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            Rhema Title : The Great Change And An Earthquake                  

            Date Received:  October 2012

           This world will soon be over.

Terrible things are coming upon My precious earth,

as I wreak vengence, on a sick, dying, rebellious,

and evil people.


They love evil more than good.

They are an abomination to Me,

and My earth must be cleansed of them,

but you My people, will be saved.

You My people, will be spared the tribulation,

as you put your trust, and faith in Me.


I Am the Living God .

I come to set My people free.

I am with all of you, trust and rely on Me.


The vision of Saturday, was from Me.

What was seen, will come to pass.

Have no fear My people, rejoice.


My children have to learn to obey and to listen.

There is no room for wilfulness in My kingdom.

You all have to obey.

It has to be part of you.


This means that the Character, which is being developed

in all true believers, has become an intrinsic part of them.

This means that when I go to the supermarket,

on my way there, and whilst I am there, I am not thinking,

I must not steal, I must not steal.

The very thought of stealing, does not enter our mind at all.

If I see a beatiful woman, I do not think, how much I desire her.

The very thought does not enter our mind at all. -  p.j.


If it is not there, neither will you be there.

People must learn this.

The angels will not come, until this vital lesson is learned.


My people listen to what your Heavenly Father tells you .

Your's is the narrow road, that leads to life.

Listen and obey.

I am with you.

I will never leave, nor forsake you My people.

Wait for Me, for I will come suddenly,

when you least expect it, but I will come.


Rejoice today My children.

Rejoice your Heavenly Father awaits you all.

See you all soon, for the great celebration,

that awaits each and every one of you.

All heaven is excited as that Great Day draws near.

Rejoice My people, Rejoice.


This is the vision of Saturday 13th October, of one of our little group.


I was standing out in the open, like I was in a field.

A globe, like google earth, was spinning around me, in the sky.


[Country map of United States]


Suddenly it stopped,

and a certain part of the earth expanded, and became bigger.

It showed me the country of Cuba.


It developed a crack in the island, I felt that this was due to a huge

earthquake, and the right side of the country (approx. 1/3 of the right side)

broke off and fell into the ocean and disappeared under the water.



I have added some graphic details, as I have spoken to the person,

who had the vision about it.

In reality the islands shown that would be affected,

by such an event are the Bahamas, of which are very low indeed,

Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Haiti and the Domnican Republic.


The total size of Cuba is 42,803 Square Miles, 110,860 Square Kilometres.


The approximate area affected is,

approximately one third of the Island is14,268 Square miles,

36,953 Square Kilomtres.


Ever since this vision, I have had various thoughts,

about the consequences of such and event.

I am now including the research.

I wanted to know how many mountains, and hills were in the area,

and other details.

You can see, that the area includes many large mountains.

In fact the largest mountains in the whole of Cuba.




The Cayman Islands is a group of three islands found in the Western

Caribbean Sea. They are best known for the following offshore services,

the formation of offshore trusts, incorporation of offshore companies

of Cayman International Business Companies (IBC), offshore banking,

captive insurance, registration of boats and vessels among other services.

The Cayman Islands can also be described as a tax haven.


The highest point in the Cayman Islands,

is called ‘The Buff’. It is 43 metres (141.08 feet) high.

The lowest point is at sea level, the Caribbean Sea. 0 metres, 0 feet.


It is most likely that these islands would completely vanish,

as well as many of the Bahamas islands, which also includes Tax havens.


This means that this is a multi pronged event, with vast consequences.


I was also interested to see if there were any volcanoes in the area.

I could not believe that volcanic activity was confined to the Eastern Caribbean

Islands, and abruptly ended at the larger islands, of the Greater Antilles.


I have found that my thoughts are fully justified.

No visible volcanoes, does not mean no volcanoes.


ScienceDaily (Sep 1, 2008 -  Scientists at the National Oceanography Centre,

Southampton, are set to explore the world’s deepest undersea volcanoes,

and to find out what lives in a ‘lost world’ five kilometres (approximately 3 miles),

beneath the Caribbean.


. . . the Cayman Trough, which lies between Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

This rift in the Caribbean seafloor plunges to a depth of more than 5000 metres

below sea level. It contains the world’s deepest chain of undersea volcanoes,

which have yet to be explored.


In the area called the Cayman Trough: Black smoker vents,

(new shrimp species discovered)

January 13 2012 By Bernd F. Laeschke


Caribbean (

The worlds most extreme know deep-sea volcanic vents are

3.11 miles (5 kilometres) under water in a rift in the Caribbean seafloor.

