your God, empower you spiritually as you grasp the insight I give you, through the Spirit of My Son in you.  I give insight, but you must meditate on it, absorb the result of your meditations in communion with Me,

and make that insight an intrinsic part of you. 

That insight becomes your experience. 

As you believe Me, and accept that insight as Mine, a gift from Me,

as all spiritual encouragement is a gift from Me,

your loving Father in Heaven,

then that insight will TRULY be a part of your experience. 


You do not need to go outside your front door to gain that experience. 

You just need to listen to Me, the Eternal, the Lord God of Hosts,

and you will experience MUCH in the Spirit.

One reason I give you this insight is to strengthen you, but the most important reason is to call out for others in anguished prayer so that the spiritual armour remains constantly buffed and constantly on.


How can you fight effectively for Me,

if you do not crave the insight that only I can give? 


Those poor people in Iraq, having escaped the oppression of one dictator,

have succumbed to the atrocities of the power-crazy American and British-led coalition of Satan-worshipping megalomaniacs.

You, My servants, are on this earth now for the utter defeat of Satan and his plans for the destruction of My creation. 

You are here to cry out, and never stop crying out, for those who are enslaved. 



You, My servants, are blessed because I have chosen you. 

I have appointed and anointed you to serve Me, your God, before the whole of Mankind, to trumpet My name before every prince and potentate on the earth, 

to stand up for Me, alone if need be, in the face of ALL adversity and physical opposition.


I AM your all in all, your Father in Heaven. 

Keep your eyes on Me

Your goal is service before Me

Your service is through suffering - physical and spiritual. 

It is a long, straight, narrow, rocky road to My kingdom, but you are smoothing over the rocks, by your service, so that the way is smoother for those who listen to you, and follow on to My kingdom.


Remember, the numbers of those who serve me are small. 

Cry out for others to be touched by the words I speak out for My website,

and through you, vocally, to others. 

Your task and pleasure should be to serve Me, in any, and every,

way I require of you. 

Seek My will in all things. 

Focus your energies on Me


Desire constant and instant guidance on what I desire in order

that you may be a profitable servant to Me.

Your life, My servants, is a life of accepted and desired service in worship to Me

You worship Me by crying out for others. 

You worship Me in every small act of love you perform for others. 

You worship Me as you breathe the air I give. 

You worship Me because your whole being is Mine, dedicated as a true, everlasting, willing, sacrifice on My altar of love.

I am your God. 


You are My servants as you realize that for you, who do My will, I ask, nay, demand, of you, so much more than from someone who merely hears or sees

a message from Me, and may or may not be convicted by it. 


From YOU, My servants, I demand more than a Roman master could demand from his slave, and that was his very life. 

I demand service which is never grudging, but is given in love. 

I demand, when I show you how people suffer, that you  be so anguished by this suffering that you cry out to Me to split the very heavens apart so that I,

in My greatness, may banish that suffering, and bind up the wounds,

setting the captives free, and healing the unhealable.


Give Me depth in your prayers. 

Cry out to Me powerfully for what you think I may not do to help the oppressed and the poor. 

Realize the power I invest in you. 

Realize that, as My beloved servants, what you ask in anguish FOR OTHERS,

I will listen to, and I will answer.

In love, I created all mankind. 

In heartfelt, anguished, love, I expect My servants to call out to Me because they are totally powerless to do one thing to change anything physically. 

I give you, My servants, power, but the power is Mine, the gift of it to you is Mine,

all good gifts come to you from Me, the Father of lights. 

Never forget that!   

I give so that others may be the recipients of My gifts to you. 

Do not hoard what I give you. 

Spread My love abroad by your thoughts, actions, deeds. 

Be love as I, the Lord, your God, am love. 

Show love to honour Me, but love in humility, love through anguished prayer,

love through fighting mightily against Satan. 

Love has conquered, and will conquer, all to all eternity.

In the midst of light you are in darkness. 


There is darkness without, and, sometimes, darkness within. 

All My servants must rid themselves of any inner darkness,

any unresolved sin, any unforgiveness. 

