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            The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God

             The Only Bible we Recommend Is The King James / A.V. Bible.

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            Leo The Tenth (Pope from 1513 – 1521 said:

           “This Christianity ! how profitable a farce it has proved to us !”

           Rhema Received:  24/04/2010

Destiny Of The White And Black Pope                   

Let the Jesuit General, the causer of ALL evil, the power behind the polluted

throne of Benedict XV1, of that polluted Whore of Babylon, tremble before

the might, and power of Almighty God, of the God of Abraham,

Isaac and Jacob


Black Pope, your days are numbered.  You and Hans Kolvenbach

will go down to the grave quickly, swallowed up, as will your families,

like Korah in the Bible, and your names will be blotted out forever before Me,

Almighty God, and they will be an execration and a cursing to all. 

Your time on earth is through, over. 


Let Benedict XVI, whose robes are soiled in the blood of innocents,

whose teeth drip blood in his filthy, satanic, sacrifices, beware. 

His time is fast approaching, too, when ALL his family will be wiped out,

blotted out of the Book of Life, as it has been with every pope before him. 

The time of the glories of the Catholic Church,

the might of the Jesuit priesthood, is at an end. 


Learn of your fate on the website you have tried to destroy,

the website of Peter James.  See how you have been unable to prevail

against him to serve your master, Satan. 

See how I protect him and all that are Mine,

those belonging to the Eternal God. 

I alone am his protection. 

Your god can do nothing. 


You have killed presidents of the United States, like Abraham Lincoln,

and John Kennedy, but you CANNOT kill My anointed,

and they will see you all writhing in the fires of hell because

you would not heed My words to you, words I have spoken to you all,

words of warning that could have saved you in your headlong rush

to death and destruction.


Your spy satellites, your EU, your United Nations, all your tinpot, corrupt,

rulers, of any ilk, have been of no use to you in your desire to bow down

and serve your master, Satan, the devil, by offering him, on your knees,

the world, and all its peoples, to torture and destroy.


What you have done to so many innocent people,

 who have done you no wrong, you will all feel, over and over again. 

It will be a hellish Groundhog Day nightmare. 

You will regret for all eternity that you have tortured all those people to serve

a god, who will willingly give you up to Me, the Eternal, with a shrug,

“win some, lose some”. 

Has your life in service meant nothing more than that to your master, Satan? 

The answer is no. 

He despises you, though you serve him,

so take that thought with you to the Lake of Fire.


Your time is over.  Your wickedness goes before you. 


This is the Eternal God passing sentence on you all.


Your plans have come to naught, but your puppets and stooges

everywhere in masonic societies, Illuminati-led societies,

will follow on behind. 

You are all complicit in the murder of My creation, Mankind,

in the corruption of genetic engineering on My creation, Mankind,

in destroying My word in the Bible, My sacred word, which gives hope.


Prepare yourselves to meet your Maker.


The Eternal God, the Lord of Hosts, declares this to you all.


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