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            Composite Rhema August 2012  

            The Composite Rhema of 3 different people over several days.

            Each individual without any knowledge of what they other has received – p.j.

            Expanded List Of Events.                  

            August – 2012

 Rhema  August 18th 2012

Woe! to you courtesan (high class prostitute)

Twice Woe!

I will not be mocked  (God Is Not Mocked Updated August 2011  Print)

It will not be hidden from My sight.

Oh, how they think in their hearts - 

He will not see.

He will not condemn.

Come out of Babylon, before it is too late, for the time is short.

Shall I hold back My hand for you,

who do not obey, and listen to My voice ?

How long must I put up with this rebellious generation,

which is full of pride and full of self?

The day of the wrath of the Lord is here.

Do you not see the signs, oh you rebellious generation?

The time is short.

I will not hold back My hand forever.

Choose life or death.

The time is at hand.


            Rejoice and be glad for the time has arrived.

          Soon you will all be in front of My Throne, all My beloved children.

          This world cannot go on much longer, there is too much deceit,


          too much suffering, too much open Satan worshipping, among the peoples of this world .


          They have chosen their father,

          therefore they must reap his rewards of death and destruction,

          They must be brought to their senses,

          and realise that I the Creator of all things.

          I am God, the only God, and to whom they owe everything,

          their very lives, and the air that they breathe.

          I alone am God.

          By the end of their tribulations, those that are left,

          will know Me and love Me.

          It was never My wish, that My loved creation, and mankind,

          should suffer and live the lives that they have,

          but they made their great mistake by loving evil,

          so they must suffer evil as their reward for their wicked ways.

          My angel will come to the houses of My children.

          Do not be afraid.

          Listen attentively to My message to you, and do all they tell you to do.

          Be ready, for they will be with you all shortly.

          I your Father in heaven is speaking to all of you,

          in My much loved group, be ready and rejoice My people.

          Rejoice for your salvation draws nigh.

          Rejoice My people, soon you will see Me.

          Soon your lives will be transformed,

          and your great work in My service will begin.

          I love you all and I come quickly rejoice.


1. Very soon, I will give you, a sign in the sky,

    which heralds the arrival of the angel.


2. The Angel arrives.


3. Second Witness goes to Abraham’s Bosom.

    The reason for going to Abraham’s Bosom, is that the two witnesses,

    are equal, just as the two branches on the lampstand are identical.

    See:  Two Witnesses, Two Olive Trees, and the Candlesticks,

     as the Apostle John has been in Abraham’s Bosom, for around

    2,000 years there would be a great gulf in the difference of the experiences

    of the other witness. Therefore the other witness also has to go to Abraham’s

    Bosom. The duration of time there is irrelevant, as it is moving from the dimension

    of the physical to Eternity, the dimension of the Spiritual, where the Eternal God dwells.


4. In My Great Fury, the entire world will be without light and communication.


          5. Point (3) from Rhema Events Update July 2012 states

              The appearance of My Shining Light, in all the skies of the world,

and the appearance of My Son, Jesus Christ, and the Apostle John,

My beloved Witness.


    This point therefore expands the above point to include both witnesses.

    The Light and Jesus brings the Two Witnesses to the earth.

     I hope to put up a short document to explain how we came

     to understood this point.


6. The coming to the Throne, of the two Witnesses, in magnificent

     shining chariots, accompanied by many angels.


7.  Adoration and Veneration, by My Two very loved Witnesses,

     of their very loved Father.


8. The coming to the Throne of the Manchild, and the great celebration

    of the marriage to their bridegroom ‘Christ’.


9. Great adoration and veneration of their Eternal Father.


        10. The members of the Manchild, are each assigned their tasks.


       11. My Army will stand in front of My two Generals,

              who will direct them on their return to the earth.

              What an army !

              What discipline !

              What love and veneration for their very loved Father.

              There will never again be a similar army.

              They will not go to the left or to the right from the orders

              given by My two Generals.



       12  The Terrible attack of My army against Biblical Israel, and the very

              great vengeance, for all the great suffering that they have inflicted.


       13. What Carnage !

              What Terror !

             There will be no pity for anyone.

              Men, women, and children, will be killed, after they have been tortured.


       14.  How Biblical Israel will suffer.

              The survivors will be put into the same prisons, that they used to torture others.

              They will be tortured 2,800% more than they have done.

              (This is as stated in Leviticus Chapter 26, and it is explained here:

              The Northern Army And its Allies Will Punish The English Speaking World & Israel      Print


       15. Very few people will come to Me, and recognise Me as a just God.

              On the contrary, they will hate Me, for their suffering.


