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            Rhema Title: The Arrival Of The Appointed Time                   

            Date Received:  03/12/15


The appointed time has come,

the day, that has been awaited for all eternity.

The culmination of history.


The final battle, and destruction of all evil,

and wickedness, across the earth, and in the heavens.

My kingdom is at the doors.


My people be ready,

for your God is coming to save you.
You, who are faithful to Me, you, who worship Me.

Be not afraid, have courage,

I will protect My people, from the coming storm.


My wrath, and My judgment, will be great upon the earth,

because my people, have broken My covenant.


They sin against Me constantly,

and I will not put up with their evil ways,

and schemes any longer.


Be patient My people, it is a matter of seconds now.

Be close to Me, and to one another.


It will be terrible, but the people have chosen,

to rebel against Me, who made them.

They will know. that there is a God in Israel.


I will be exalted.

I will be glorified.


Fill your hearts with rejoicing today, My beloved people.

I will see you all, very soon.

Be ready all of you, and worship Me,

Your Father in heaven, loves you very much.

Worship Me, and rejoice My people rejoice.


My judgment arrives from one moment to another,

when nobody is expecting it.


My Northern Army will suddenly attack Biblical Israel.


Yes, it will happen suddenly.


My bright shining light will shine,

in all the skies of the world.


The Man Child, will come to the throne,

for the Marriage of the Bride.

There they will meet, all their families,

and they will adore, and venerate Me,


Everyone will return to the earth,

with their given work, and all of them,

will bring many people to Me.


The two Witnesses will do very great works.

Unfortunately, not everyone will listen to them,

because they believe, that their god Satan,

will save them, and their money.


What a judgement!


What a terrible time!

as never has been on the earth,

and never will be again.

It will be so very horrible.


The two witnesses will be very happy,

and they will thank Me,

when they will bring someone to Me.


Start to pray.


Your Father, who loves you very much.


I will see you soon









                                                     The End blue 

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