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            Rhema Title: The Fall of Biblical Israel                  

            Date June 2011

           In the U.S.A., what inundation, (flooding).

It will be like a deluge. (a flood)

It will destroy everything.

What a disaster !

Look around you, and what do you see?

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, crazy climate,

unemployment , misery, homelessness.


Do you believe that people are coming to Me?

Not on your life.

They are cursing Me, and blaming Me.


I have already established the day and the hour

for the advance of My army, but before this,

I want to humiliate the U.S.A. in front of the whole world,

and to force her down onto her knees.


I want to show the U.S.A., U.K., and Israel, what it means

to be a victim of a cataclysm caused by man.


I want to pay them back in their own coin,

that they have used up to now.

I will give them floods, earthquakes, seaquakes, and biological attacks,

tsunamis. They will be caused by their enemies,

and soon after that, they will be invaded by My Army. (The Northern army).


An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Satan’s altar is ready for the sacrifice of Obama.


In U.S.A., there will be a very large earthquake,

caused by China and Russia.

The nuclear biological war has started, between China,

Russia, Iran, against the U.S.A., the U.K., and Israel.

In all of these 3 nations there will be natural disasters caused by My army.

As I have told you, and eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Obama will lose his cause with Congress, and he will be sacrificed.


I tell you today all the International disasters will happen in these

3 regions.


It has arrived, My great anger, My great vengeance.


My heart is broken to see how My very loved creation is in a very bad state.


My heart is broken for the atrocious suffering, inflicted on My children.


My heart is broken to see millions and millions of people homeless,

and who are starving to death.


My heart is broken for the mothers, who are imploring Me,

to give them something .

for their children to eat.

Because of the wars, they are starving to death.


Time has arrived for My great vengeance.

How they will regret to have been born.

How they will ask Me to let them die, but I will give them double and triple,

of what they have done.


What a horror.


How the people of the world have let themselves to be deceived, by Satan,

and his demons.


           How Satan is furious.

He knows that his hours are very few,

and he tries to destroy, destroy, and to bring people to hell.


He cannot agree with the idea, that men will go to the place,

that he hoped to be his for eternity, ruling the whole of the creation.


What hate!

What rancour, against all My loved children!


How many sacrifices on his altar?


Satan will sacrifice many of his disciples, because they have not been able

to put into practice his will.

He says that they are responsible for losing everywhere.

He makes them responsible, for not sacrificing enough people on his altar.

He makes them responsible, for allowing them to be defeated,

by people belonging of God.

He hates them (that is his own people) with all his heart,

because of their ineffectiveness.

He never can be king of the world, and all because of their faults.

Very soon he will be tormented in the lake of fire.


How Satan is furious.

He knows that his hours are very few,

and he tries to destroy, destroy, and to bring people to hell.




In my very recent document ‘Regime Change’ I explained that

the reality differs greatly from what we are fed by the Media.


I stated that many nations whom we succeeded in turning

against one another, will suddenly become friends again.

This is happening at a great rate.

Instead of the Russians fighting the Japanese,

Russia is offering Japan electricity.

Pakistan and India are trying to restore relations.

Saudi Arabia is very unhappy with the U.S.A.


In Libya as was said would happen,

the combined military power of the coalition

has failed to destroy Libya. Furthermore members are rushing

to try to distance themselves from this military activity,

which many are saying they cannot afford.


The weather and earthquake wars continue.


          Half a million people evacuated

          in China as worst floods in 50 years devastate south of country

          By Daily Mail Reporter

          Last updated at 4:52 PM on 17th June 2011


         Pictures of current flood in China.

         If this is the result of warfare as I suggest,

         Do you think that the Chinese leaders are very happy ?







The flooding and tornados in the U.S.A. continue,

with at least two nuclear plants threatened by floods,

which are expected to continue for some time.


Japan has been stating that they do not want the American troops

back on their soil. Apparently most left after the Earthquake/Tsunami.

23.06.11 there was 6.7 earthquake in Japan in the same area as

the 9.0 Earthquake/Tsunami.

The Americans are not pleased with being refused permission

to put their troops back on Japanese soil.


23.06.11 MINOT, N.D. – The reservoirs are full. The dams are open wide.

The rivers have already climbed well beyond their banks.

Throughout the Missouri River Valley and other parts of the upper Midwest,

there's simply no place left for any more water.


As soon as many areas of Britain were officially declared to be in drought,

in many areas the rain came.

           Glaston-buried: Thousands of fans are ALREADY drowned in mud




         Italian MP call for removal of US nukes

         Mon Jun 20, 2011 4:51PM


         China is buying up real estate in the U.S.A, as if there is no tomorrow.


         Heavy rains and winds Mark beginning of summer in Germany.




        Russian forest fires 2011

        At the moment the fires are raging in a larger area than a year ago at this time.


        One Million March for Gaddafi: Where is this story?



One Million March for Gaddafi: Where is this story?. 44719.jpeg

        Last Friday one million Libyans took to the streets of Tripoli to march

        in favour of their Brother Leader Muammar al-Qathafi and against

        the criminal precision-terrorism wrought on Libya's population by NATO

        and the terrorist elements they are protecting. Yet where is this story?


        I wonder if Obama, Cameron and Clegg, Sarkozy could get a turn out

        of such support, and they have much larger populations.


        Population of Libya 6.5 million


        Population of UK 61.8 million


        Population of France  65.8 million


        Population of U.S.A. 311.6  million 


       Think about these figures carefully.


       Ash cloud grounds more flights in Australia

       and New Zealand after eruption of Chilean Volcano.



You will have seen that what the Rhema has been

saying for sometime is actually reality.



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