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            Rhema Title: Be Ready, Wait Patiently                   

            Date Issued:  28.07.15


 My people await, My coming with great anticipation.

The world is covered in darkness,

and a greater darkness is coming .

My people, be strong and full of courage.

I am with you all, to strengthen you, for what lies ahead.

My people, always rejoice in Me.

There is much tribulation in the world,

but I am with you.

Rejoice in Me.

Stay close to Me.

Learn of Me.

Be separate.

The appointed time will arrive suddenly.

Be encouraged, My people.

I love each, and every one of you.

You are My jewels, My handiwork, for My glory.

Be strong.

The Day of The Lord dawns.

It will come swiftly, and overtake the world,

such chaos, such confusion, and tribulation.

My judgment comes swiftly.

Stay close to Me, and worship Me always.

Your Father in heaven, loves you very much.

Rejoice in this My people.


Everything at My time, not at yours.

The great earthquake will arrive,

from one moment to another.

All of you, who are My children,

and are part of the Manchild,

your families are attacked by Satan,

because he hates you terribly,

as he knows about the great work you will do,

against him, and his disciples.

The world is deteriorating day after day,

but the day of reckoning has arrived.

Entertainment is finished.

The suffering is starting.

I will not have mercy on the wicked.

Start to pray.


My great vengeance arrives, against all the disciples of Satan,

who will die, in the great earthquake, that will shock all America.

Biblical Israel, and its puppet nations,

who have made their plans, to rule the world,

and to confiscate all the money, that there is in the world,

and to kill all, who oppose them,

They just want to kill and kill.

What a bad surprise they will have,

because the earthquake will kill,

more than half of these wicked New World Order planners,

and the survivors, will have to make new plans.

My judgment, the Great Tribulation arrives.

The earthquake arrives.

The slaughter of the guilty arrives.

Unfortunately, I will only be able save just a few.

Be ready because your destiny arrives.

Your father who loves you very much.


It is up to each, and every individual,

to ensure that they listen, and do exactly

as they have been told.

Make sure, that you have the right priorities in your lives.

No one else can do this for you



                                                     The End blue 

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