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            The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God


                      Three Questions To Our Eternal God     


 (1) I asked our  Eternal God:

Are you speaking to me, or am I imagining it ?

The answer was:

Do  Not  Doubt.  

Be mind full of your surroundings.


(2) I asked  our  Eternal  God:

What  must  I do to be yours?

The answer was:

Be yourself, and do not be controlled by outside influences.


(3) I asked  our Eternal God:

How close are we to your intervention?

The answer was:

Closer  than anyone can know.


Prepare yourself.

Be mindful, to help those who help you to prepare.

Prepare, prepare.

It is late.

The hour in which I come is soon.

Late is the hour.

I come.

I come.

I come.


To the ones who know  Me,

Prepare  yourselves  for what  is coming.

Prepare, prepare.

It is not going to be nice, and My judgment  must happen.

Watch for the signs.

The time is near, the time is near.



Late is the hour.

I come.

Do not delay, prepare.

The time is now, prepare, prepare.

The time is now, prepare, prepare.

Do not waste time.

Do as you are doing, but prepare.


Make peace, with yourself.

Make yourself ready.



My wrath is greater than anyone can imagine.

The time is at hand.

All those who know Me PREPARE, Amen.


Look Deep inside yourself, and see what you really want to be.

Do not be swayed by others.

You will see some horrible stuff,

but  stay true and find your calling.

Do Not Be Tempted.


Stick together.

You all will be stronger, if you are together.

Trust, and pray for each other.

Prayer is one of the strong Allies.


You will see Horrible Stuff, but do not stray.

You all must learn some hard lessons,

but  the hard way is the only way to learn.

My Love is deeper than any cave.

You will see sin.

Sinners must be stopped.

Even the smallest thing is being Noted, as we speak.

Those who know Me, Pray, Pray, Pray,

For My Love is deeper than any Cave.



                The End blue