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            Rhema Title: Time Has Run Out.                  

          Date Received:  03/11/2015


Tell My people, that My Judgment Time is nigh come,

and it will overflow the world.


My army is in place.

I have given it My signal. (To act)


Life as you know it, has come to an end.


All of My people, who have not made themselves ready,

have run out of time.

It is too late for repentance.


The days are coming, when all My words will come to pass.


There will be the most terrible judgment,

with much weeping, and gnashing of teeth.


Pray for mercy.

I love My people.

They bring Me great joy, by their obedience,

but there are so few of them.


The cares of the world have overtaken them,

and this is a dead world,

which is full of deceptions, and abominations.


Rejoice, and be joyful My people,

for I come quickly,




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