The hot springs, which lie 2,625 feet (800 metres) deeper than any seen before,

may be hotter than 842 degrees (450 Centigrade) and are shooting a jet

of mineral-laden water more than 0.62 miles (one kilometer into the ocean above. . .

Having found yet more ‘black smoker’ vents on an undersea mountain nearby,

the researchers suggest that deep-sea vents may be more widespread around

the world than anyone thought.


There are none, however, it does not mean, that the area does not

have potential problems. The reality is the lesser Antilles,

is a chain of islands, where many of the islands have volcanoes,

which at this time, most are dormant.

A dormant volcano can always spring into life at any time.


Kick em Jenny is an underwater volcano, off Grenada,

which is constantly rising nearer the surface.


As a young person when we had earthquakes, we were very

concerned about the local volcano, then called Mount Misery.

We wanted to know if it was smoking, and whether it would erupt.

The volcano has been renamed to,

Mt Liamuiga, originally it was called Mount Misery,

I would imagine for obvious reasons.


The Soufriere Hills colvano in Montserrat is still active.


My point is that it is more than likely that this event will also trigger

volcanic activity in many areas.


The Puerto Rico Trench which is not very far from Cuba is very deep,

with a depth of more than 8 Km ( 5 miles).

This makes the Puerto Rico Trench the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean.


Many earthquakes and tsunamis resulting from the tectonic-plate motions have

occurred in historical times in the northeastern Caribbean.

Such future events will pose serious hazards to the growing population in this region,

including approximately 4 million U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

The hazards to these islands are mainly in the form of submarine earthquakes,

landslides and tsunamis.


It is clear that there is a massive body of water, which can be involved from both

the Atlantic and the Caribbean in this disaster.


Three-dimensional plot of the morphology of the sea floor north and east of the island of Puerto Rico, showing the location of the Puerto Rico trench   Map of the Caribbean Sea, showing the location of the preceding sea-floor morphology image, north and east of Puerto Rico

Notes on Guantánamo Bay

The Naval Base at Guantánamo Bay is the oldest existing U.S. military base outside U.S. territory, and sits on a 45-square-mile area (117.6 square kilometers), near the northern tip of Cuba, on “the lizard’s heel,” facing Haiti and Jamaica. The bay sits on what was once Oriente Province, the very heart and soul of the independence movement against the Spanish empire. The symbolic importance of Oriente Province (now separated into 5 distinct provinces; Las Tunas, Holguín, Granma, Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo) seems to amplify with the passing of time.

It has been leased to the U.S. since1903

Pico Turquino is the highest point at   6578 ft (2005 metres)

It is exactly 50 years ago, that we had the Cuban Missile Crisis,

when we were not too sure if there would be a nuclear war,

because of the nuclear missiles that Russia had put in Cuba.

There were 4 Russian nuclear submarines with nuclear tipped torpedoes

waiting to send American Carriers to the bottom.

Just weeks ago, it is said that Putin recently put nuclear missiles in Cuba,

and then challenged Obama to do something about them. – p.j.


This is the final point that concerned me.

I felt that the U.S. had nuclear missiles in Cuba,

as it has all over the world,

but I had no proof until today. 


Guantánamo also got plenty of hardware. Recently declassified Pentagon documents 

suggest that the base has stored nuclear weapons -- probably 
submarine-seeking depth charges -- since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis..

Guantánamo Pictures

The Vision continues:


This event sent a huge surge, a tsunami, in the ocean toward the U.S.

coastline. The vision/Dream, pointed out a certain stretch of land,

that would seem to be affected the most.

It was between the Carolina's and New York.




Although I'm not sure how bad the tsunami was, it must be significant

enough to be pointed out to me. Although my dream specified an area

on the U.S. East Coast, if this was to actually happen, it would affect

and possibly wipe out many islands in the Caribbean and Atlantic.





In reality this would be a catastrophe of monumental proportions.

The other West Indian Islands, like the Lesser Antilles,

and Central America, and the North of South America,

would know all about it.

The resulting wave, would affect Europe, and places such as Holland.

The water would not only flow in one direction. It would be as if one

throws a stone into a pond, the water will go outwards, in all directions. – p.j.


This seemed more of a vision than a dream,

mainly because other than myself,

briefly in the beginning,there were no people involved in the vision,

just this event, which seemed very specific.

I also had no real sense of when this would happen.


My feeling about this event, is that it would occur after the manchild

has been caught up to the throne, and returns to the earth. – p.j.


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