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            Rhema Title: Assigned Training.                  

          Date Received:  05/02/2010


Father do you want to speak to me today?

Yes I want to speak to you.

Continue as you are doing, if you truly want to fulfil My will in your life.

You like all My children have an assignment from Me,

ordained from the foundation of the earth.

It is My will and I will perform it in you, for My Glory.


Be obedient to Me in all things, and do not worry.

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

I am coming soon, and My reward is with Me.

Your life is a training ground, in which you learn to overcome,

to trust, and rely on Me,

to Glorify and Worship Me,


to know who I Am, your Maker, The Most High God.


My people know My Name, and are known by Me.

Great and powerful forces are at work in the heavenlies.

My people must stand in their places, and worship Me,

and declare My Greatness.

Against such the enemy has no power, and he will be brought down.

Like the house built on sand, great will be its fall,

and it will disappear without a trace.

Be strong and courageous, the Lord fights for you.

The battle is Mine and I have the victory.

My Will, will be done all over the world.

I am coming soon.

Stand and rejoice Your Maker draws nigh unto you."



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