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                Rhema Title    The Darkness Deepens              

                       Date Received:  February 27.02.2012

There will be great sorrow all around the world,

for the death of the Pope, who will be assassinated.

There will be great stupor for the killing of Obama,

who will be considered a martyr.


Document:  No More Tears -  The End Game

Biblical Israel is becoming unstable.

The troops loyal to Gaddafi,

will inflict a great defeat on the Rebels, and the Coalition.

Gaddafi and his son, will direct the attack, with the help of Russia.


What a disaster for Biblical Israel, who is beginning to lose everywhere.

Many Americans will be killed, for burning the ‘Sacred Koran’.

There will be a great slaughter for the ‘sacrilege to the Koran’.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates,

are realizing that they cannot trust the infidels. (Biblical Israel)

(We have previously mentioned that the Arabs, will unite.

From the map, you can see how disastrous this will be

for Biblical Israel.

Here is some important background information,

from someone, who has lived in the area, for some 10 years.

It is most unlikely that you are aware of this situation.

The following countries:

Saudi Arabia                    (carries out the instructions of the U.S.A)

United Arab Emirates      (carries out the instructions of the U.S.A/U.K.)

Kuwait                               (carries out the instructions of the U.S.A)

Bahrain                             (carries out the instructions of the U.S.A)   

Qatar                                 (carries out the instructions of the U.K)

Oman                                (carries out the instructions of the U.K)                  


Yemen                              (No real leanings but Fanatic about Islam)


Note the detail about  Oman, which is divided into two separate parts.

With Palestinians in Oman, it can be seriously problematic.

Satellite Picture of the strait of Hormuz

An overall evaluation:

The Arabs tend to be lazy, snobbish, and morally corrupt.

The Arab public, is generally financially supported by the government,

The Arabs are the over-all bosses.

However, it is Palestinians, who hate the Americans and the British,

that operate the infra-structure, they run the Government, Customs,

Courts, Utilities, Medical Facilities, The Military etc.


They are fully aware of the relationship, and the involvement

of the U.S. and the British, with the Talmudic nation called Israel.

They are fully aware, of how these nations have contributed to the suffering,

of their literal brothers and sisters, back home.

How do you think they feel about the British and Americans?

They hate them.

There are many Filipinos, who are nurses and servants, in the above countries.

There are also many Pakistanis, and Indians who are poor,

and very badly treated, worse than slaves.


They do the menial tasks, and as many as 20/25 people can live in a single room.

After their work their main activity is reading the Koran,

as there is nothing else for them to do.

Large numbers have been seen doing this outdoors.

They cannot do it indoors, as so many share a single room, and it is too hot.

This gives us some insight, into how these Muslims would

regard the recent burning of the Koran.

The Palestinians can make an important fifth column,

in the above mentioned countries.

As I have stated, what happens, when these people rise up

against their leaders, once the unpleasantness really starts?

In general, our view of the Middle East and Asia, needs to be remodelled.

It is easy to see, the world will be turned upside down,

when the signal for the Northern Army is given.

Things will not be how it all appears on the surface.

Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, and with total surprise,

as the Rhema says, “the world as we know is finished”.


As I have also stated, what happens when India and Pakistan

decide to bury their animosity?

This already seems to be happening.

After all, once they were a single nation.

It was the British, who artificially split the country into two parts,

as they have done in many parts of the world.

India and Pakistan are both nuclear powers, with large and sophisticated armies.

We have armed many of these countries to the hilt.

We have sold them excellent weapons.

They can and they will use them against us,

when the time is right, for them to do so.

It is now far too late to undo what has been done, over very many years.

As I keep saying, it is time to pray.



It is now far too late to undo what has been done, over very many years.

As I keep saying, it is time to pray.


We have explained in our documents

that the Eternal God, has declared war on Biblical Israel.

Document:  Declaration Of War On Biblical Israel By God July 2011

Document:  Declaration Of War By  God On Biblical Israel Original


This is very real. We have already stated, that everything

that Biblical Israel attempts to do, will utterly fail)


The Arab countries have already made an alliance, with the Russians

and the Chinese.

All of the Arab world will unite against the U.S.A.,

and there will be a great massacre of Americans.

Document: Weapons of Biblical Israel’s Enemies

Biblical Israel is finished.

She is starting to be frightened, because she realises,

that God is not on their side.

Their human sacrifices, have no more value,

because their master, ‘Satan’, cannot do anything, that is against

the will of the Eternal God.

Yes My vengeance, My very great vengeance has started.

It will be an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

Everything will happen, according to My inspired Words, word by word.

Forget the sorrows of life, because Satan attacks you in order

to demoralize you.

Be warriors, follow My General’s example.

See you soon.


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