It is the Gospel of the Ridiculous, preached by false preachers, false ‘Christians’, who above
all, should be able to absorb wisdom from My Word for the benefit of others. 
It is like Catholic bishops and cardinals who sodomize children in their orgies and then say they did
not know it was a sin.  It is like  ‘Christians’ everywhere, who believe, because they have the
tee-shirt, they are protected from the calamities to come – what they do not realize is that
this is My judgment on THEIR sin which will wash the world in blood – THEIR blood. 
No rapture!
I, the Eternal, am not like Satan, that black widow spider, spinning its web, to devour even its
own mate, just as he will devour ALL of Christianity if you do not wake up to YOUR lack of
knowledge, of service, of obedience, to Me, your Creator God.
If I did not spare My people, Israel, in the Old Testament, and sent them into captivity, time
and again, for lesser sins than you, ‘Christians’, commit now, BELIEVE ME, ‘Christians’, I will
put you under the yoke of tyrants – a yoke from which you will not be able to escape because
it is My will, the will of the Eternal, for you.  Those who seek freedom will be killed, on My
orders.  I WILL have an obedient, faithful, people who choose Me voluntarily.  BUT, if people
call themselves by my Son’s honourable name, they give Me, the Eternal, the right to judge
and sentence them in this life and throughout eternity.  Drop your false ‘Christianity’,
nominal Christians, or suffer the dread punishment.  Reveal yourselves for the sinners you
are.  Repent before Me, your Lord and God, the Almighty, and I will hear you. 
Do not continue wearing false colours.  I see through you all.
Know, nominal Christians, that I am raising up an army outside the churches to man the
battlements.  No Catholic will be allowed anywhere near My ramparts. 
They belong to a corrupt, Satan-serving church that is so far down the road to perdition
that nothing can save it.  My army is made up of those who are humble, those who listen to Me,
the Most High God, those who OBEY.  They do not seek My words in worldly mumbo jumbo,
New Age philosophies, television programmes. THEY realize their emptiness,
and THEY turn to Me, their God, or sustenance and guidance. 
They spurn worldly vanities, and give themselves wholly to Me to use in My service.
Do not listen to ministers who are so lacking in My Word that they have to resort to modern
entertainment to reach people.  If THEY had been doing their jobs, they would have told you
that I, THE ALMIGHTY, am an unchanging God.  I am the same today as I was yesterday,
and I will be the same tomorrow.  I AM LOVE.  My love for My Creation never changes. 
I sorrow for the iniquity of Mankind, but I love humanity nonetheless. 
Know, however, that many of your world leaders are now only half human. 
They have been replaced by clones, but clones can, and will be, cursed in the name of My Son,
Jesus Christ, by My anointed servants, and THEY WILL DIE. 
Every work of Satan will be aborted – so far and no further, say I, the Lord God of Hosts.
Wake up, Christians, while the light lasts. 
When everything changes there will be no access to me for you IF you are still
then a nominal Christian. 
I will have servants enough, outside the churches, to take your place and serve Me
in humility and truth. 
Your service to Me now is VAIN. 
Ensure that you change now, while you have the luxury of time, by repenting humbly
before Me, your Creator God. 
If you repent now, I will help you change.  ]
I will wash you with hyssop. 
I will make you white in My service through My beloved Son’s shed blood for you. 
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