As you serve and honour Me, your God, and Father, in love, your path

will be made clear, and you will walk in the light, as I am light.

Many of you have walked down the path towards Me for many years. 

You have served me faithfully as you have understood who I,

the Lord, your God, am to you. 


However, the time has come for all My servants, servants of the living God,

the Eternal, to desire a greater depth of intimacy with Me.  Put aside your worries and cares, and concentrate on Me, and Me alone,

through My Sonís Spirit within you.

Hold on to the faith which I alone give you. 

Be strengthened by My love which I show you in so many different ways. 

Realize the privilege I confer on you. 

Be established in My Word. 

Absorb My Word so that you will be able to speak My Word with authority. 


Remember, you will confess me before princes and potentates IF you gird up your spiritual loins, and show the courage which I, your God,

alone can give to do this.

Do not fear, My servants. 

You know that Satan bombards you with fears, pointing out your inadequacies. 

Do not believe him OR you do not believe Me, your Father in Heaven. 

Yes, you are weak, but I make you strong. 

Yes, you are inadequate for the spiritual fight,

but I reinforce your spirit with My strength.

Realize the strength I give you when, and if, you truly believe

Do not intellectually accept what I tell you in My words of love to you,


Believe that I will provide for you in all things. 

I do not give half measures, although even you, My chosen servants, give Me half measures in your belief in My word. 

You go so far, and no farther. 

Believe in Me in EVERYTHING! 

I do not limit My love, or My gifts to you, or you would only be HALF prepared

to defeat Satan. 

Be logical, servants of Mine

But, remember, I give, but you must receive, and indeed want to receive. 


Do not limit My work in you, My chosen ones. 

You are amazed at others who do not believe, but what about you? 

Do you really trust Me to lead you through the fire? 

Do you really trust me to protect and provide for you when the whole world

is falling round your ears? 

Do you REALLY trust me to take you, in the flesh, into the midst of the enemyís camp, and bring you out, safe and triumphant, after having obeyed My will,

and carried out

My instructions? 



The answer has to be a resounding YES!  If not, you have work to do.

Know Me, seek Me, cry out to Me, and FIND Me

Do not take umbrage at what I, your God, say to you. 


Do not be satisfied with the little you know of Me

Will it save your life? 

Will your anchor hold in the storms of life?  

Am I/My Son your anchor?  

Do you cleave to My Word? 

Do you indeed thank Me for the air you breathe, polluted though it may be

by the machinations of the enemy? 

Do you truly give Me, your Lord and God, thanks? 

Do NOT take Me for granted, servants of Mine!

Would you dance like David before Me

Would you make a fool of yourself before the whole wide world to serve Me?

Do you TRULY love Me, My servants? 


Is your robe truly washed white in the blood of My Son, Jesus Christ? 

Will you serve me to the death? 


Is your mind so fixed on Me, My kingdom, the honour of My Son,

that everything else pales by comparison? 

Do you love me, My servants? 

If you do, BELIEVE ME!

YOUR belief will save your very life. 

No half measures in anything will I accept now, My servants,

especially from you. 

You WILL live or die according to how you believe Me

Live, My servants, because I cannot afford to lose you, but, in this,

as in everything else, the choice is yours. 


Now is the time of the end when all will be revealed,

all will have the choice of Me,

their true God, or Satan, the god of their illusions. 

You, too, My servants, have that choice. 

Lack of trust in me is lack of belief. 

That marks you out as Satanís, NOT Mine

There is an invisible, as well as a physical, mark which Satan gives. 

You, My servants, chosen and appointed by Me, are judged more severely because I give you greater understanding. 

As I have said so many times, the greater the responsibility,

the greater the accountability. 

YOU are accountable to ME, the Eternal.

In your own insecurities, do not, without realizing, trample on what I give you freely, and without measure. 


Be My servants indeed, and live as I desire you to live, free of the shackles and bonds Satan is trying to make you reclaim. 

You are not Satanís, but Mine




Your Father, the Creator God, who loves you, His servants,

gives you Much Grace.



†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† The End blue

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