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            Rhema Title: No More Tears    -  The End Game             

            Date Received:  February 2012


            Did you hear the loud shouts of the Americans calling,

          and praising their master, Satan?


    Have I not told you, that not only the leaders,

    but all the people of Biblical Israel, must be punished

    for all the atrocities, which they are carrying out,

    for their master, ‘Satan’?

    Their arrogance is at an end, as is their treachery, and their atrocities.

    Now it will be an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.


          I (The Eternal God) cannot  tolerate all these atrocities any longer.

          I (The Eternal God) promise you that the day of reckoning has arrived.


          The more that they will ask Me to forgive them,

          the more I will let them suffer.


    (Do you understand why this is the case?

          The reason is that the people, are not sorry for what they have done.

          They are sorry about the suffering, which they are experiencing.

          Sometimes people are sorry, even with tears, but they are only sorry

          that they have been caught out, and not for what they have done)


          I (The Eternal God) am tired.

          I (The Eternal God) am more tired than you are,

          because the atrocities, which I see continuously, are too many.

          I (The Eternal God) have no more tears.


          The Angels, and those in Abraham’s Bosom, are suffering terribly,

          when they see all the suffering, that is in the world.


          I have repented (regretted) having created mankind.

          Not even in Sodom and Gomorrah, were there such atrocities.


          I  (The Eternal God) understands your impatience, it is because you have a heart.

          I (The Eternal God) cannot tolerate all these atrocities, any longer.

          I (The Eternal God) promises you that the day of reckoning has arrived.


          Have you heard Obama, and all the people shouting, and calling

          on their master, Satan.

          Satan has really enjoyed it, and he has seen the hour arriving,

          when he can take the people to the blazing fires,

          and torture them for all eternity.


          Time has arrived for Obama’s death.

          He will be killed because Satan is frightened,

          that he will change his mind,

          and he does not want him to be saved.

          (Of course all of this happens, because the Eternal God allows it.)


          Yes, the Vatican will give orders to kill him.

          It will be a human sacrifice.

          (Obama has just confronted the Roman Catholic Church,

          regarding Birth Control, and related issues.

          They strongly reject the idea that they should pay,

          when they very strongly disagree with what he proposes.  

          He wants the Vatican, to make contributions to his plans,

          like everyone else will have to do.

          Few are aware, that the Vatican owned the largest contraceptive factory in Italy.

          This makes them great hypocrites, as they say one thing and do another,

          by manufacturing contraceptives, whilst they officially condemn it.)


          The Vatican will thank Satan, and celebrate the death of the infidel, Obama.


          How Satan rejoices about Obama, and all the people, who worship him

          out of greed, and their desire for wealth.


          The authorities are planning to control the Internet, all around the world,

but they will fail, because of viruses, which will be sent against all their websites.

They will also not be able to use their drones, and other weapons,

because their electronic systems will be compromised.


They will realise that electronically, everything has stopped for them.

They will not be able to give orders, as they are doing now.

They have believed their master, Satan.

They do not realise that it is I, the Eternal God, who decides everything,

and not Satan.


What a catastrophe!

What a disaster!

What terror!


Biblical Israel will not know what to do.

All the Cyberspace communications of the CIA, the FBI,

and the military will fail.

The drones, and orders of war, for missiles to bomb Iran,

will not function anymore.

Biblical Israel will become a laughing stock, all around the world.


How the American, English, and Israeli governments will shake.

They will be frightened, and they are right, because it is the moment

that the Northern Army will attack, and destroy them.

They will panic.

They will ask their master, Satan, for help.

They are panicking.

Biblical Israel is finished, and it will receive its just judgment.


The light arrives.

My very great vengeance arrives.

          I love all of you who are part of the Manchild.

          You have endured, you have suffered, and you have won,

          over all the attacks of your enemy.


          Remember the sequence of events.

          (1) My shining light arrives

          (2) The 2 Witnesses come to the throne

          (3) The Wedding of the Manchild

          (4) The assignments, telling each of you, what you have to do,

               when you return to the earth, is given to each of you.

         (5) The battle against Satan and his demons

         (6)  You will bring people to Me, your loved Father.  


           Rejoice and thank Me for having chosen  all of you.

           I see you very soon My loved children.


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