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              Further Declaration of War On Biblical Israel - July 2011                  

The First Declaration of War: A Declaration Of War


Oh sinful Americans,

how you do not realise that Ghadaffi’s words,

have been words of a declaration of war.

I have put into his mouth My declaration, that very soon,

My vengeance will explode against Biblical Israel.


My soldiers, are already in all their strategic positions,

and there will be attacks all around the Western World,

in all countries, which are involved in wars in Libya, Afghanistan,

Iraq and Pakistan.


There will be, Terrorist attacks, Natural Disasters, in the Western World,

of Biblical Israel, carried out with the same munitions that Biblical Israel used.


My Judgment has arrived on Biblical Israel.

My army is ready, and it is sending its men all around the nations,

of Biblical Israel.

My Judgment has started.

My Vengeance has started.


America, America, your days are numbered.

Your arrogance is finished.

How you will suffer!

You will be trampled on, on all fronts, attacked, tortured,

have earthquakes and bankrupted.


The great nation, the proud nation, who believed that it ruled the world,

will be reduced to nothing. It will be destroyed, and your enemies

will make you suffer the same torture, which you have done,

to the poor innocent people.

The centres of torture, like Guantanamo, in the countries in the Middle East,

and around the world, will be filled with Americans,

who will be subjected to horrific torture, 2,800% more than they have done.


How they will suffer!

How they will ask for mercy and pity,

but they will receive, double, triple, and quadruple, what they have done.

What suffering!


Hilary Clinton, Bush, Cheney, and all of you, who have tortured,

I have kept you alive, in order to let you suffer the same torture,

which you have ordered, tooth for tooth, and an eye for an eye.

Be ready.

It has started.



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