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           Judgment for U.S.A, has started.

            October 2011

My judgment on the U.S.A. has started, and it will deteriorate day after day.

There will be Demonstrations, and the government will try to send soldiers,

to stop them, but they will not be able to stop the surge of hate,

and the desperation of the people.

It will be a great defeat for the Police, for the Soldiers, and for those in Congress.

It will be civil war in the U.S.A., and the U.S.A., will be obliged to call all their military,

back home, from around the World, to try to stop the very big demonstrations,

but they will not be able to do so, because even the military will be against the Government.


My Army is ready, and waiting for the slaughter,

and then it will be easy for them to enslave, those whom they have conquered. 


America, America, great judgment has arrived, for all the atrocities,

and torture that you have done in My Name.

Where do you think that you will be able to hide all the stolen money?

You will throw it in the streets, because you will realize  that it will not save you,

from My Wrath.


False Prophets and Priests, who will help you?

You will be the first to be judged, because you have corrupted My Flock.

How you will suffer !

My Vengeance on you will be terrible.

Bush Family, who will save you ?

I will give all of you the same suffering, as you have ordered to be given,

slowly, and with terrible torture, to let you know that a just God exists.

Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all of you who believe that you are God,

and that you can torture My innocent people, who will save you now ?


Your master Satan, is enjoying hearing your cries.

He loves your suffering, and waits anxiously for you to go to the Lake of Fire,

where he can torment you for all Eternity.


My Vengeance has stated for the U.S.A., the great big arrogant nation,

who believes that they are the absolute owner of the whole world.

The nation, who believed that it could do the most horrible actions,

that it is possible to do, whilst at the very same time, believing that they

are protected by Me, because they support Israel, the great sinner.


America, your hour has arrived.

Israel, your hour has arrived,

and eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

I will not have pity on you, as you have not had pity.

I will give you double for what you have done.



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