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The Journal of a Sinner Saved By Christ.







Rhema is simply what God tells you through the Holy Spirit and must be obeyed in faith.
ANYBODY CAN RECEIVE RHEMA, who intends to obey what they receive.
God wants desperately to communicate with His people.
As you obey you will find you will get to KNOW God better.


Rhema Received: 06:04.2004




I am bringing all the threads of My tapestry together.

Though you may be in disparate parts of the world,

I, the Lord God, bring you into a union, and brotherhood,

through My Son's Spirit in you.

You are one in Christ, My Son.

You all have heights to scale, and the enemy to overcome

- each in  different ways.

Not one of you four is a carbon copy of the other, that is not what I want,

or I could have made Mankind as clones,

as Satan has done now with people in power everywhere,

replacing the real person with his 'manufactured' substitute.


But look at their eyes.

The depth of darkness comes out in the eyes,

however much a smile is plastered on the lips.

Look especially at those people who have blue eyes and,

suddenly, a picture is taken of them with brown eyes.

Satan has manufactured replicas, but the soul of the person,

which animates that person, has gone.

Clones have no souls, be they ever so faithful to the original pattern.


Do not be fooled.

People of all walks of life are being replaced by clones,

and only their nearest and dearest can tell the difference.

There is something 'too' wholesome about the clone.

They seem, oh-so-nice.

How can one possibly say such a person is not who he/she says he/she is?

Be vigilant.

Deception is rife.

Call out to Me for aid when you are not sure.

Clones can be cursed in My Son's name.

They are not My creation, they have no allegiance to Me.

They are another arm of Satan's army to fool the unwary.

You see, he cannot even have faith in those who have worshipped him for years,

have taken his mark, have killed, committed atrocities on a global scale in his name,

No!  He trusts no one because he is untrustworthy.

He attributes to all his defects of character.

He was a murderer and a liar from the beginning,

and will continue until his demise, when judgment has been carried out on him.


Woe to those who hide behind the skirts of Satan, the devil!

He cannot protect you, he is under sentence of death! 

Do NOT be a part of his condemnation. 

Repent before Me, the Eternal, and live.


Give up Satan,

you members of the family of Rothschild, of Rockefeller,

of the Royal House of Windsor, of Blair,

of Chirac, of Putin, of Bush, of Gore,

of Quayle, of Rumsfeld, of Kissinger, of Cheney.

Give up Satan,

you leaders, of China, of India, of Pakistan,

of Israel, of ALL the EC countries, of Canada,

of Australia, of New Zealand,

of islands everywhere,

of the United Nations Organization, and of all political parties.


DO NOT THINK, leaders of the world ANYWHERE,

or members of royal houses, that I, the Lord God of Hosts,

DO NOT KNOW how steeped in the Masonic practice of human

- especially child - sacrifice you all are.

DO NOT THINK that I, the Most High God,

do not know what degrading practices you involve yourselves in

- from the Queen of England downwards

- to worship Satan, the devil.


You people, to whom so much has been given,

have plundered the wealth of the poor.

You are grinding the faces of those who have nothing into the dust

so that each one of

you (brainless, all, because Satan relinquishes not ONE iota of power to any of you)

can be the leader of a One World Government.


Think again, you satanic miscreants! 

I, the Lord God mighty in battle, am sending My Son, Jesus Christ,

with My archangels, angels, and human servants, imbued with My mighty power,

to wipe EACH ONE OF YOU off the face of the earth FOREVER.


You scorn me by your abuse of My Son's blood for vermin like you.

You mock His pure sacrifice in your satan-tainted, satan-serving rituals.


You are human beings. 

In one instant, I, the Creator God, can snuff your life out like a candle,

and I WILL do so unless you ALL REPENT. 

Do not think because your country is not mentioned, leaders,

that I do not know your thoughts and the intents of your hearts.



- the will of the God who created you, you excuses for human beings.


How DARE you mock Me, the Most High God! 

How DARE you think that I will allow your master, Satan, the devil,

to create havoc, where and when he will, on My creation, Mankind.


Tremble before Me, you leaders who bring the name of 'human being'

into disrepute by the very air that you breathe!


Bow down before Me, your God and Master,

the Eternal, or YOU suffer the consequences. 


What you were going to do to My people

- herding them into concentration camps to torture and eliminate


- will NOW be done to all of you.


The Scalar interferometers will be unleashed against YOU.


Experiments will be carried out on YOU.


YOU will be shut up in cages,

like those children you have condemned to a life worse than animals, and

YOU will be brought out periodically, raped, beaten,

and tortured for the pleasure of Satan's demons. 


YOU will be carried up in spaceships and used as a dish-cloth by Satan's henchmen.


Fools!  Do not think that I, the Lord God of Hosts,

will any longer stay My hand from punishing you.


In shame, before the whole world, confess your sins,

and cry out to me because EVERYTHING I SAY here, I WILL DO,

if you do not REPENT. 

There will be NO One World Government under Satan


Play your games while I allow you the leisure to do so, but, one by one,

I will select you, and put you through My sentence, as I desire,

so that you will face your death in agony, and torture. 

There is NOTHING you can do to stop Me, the Eternal, NOTHING!


Take note, all of you, your time is drawing to a close.

Every evil thought, and every evil deed,

has been recorded against you in My book.

Your agony in this life

is only a precursor of what will happen to you ETERNALLY in the next.


REPENT, leaders of the world, everywhere, while you have the time.


I am a God of love, who warns you beforehand

of the dire consequences of living in SIN.

Repent NOW, or, each one of you, await My sentence which will fall upon you

at any moment

- you will never know the day or the hour.

Your master is powerless against Me.


Think on these things, and choose Me,



. The only way out of this dilemma is Jesus Christ.

He is the only way of escape.

We have to be under His Care and Protection.

Salvation by any other name or means,

Simply does not exist.

Complete Obedience is required

Praise the Lord.

Come soon Lord Jesus.


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