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            The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God

             The Only Bible we Recommend Is The King James / A.V. Bible.

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          It is important to read Parts 1 and 2, before reading Part 3

            End Time Events 15.07.12 – Part 1 

            End Time Events 15.07.12 – Part 2


             End Time Events  15.07.12

             The Arrival of the Apostle John   Part 3               

             A command for everyone.

             Write everything that the angel, which I will send to you,

          tells you, because the hour of My judgment has arrived.


 Many people are coming to Me, through your comments.

They are reading My documents, and coming to Me.

Many people are coming to Me, through reading My documents

on My Forum.

Yes the Light arrives from one moment to another.

The angel arrives.

John Arrives.

My very great judgment arrives, on a corrupt world,

which is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

All of you be ready, because My very great vengeance is coming.

Yes, everything will happen as My very loved witness has told.

Have you seen the perspicacity, that I have given to him.

No one believed you.

No one believed that the angel would arrive,

but I have given perspicacity to My loved witness,

and now all of you, of My small loved group,

knows what will happen, from one moment to another.

All of you be ready spiritually, and be continuously connected to Me,

your adored Father.


It arrives.

It arrives.

My shout of Vengeance will be so terrible, that many people will die from fear,

including many, many of the New World Order promoters,

who believe themselves to be invincible, and Eternal.

Rejoice everything is ready in heaven.

The celebrations have already started.

The violins and harps, are already playing sacred music,

and all those in Abraham’s Bosom, and the Angels are already thanking,

and worshipping Me.

How furious is Satan!

How furious are all his Demons, and Fallen Angels.

They have understood, that they have lost the battle,

but they will try to attack all of you more and more, but it is too late.

The freedom of My very loved creation has arrived.

The freedom of My very loved children, who are suffering terribly, has arrived.

All of you be ready.

The angel arrives.

My very great judgment on the earth arrives.  


All of you be ready, and continuously connected to Me,

because the long awaited time for My judgment has arrived.

It will happen exactly as every word told last night,

by My very loved Peter.

There will not be one comma, or point missing.

It will be exactly as he has described it.

Tell him to do the document immediately, and send it to everyone.

Send it to the Website and to the Forum,

because it is a question of minutes,

and My very great vengeance will arrive on this corrupt world.


If you do not listen to what the angel tells you to do,

you will end up like the others.

You will be instantly judged, and you will have even harsher judgment,

than those who were in the dark,

because you did not obey your Divine Father.


I want obedience and a sincere heart,

which does everything that I desire.


Be spiritually connected to Me.

Do not think of the material things, because they no longer have any value.

I love all of you, and very soon, you will be at the Great Wedding.

Antonietta translate Peter’s documents.

I want them posted today on My Website, and My Forum,

because I want all of My people, who already have My Mark on their forehead,

to be informed, so that they can prepare themselves.

I want absolute obedience.


I am furious, because of all the atrocities, and plans,

which the Satanic People carry out, and plan to carry out.

How they will suffer!

The more that they will implore Me, the more I will give them double,

and treble, for the suffering they have inflicted on My people,

and I will send them to the Lake of Fire, where they are already started

having great celebrations, as they wait for the arrival of many, many people.

How the Evil Spirits and Satan, are happy to receive many people,

and to torture them for Eternity.

The feast of Satan and his Evil Spirits has already started.

The drums are beating, to announce the arrival of very many people,

who like them, have been denied entrance into Abraham’s Bosom.

What joy and celebration they are having!


Always be ready, and always be in communication with Me,

your adored Father.

I want this Rhema to go out so that everyone can be informed.

I love you all tenderly, and I await you all with open arms.

I see you soon My very loved children.

Start to Pray.


Supporting Documents

  End Time Events 15.07.12 – Part 1


    Declaration Of War On Biblical Israel By God July 2011


              Declaration Of War By  God On Biblical Israel Original


           Two Witnesses, Two Olive Trees, and the Candlesticks


The Apostle John’s Spectacular  Entrance


Alien Invasion 


           Doomsday Bunker - No Hiding Place From God                       PDF - DOO


       Traumatic End Time Transition                                                     PDF - TRA


      Darkness Deepens                                                                           PDF - DAR


       Two Witnesses And Satan                                                              PDF - TWO


       No More Tears -  The End Game                                                    PDF - NOM     


Sodom: The U.K. – U.S. – Canada – Australia – Biblical Israel Are Worse Than Sodom


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