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†††††††††††† Rhema: Update on End Time Events July22nd 2012††††††††††††††††††


My people rejoice, your time in your present lives is very, very short.

You will all be totally transformed.

All things will be made new, for each of you,

My lovely, faithful children.

I see how some of you have persevered many years,

through trials, and tribulations,

and how you have remained faithful to Me.

For all of you, My hand has been upon your lives.

Some have recently come to Me.


I love you all the same.

You are all, My much loved children. 


The world teeters on complete chaos.

Everything is crumbling and falling.

The leaders of the world are desperately trying to find solutions,

as they see that they are losing control.


All their plans are overdue,

and nothing is working out for them.

Satan is desperate,

and he is planning to take many with him.

I will allow him to do this,

as there are many, many, wicked followers of his,

and their fate is sealed. 


But My People, rejoice, for your hour has come.

My angels have been sent, and soon, all of you will see them.

Listen to what they tell you, your lives depend on it.

I love all of you My people, and I will see you all very soon. 


The days are short, the time has come.

Your arrival is eagerly awaited, by all in Abrahamís bosom,.

Your families are also excited, and honoured that each of you

has been chosen, for the momentous task ahead,

as this world, at last, comes into the fullness of the Kingdom of God.

Rejoice My children.

Be of good cheer.

Your Father eagerly awaits each one of you,

Rejoice, Rejoice.


Everything that I tell you will happen, right down to the minutest details,

but as Peter tells you, it will happen word by word, But In My Time.


You are blessed, that I have chosen you to be a scribe.

I have chosen you for your heart,

your love and compassion, for My people.

Be ready, for the hour of My very great judgment has arrived.

The angels are arriving at their destinations,

and everything will happen as I have said.


This is the sequence of events:


(1) ††Arrival of the angels.

††† Listen attentively to them, making notes of all the minimum details,

††† because your salvation, and your coming to the throne depends on it.


(2) ††My rage is erupting on the whole world.

††† My great shout of judgment, will blow up all the electric devices,

††† and there will be catastrophes, such as plane crashes, the destruction

††† of Palaces and houses.

††† The earth will open up to destroy.

††† This is the preview of everything that will happen during the great tribulation.

††† What Terror !

††† What Fear !


(3) ††The appearance of My Shining Light, in all the skies of the world,

††† and the appearance of My Son, Jesus Christ, and the Apostle John,

††† My beloved Witness.


(4) ††The coming to the throne of My two loved witnesses.


(5) ††The coming of the Manchild in front of My Throne.


(6) ††The very great celebration of the Brideís marriage.


(7) ††The adoration of Me, by All the Manchild, All in Abrahamís Bosom,

†††††††† and all the Angels.

†††††††† It is a sublime adoration.

†††††††† All the creation will sing for joy.

All the animals, the trees and the flowers, will sing.

All of the creation, will rejoice, and will glorify Me,

yours and their adored Father.


(8) ††Your tasks will be given to each of you,

††† for when you return to the earth.


(9) ††The return to the earth of the Manchild, and many of your relatives,

††† (who are in Abrahamís Bosom)

††† to do the great work, to free the earth from Satan and his disciples.


†††††††† (10)†† The Great War of the Northern Army against Biblical Israel.


†††††† ††(11)†† The Enslavement of Biblical Israel.

††† That is those who have not been killed by My Army. (The Northern Army)


(12)†† The vengeance of the Northern Army againstBiblical Israel.

††† They will give them double, for all the atrocities that they have committed.


††††††† (13)Destruction of the Northern Army. (By the armies of the final Resurrection

†††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††of the Roman Empire).

††† †††

†††††††††† Blessed are those, who have My Mark on their foreheads.

†††††††††† Blessed are those, who love Me.

†††††††††† Blessed are those, who come to Me.

†††††††††† Blessed are those, who will repent.


†††††††††† For all of the others, they will to through hell.


†††††††††† This is what will happen.


†††††††††† It has arrived, the hour of My great vengeance,

†††††††††† for all of the atrocities and abominations, that exist in the world.

†††††††††† Be ready and listen very carefully to the angel.


Start to pray.


††††† ††† ††††††††††††††††

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