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      Rhema  01.12.2009


My people should know My voice by now, all who are not hearing,

and obeying Me shall be cut off.

There is no more time to be lax.

I require more of My people.

You have no idea how serious the problem is,

for here in the West, you are indeed blessed.


I pronounce judgement now because of the rebellion of the people,

their evil and abhorrent ways have reached My ears,

I will not put up with it much more.

My people must make themselves ready.

Sanctify yourselve, and cleave unto Me.

I, your Father will protect you, if you stay close to Me.

Great tribulation is coming.

It is here, you will see its full manifestation soon.


Have no fear, I give My children peace.

I take care of all My true children.

Believe on Me, and all will be well, do not falter.

Your Father in Heaven loves you,

and does not wish you to perish.

I am strengthening My people.

You were all born for such a time as this.

My Bride will make herself ready.

Hang on.

It will not be much longer before this evil system is utterly destroyed,

and completely, forevermore.

I your Heavenly Father speak this to you today.


Only those on solid ground will survive the coming onslaught,

look up for your salvation draws nigh and rejoice,

and again I say rejoice My people.

Your Heavenly Father loves you.


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