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 Note our Rhema is in Italics, this includes, Scriptures to which we were pointed .    


             The Journal of a Sinner Saved By Christ.       


       WHEN MAN LISTENS,  GOD SPEAKS.              

             WHEN MAN OBEYS,     GOD ACTS.                   




            Rhema is simply what God tells you through the Holy Spirit and must be obeyed in faith.
         ANYBODY CAN RECEIVE RHEMA, who intends to obey what they receive.
         God wants desperately to communicate with His people.
         As you obey you will find you will get to KNOW God better.



   Rhema Received:  08.04.2008  


         Father, why is nothing working this morning? Am I doing the wrong things and not Your Will?


No you are not doing the wrong thing, you simply need to ask Me for help and keep moving

forward in the knowledge that I am doing the work, not you.

Where My Spirit originates the thoughts, I also fulfil them.


Thank you Father.


Job 1:


Job 1:1 There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job;

and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.


Job was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.”

This is what I expect of My Bride to-day – perfection; but not the perfection that comes

from Man but direct from obeying My Spirit. My Spirit, which is My Godhead perfects

as we did at Creation. Everything created and done was good.


Job 1:2. And there were born unto him seven sons and three daughters.

Job 1:3 His substance also was seven thousand sheep, and three thousand camels,

and five hundred yoke of oxen, and five hundred she asses, and a very great household;

so that this man was the greatest of all the men of the east.


I had provided My Servant Job with great wealth. He was one of the wealthiest

at that time, yet see how he wore his wealth like a garment that could be shed at a moment

and not effect his love and obedience to Me.


Job 1:4 And his sons went and feasted in their houses, every one his day;

and sent and called for their three sisters to eat and to drink with them.

Job 1:5  And it was so, when the days of their feasting were gone about,

that Job sent and sanctified them, and rose up early in the morning, and offered burnt

offerings according to the number of them all: for Job said, It may be that my sons have

sinned, and cursed God in their hearts. Thus did Job continually.


Notice how Job dealt with his family. He recognized their sinful ways,

but “sanctified them” by offering Me burnt offerings. This was the way I had commanded

at that time to deal with sin. But now it is different. Obedience to My Son and the Spirit

given you, is the way to perform Sacrifices to Me and to gain My forgiveness,

both for yourself and your  family. Also back these acts of obedience with praying to Me.

I then look after them.


Job 1:6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before

the LORD, and Satan came also among them.


These ‘sons of God’ where angels.


Job 1:7  And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou?

Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth,

and from walking up and down in it.


Notice, Satan and his demons travel the earth as do his fallen angels also do to this to-day,

but so do My angels, who are sent to protect and council My people.

No one is ever safe from Satan, who has not asked for My protection and shows

by their obedience they are serious in their request..


1 Peter 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion,

walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:


Job 1:8  And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job,

that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man,

one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?


Notice I speak to Satan. I have a conversation with him.

Therefore, why are My people so surprised when I speak to each of them through

My Spirit. Notice also, Satan recognises and talks to Me


Job 1:9  Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, Doth Job fear God for nought?

Job 1:10  Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about

all that he hath on every side? thou hast blessed the work of his hands,

and his substance is increased in the land.


How well Satan understands how much I love and protect and bless My people.


Job 1:11.But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath,

and he will curse thee to thy face.


This is why I allow all sorts of trials in my peoples lives, to test them to see if their love,

shown by obedience holds, or whether they will do what Satan here is suggesting,

that they will “curse” Me and rebel. This is what most of the world is doing,

including the churches, although they deny this. Their very days of worship prove this.

This is why most of my people will have to go through “the Great Tribulation” now fast

approaching, to see how many will hold fast and overcome during the Beast’s

World Dictatorship under Satan.


Job 1:12  And the LORD said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power;

only upon himself put not forth thine hand. So Satan went forth from the presence of the LORD.


I say here, “no, I will not put forth My hand, but you put forth your hand.

You do your own dirty work. I will allow it, but you will only be able to go so far with him”!

How comforting this is Father, to know you are watching over us all the time.

I only allow Satan and his demons the power to harm My Creation to the extent I limit it.

He knows that. That is why, if you are obedient, I will never allow him to tempt you beyond your means.

Fasting and prayer is a good way to draw My attention and help.


1Corinthians 7:5  Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time,

that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again,

that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.


To-day, you have a much better idea of the extent and nature of Satan’s influence

in this world, thanks to My mercy in revealing this, although this is only a smattering

of his full influence. There is A God In Heaven (Video)

See how Satan censures Job. This is the common way of slanderers, to suggest that

which they have no reason to think is true. Satan so often puts accusations to My people,

which are totally false, but which you diligently listen to instead of asking

Me what I have to say about it. You know somebody now who is suffering from this very

problem, and has led her to the thought of suicide.

Suicide is Satan’s weapon. I never sanction suicide, for My Work is only eternal Life.


John 10:10  The thief ( Satan) cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:

I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Satan has no power to lead men to sin, but what they give him themselves;

nor any power to deal man, but what is given him from above.

The Scripture speaks to teach us that God directs the affairs of the world.


Job 1:13 And there was a day when his sons and his daughters were eating and drinking

wine in their eldest brother’s house:

Job 1:14  And there came a messenger unto Job, and said, The oxen were plowing,

and the asses feeding beside them:

Job 1:15  And the Sabeans fell upon them, and took them away; yea, they have slain

the servants with the edge of the sword; and I only am escaped alone to tell thee.

Job 1:16  While he was yet speaking, there came also another, and said,

The fire of God is fallen from heaven, and hath burned up the sheep, and the servants,

and consumed them; and I only am escaped alone to tell thee.


Although this was Satan’s work, I allowed it, as I do to-day in judgement,

and have always done for sin. Notice how quick each event happens, one on top of the other,

so that maximum pressure is put on Job.

How many realize, I can and will send fire down on this earth shortly to burn everything up.

Learn from Jobs experience and also from the firestorms that are constantly consuming

the earth to-day, as in California, Australia and other nations and be wise.


Job 1:17  While he was yet speaking, there came also another, and said,

The Chaldeans made out three bands, and fell upon the camels, and have carried them away,

yea, and slain the servants with the edge of the sword; and I only am escaped alone to tell thee.

Job 1:18  While he was yet speaking, there came also another, and said,

Thy sons and thy daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brother’s house:

Job 1:19  And, behold, there came a great wind from the wilderness, and smote the four

corners of the house, and it fell upon the young men, and they are dead;

and I only am escaped alone to tell thee.


How many of My people who suffered in the Tsunami, the New Orleans,

the London Bombing tragedies or the Twin Towers, blamed Me and jettisoned their faith?

I test the loyalty of My people through suffering, yes, but also through the fleshpots

of living. Each person is tested according to their need.


Job 1:20 Then Job arose, and rent his mantle, and shaved his head, and fell down upon

the ground, and worshipped,

Job 1:21  And said, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither:

the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.

Job 1:22.In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.


Satan had wanted Job to rebel against the treatment I had allowed on him.

Instead of cursing Me, Job  allowed himself to be humbled and blessed My name.

How many bless Me for their trials and tribulations?


Note, being resigned to them is not the same as Blessing Me.



.                           The only way out of this dilemma is Jesus Christ.

                                                                    He is the only way of escape.

                               We have to be under His Care and Protection.          

                                                    Salvation by any other name or means,

                                                                    Simply does not exist.

                                                          Complete Obedience is required

                                                                          Praise the Lord.

                                                                 Come soon Lord Jesus.


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