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 Note our Rhema is in Italics, this includes, Scriptures to which we were pointed .    


             The Journal of a Sinner Saved By Christ.       


       WHEN MAN LISTENS,  GOD SPEAKS.              

             WHEN MAN OBEYS,     GOD ACTS.                  




            Rhema is simply what God tells you through the Holy Spirit and must be obeyed in faith.
         ANYBODY CAN RECEIVE RHEMA, who intends to obey what they receive.
         God wants desperately to communicate with His people.
         As you obey you will find you will get to KNOW God better.



   Rhema Received:  24.07.2008  


Father, please show me what I must do to deal with the pain in my hands.

There is a reason for everything, Norman, and unless the root of the problem is dealt with,

no solution is possible. Sin or disobedience is the first place you must look,

for where disobedience is there is an opening for Satan and his hindrances.

Then search “Google”.


Job 36:1  Elihu also proceeded, and said,

Job 36:2  Suffer me a little, and I will shew thee that I have yet to speak on God’s behalf.

Job 36:3  I will fetch my knowledge from afar, and will ascribe righteousness to my Maker.


I will fetch my knowledge from afar”. Here Elihu is referring to My Spirit that comes from afar,

from My throne on High, yet this Spirit is something I can put into a person who is humble,

repentant and obedient.


Job 36:4  For truly my words shall not be false: he that is perfect in knowledge is with thee.

Job 36:5 Behold, God is mighty, and despiseth not any: he is mighty in strength and wisdom.


Again Elihu expresses his confidence that through this Spirit, which is Me, perfect knowledge

is with him and all who really want to know Me. He then goes on to explain how,

I,  Your Creator, deal with Man.


Job 36:6  He preserveth not the life of the wicked: but giveth right to the poor.

Job 36:7  He withdraweth not his eyes from the righteous: but with kings are they on the throne;

yea, he doth establish them for ever, and they are exalted.


As long as kings or anyone else listen to Me and obey, they are established forever and are exalted.

I open their ear to discipline, and command they return from iniquity.

If they fail to obey, Elihu points out the punishment I mete out in Verse 12.


Job 36:8  And if they be bound in fetters, and be holden in cords of affliction;

Job 36:9  Then he sheweth them their work, and their transgressions that they have exceeded.

Job 36:10  He openeth also their ear to discipline, and commandeth that they return from iniquity.


Job 36:11  If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity,

and their years in pleasures.

Job 36:12  But if they obey not, they shall perish by the sword, and they shall die without knowledge.

Job 36:13  But the hypocrites in heart heap up wrath: they cry not when he bindeth them.


“The hypocrites in heart” are those who profess to love Me, but in reality they despise Me,

and show it by going their own way.

They are like headstrong mules, which will not respond to the bridle,


Job 36:14  They die in youth, and their life is among the unclean.


People need to realise there are deaths that are “timely”, which have gone the full course I set them,

and those that are “untimely”, premature, unnatural, which Satan has brought about in his killing spree,

and which I allow. Satan hates the ways of Man as he communes with Me, and does all He can to extinguish

such lives before they reach fullness.


Job 36:15  He delivereth the poor IN his affliction, and openeth their ears in oppression.



Notice, to those who are poor in spirit, while they are yet in affliction and oppression,

I open My ears, and hear their requests, and will relieve them, if they truly repent and obey.

But now Elihu gives a severe warning to Job if disobedience is found in him in Verse 17.


Job 36:16  Even so would he have removed thee out of the strait into a broad place,

where there is no straitness; and that which should be set on thy table should be full of fatness.

Job 36:17  But thou hast fulfilled the judgment of the wicked: judgment and justice

take hold on thee.


Job 36:18  Because there is wrath, beware lest he take thee away with his stroke:

then a great ransom cannot deliver thee.

Job 36:19  Will he esteem thy riches? no, not gold, nor all the forces of strength.

Job 36:20  Desire not the night, when people are cut off in their place.



Elihu points out to Job in the next verse his iniquity, and why he is continuing in his problems.


Job 36:21  Take heed, regard not iniquity: for this hast thou chosen rather than affliction.


Instead of accepting his affliction and praising Me for them as he did in the beginning,

Job is now fighting against them.

Calling on Me to relieve the situation is the right way, not rebellion at the condition.


Elihu goes on to explain how I use affliction as my teaching process for those who are special to me,

or who fight against Me. The latter show a stubbornness, a mule-like quality that has no part

in My Kingdom and must be utterly eradicated.

He then goes on to show Job that by his, Job’s example, others see and begin to understand a small part

of who, I their Great God AM, and My ways, by living in obedience according to My Word.

This is an awesome responsibility.



Job 36:22  Behold, God exalteth by his power: who teacheth like him?

Job 36:23  Who hath enjoined him his way? or who can say, Thou hast wrought iniquity?

Job 36:24  Remember that thou magnify his work, which men behold.


Job 36:25  Every man may see it; man may behold it afar off( what they see you do).

Job 36:26  Behold, God is great, and we know him not, neither can the number of his years

be searched out.

Job 36:27  For he maketh small the drops of water: they pour down rain according

to the vapour thereof:


Job 36:28  Which the clouds do drop and distil upon man abundantly.

Job 36:29  Also can any understand the spreadings of the clouds, or the noise of his tabernacle?


Isaiah 66:1  Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool:

where is the house that ye build unto me? and where is the place of my rest?


My tabernacle is heaven and earth, and those that are the lively stones I create.

What are you doing by building me churches and cathedrals?


Mark 12:36  For David himself said by the Holy Ghost, The LORD said to my Lord,

Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool.


This promise that I will make My Son’s enemies his “footstool”, applies also those who are My Son’s. 

The same is now happening, provided you stay the course.


2 Peter 1:14  Knowing that shortly I must put off this my tabernacle,

even as our Lord Jesus Christ hath shewed me.


As Jesus showed Peter that he must discard his physical tabernacle (Body),

and replace it with a spiritual one, so must you all.


Job 36:30  Behold, he spreadeth his light upon it, and covereth the bottom of the sea.

Job 36:31  For by them judgeth he the people; he giveth meat in abundance.

Job 36:32  With clouds he covereth the light; and commandeth it not to shine by the cloud

that cometh betwixt.

Job 36:33  The noise thereof sheweth concerning it, the cattle also concerning the vapour.




.                           The only way out of this dilemma is Jesus Christ.

                                                                    He is the only way of escape.

                               We have to be under His Care and Protection.          

                                                    Salvation by any other name or means,

                                                                    Simply does not exist.

                                                          Complete Obedience is required

                                                                          Praise the Lord.

                                                                 Come soon Lord Jesus.


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