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Reposted Rhema:


The Little Princess





My comments are in Purple, everything else is Rhema.


Do not be sad.

You are not alone.

I am with you.

The great earthquake is coming.

How many lives lost just to have given their souls to their master, Satan!


Nobody believes Me anymore.

Very, very, few people believe that I exist.

All are deceived by the god of Money.


Why are you surprised that I love My children immensely?

You do not love Me as they do.

You always have a question, a doubt, a request, and love of earthly things.


My children are different.

They are dedicated to Me, and to other people.

They give their lives for Me, and other people, like themselves.

They want to give their lives to save their friends, parents,

sick people, and others.

They want to see the smile on the face of their Father, friends, and parents.

They give everything they can to save other children.

How many of you would give your life for a brother, a friend, or another human being?

No one.


By words all of you give your lives for others,

but by deeds, none of you gives his own life to save the life of another person.

Many of My little saints have given their life, with a smile to save other people.

How happy they have been to come to their Father,

and observe the growth of their friends!


Learn from My loved children.

My Princess is not the only one.

There are thousands and thousands like her,

and all of them are under training from Abraham,

to become part of the Manchild.

This means that very large number of children like Princess,

have died, from lack of all things and their spirits are now in ĎAbrahamís Bosomí,

which is also known as ĎParadiseí.

We are clearly told that these children will be at the soon coming

Marriage Feast, to Christ.


Yes, I will use many of My loved children to be part of the Manchild.

How much you have to learn from them!


The very big question for you is, Will You Be There?


They do not make any difference between friends, parents, and families.

For them, all are children of God, and have the right to live and be helped.

Learn from them.


It is very easy to let Satan deceive you.

Satan puts the offer on a golden plate, and very few people can refuse it.

You human beings are attracted by Money.

You believe that all your life turns around money.

You sell your children, you kill, you betray, you corrupt, for the Money god.


You sell your soul to Satan for money, and he loves it.

He is very happy because he is already enjoying thinking, how he will torture you when you are in the lake of fire.


My children come to Me.

Eternity in the lake of fire is horrible.

Eternity in the Bosom of Abraham is wonderful.

Now money is of no more importance.


You are killing, and have gained the lake of fire,

for something that has no more value.

Very soon you will throw it on to the streets, because it will not feed you.

It will not help you or your family.

You have just a little more time.

Come to Me.

Listen to My people.

There is still a little time.


I forgive everybody, for I forgive everyone as children,

but I disown the children who give their souls to the devil,

who do not follow and listen, to their eternal damnation.

Look around you, and what do you see?

You see Judgment, judgment, death, ruin and hate.

Come to Me today.

I will love you.

I will save you.


Donít wait for tomorrow because it does not exist anymore.

My children listen to Me.

Listen to the words of your Father, who loves you,

and who will forgive you, if your repentance is heartfelt.

Come to Me.

I await you with open arms.


Donít let Satan and his demons deceive you.

Donít be deceived by the false priests, prophets, and pastors.


My Son arrived on earth to save all humanity, all of you.

Donít be deceived by false priests, prophets, and Babylon.

My Son was poor, and He stayed poor all His life.

He has given love.

He has given advice.

He has given freely, never has he asked a cent.

He was born poor, and He died poor.


Your false prophets, priests, pastors,

and Babylon are sending you to hell with your money.

Havenít I told you that I have given freely and you should do the same?

Why do you give money to false prophets, Babylon, priests, and pastors,

and you refuse to help your neighbour,

who has no money to pay for his electricity?

Why donít you help the homeless, and the poor people,

who are dying in famines?


My Princess has refused food many times,

so that she could give to her subjects,

the ones who had more need than My loved daughter.

Every time she was doing this from her heart,

and she was thanking Me for the food I gave her for one of her subjects.

Learn from her.


Notice that whilst Princess was a mere child, the Eternal God literally regarded

her as a Princess with subjects, for whom she was responsible.

What about you?

Does the Eternal God regard you as a King and Priest,

as He said that He would?

Have you any subjects?

What have you got around you?


Revelation 1:6And (Christ) hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.


Learn from My Princess, who is now dressed in regal dress,

In Abrahamís Bosom, she is already clothed in Royal garments.

and very soon she will be part of the Manchild.

Donít be surprised.

She deserves it more than you, and more than the others.

All of you have given a quarter of what you have to help others.

She has given Me everything she had to help others,

and every time she did that, her heart was full of joy and thanks

and Praise to Me.

She was imploring Me to save the person.


These are the saints.

These are My saints, and they are only children.

Do you now realize why I say,

woe to those who do harm to My little children?

There are many Princesses and Princes like her in poor countries,

especially in Africa and the Middle East.

How I love them!

I have prepared a special place for them.

Learn from them, and do like them.

Send this to everyone so you can learn,.

and thank Me for all the blessings I have given you,

and do give you, and stop complaining and pretending.