       16. Destruction of the Northern Army.


       17. The power of the Roman Empire will be used,

              to carry out the worst atrocities, that could exist, in My name.


       18. How many martyrs !

              How much suffering !

              How the people will blame Me, and they will still hate Me.


       19. So, I will be forced to send earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, giants,

              beasts, famine and then, only then will the survivors start to recognise,

              that there is a just and loving God, and then, they will come to Me.


       20. Destruction: Babylon will be destroyed in one hour,

              and will never exist again. In One Hour, it will be swallowed up,

              and all belonging to Babylon, will be tormented for all eternity.


       21.  Freedom of all My prisoners, and the great gathering of the faithful,

              when My Son will set up His kingdom,

              and He will rule with the two witnesses, and the Manchild, which is

              composed of all the loving people, that are in Abraham’s Bosom.


       22. For 1,000 years there will be Peace, Adoration of Me, and Serenity.


       23. Unfortunately humanity will never change.

             After 1,000 years of absolutely wonderful living,

             people will still sin again, then Satan will be released for a little season.


              This is what will happen.


              Blessed are those who belong to the Manchild.

              All the others, must pass through the tribulation in order to be purified.


              Be ready, because it will happen very, very soon.

              Start to pray.


              Yesterday, August 16th, an individual was told,

              note it did not say you all, or any such thing.

              It was specific to the individual.

              It was not general as the other events,

              which have been mentioned up to now,

              and which will happen later. 


    1. Very soon, I will give you, a sign in the sky,

    which heralds the arrival of the angel.


              August 17th 2012 Rhema stated:

              It has arrived MY time, to send the signal.


              So on the evening of, August 17th 2012,

              when I was on the phone to this person.

              This is precisely what happened.    


              Around 4 days ago, we were told:

              He arrives, he arrives, the angel arrives.


              So what we are describing below, could all be the activity

              of one angel.    


              Looking out of her window in between two trees,

              she could see the sky changed from blue to a beautiful red,

              as we said that it would, when the witnesses return to the earth.

              The difference is that what is yet to happen will be worldwide.


              First we said that it was just the apostle John,

              who would return as one of the witnesses of Revelation Chapter 11

              but now we have been told, that it will be both witnesses.


              Continuing what happened yesterday evening.

              There was a person in the flashing red lights, dressed in white, Arab type clothes,

              like they wear in the Middle East.

              There were flashes of red shining light, behind him.

              A colour never seen before.

              It was as it were a backlight which highlighted the person in the red light. 

              This lasted for around 5 or more minutes.


              At the end the sky returned to its original blue colour.


              This then stopped, and the person was replaced by a tree,

              and another person appeared.

              This lasted for a roughly similar period of time.


              It is possible that the tree represented an Olive Tree,

              as we have explained that the two witnesses are represented,

              in Zechariah 4, as two Olive trees. Therefore I do not believe,

              that it was just any tree.


              It has been made abundantly clear to us today,

              that we are impatient.

              We have also been told the following:

              “ My time is not like yours. It is entirely different.

              Very soon for you means in a few minutes.

              Very soon for Me, is not an established period.


              As I keep stressing the Eternal God dwells in Eternity,

              whereas we live in time and space.  


              We were also told the following: 


              All of you be ready because they (the angels),

              will be in your houses, when you least expect it.


              The U.S.A., the nation called Israel, France and the UK,

              (Essentially Biblical Israel), will have a very bad surprise

              from Russia, Iran, Syria, and Turkey, who is double crossing them.

              (The above sentence was received on August 12th 2012).

              Interestingly in today’s news we can read the following article,

              states precisely this point.

    Turkish Intelligence betrays CIA; deceived by Iran

   In this document, you will find a clear explanation that Turkey,

    Egypt and Greece, will be against Biblical Israel, regardless of

    how it  appears. This was written in 2006.

     The Woman, The Manchild, The Remnant Updated 2011       

              Be spiritually ready for the angel comes very soon, and the marriage

              of the Bride, will be celebrated.

              After that will be the great attack by the Northern Army,

              against Biblical Israel, who will be taken completely by surprise,

              and all the world will be horrified.

              Everything will happen according to my 14 points, which I have

              previously given to you.

              (These points have been subsequently clarified and expanded)  


              Your work is to listen to the angel,

              (which will come to our individual homes).

              and obey every word that he tells you to do,

              even if it seems strange to you. 


              It has arrived, the time for the freedom of My very loved children,

              prisoners, and martyrs.


              Pray and have faith in your Father, who loves you very much.  




                                               The End blue    

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