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        Rhema Title:     The Onslaught On France

        (edited to remove all comments, which are no longer relevant)     

         July 2011

         For some time I have been declaring that France is a part

of the group of nations which make up, to whom I refer as

Biblical Israel.


It will happen.

Something will happen in France, an attack.

There will be panic, and fear.

People will start to have fear.

They will fear being a target like the U.S.A., and the U.K.

There will be an attack, earthquakes, flooding, and drought.

Everywhere there will be rationing of food.

France will start to know My Vengeance, My Judgment.

Many people will come asking you, what they have to do to be saved,

to hear, and to talk about Me.

How life in France will change!

What dread!

What fear!

Many people will come to you to listen and hear about Me.

What fear!

How many dead?

What destruction!

Start to Pray.


Our Last Rhema did not mention France,

but it applies to them as you can see.


Further Declaration Of War On Biblical Israel July 2011

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