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              What Must I Do Now ?                                             What Is Rhema?   





           Questions And Answers In Alphabetic Order

           A Fallen Angel Asks A Question 

           A Micro-Chipped Forehead ?? 

           A Wrong Concept 

           Am I A Prophet?              

           Anger Sensed In Response 

      Anti- Catholic Website  

           Anti Christ 

           Anyone Totally Surrendered To God? 

           Are There Female Angels ?   

           Attended Mass And Wondered  


           Beyond Babylon Comments     

           Blessed By Teaching - Destruction of the Family    

           Buddhist & Reincarnation 

           Bulk Of End Time Prophecies Are Already Fulfilled!!

           Catholic Converts 

           Can the Elect Be Deceived Comment ?

           Can You Marry Your Mother/Father In Law?

           Challenging Ministry


           Christine's Prayer Comments      


           Christmas Easter And Sunday 


           Comments Requested By Jim

           Critique To The Woman The Man Child The Remnant 


           Days Of Noah Comments  

           Demon And Angel Species

           Difference Between Fallen Angels And Demons

           Do Suicides Go To Hell ?  

           Don't Let False Spirits and Stupid People Guide Us

           Don't Let The Media Think For You

          Ex Roman Catholic Priest Writes

           Experiencing Christ A Great Document  

           False Observation On False Prophet 

           False Prophet Comments 

              False Rapture Hope 

           Fallen And Holy Angels

        Fifth Gospel

           Forsaking The Assembling Of Ourselves

           Forsaking The Assembling Of Ourselves Continued

           From A Righteous Dude


            Gims Mea Culpa Comment Question

           Grace Administration Over ?

           Great Messages

             HAHAHA, The Fifth Column Is Good Fun

           Heresy -  What Are We Smoking ? 

           Henryk Appreciates Although He Does Not Believe Everything 

              I Am Atheist

           Is Controlled Pregnancy Wrong?

           Is Contraception A Sin ? 

           Is Peace Possible ? 

         Jehovah Witness Friend

           Jehovah Witness Group

            J Witnesses   It Is A Hard Pill For Them To Swallow

           Jesus Is Lord

           Joe & Sickness 

           Lady Mary & The Clairvoyant 

           Liars Lie Comments 


           Mary Mediator ? 

           Misinformed About The Catholic Church

           New Member Question 

       No Doctrinal Issues Allowed!!

           No List Of Brothers

      No Void Words 

   Noah Is A Myth And So Is The Son Of Man 

    Objective Of Our Website

   Pastor Carl Much Good Writing But !!

   Pastor Carl Disagrees

   Pastor Carl Disagress Christmas & Easter Documents

   Patricia Niece's Family Are Mary Worshippers

   Patricia's Niece Is Well

   Patricia's Niece Is Healed Update

   Priorities in Your Life

   Postings Inappropriate


   Ramblings By Prince William 

   Rapture Comments 

   Rhema Question 

  Reprobate Comments


   Roman Catholic Church Comments 

  Satan  An Invention By Catholics ?

    Support With Us The Beatification Of John Paul II

   Thanks For A Good Job


           The Catholic Clairvoyant

           The Holy Spirit Would Use Our Language 

        The Mass Document Silly

           The Mass Objections

           The Mass Question

           The Popes 

           Turned Off By Christmas Easter Document 

              Transplant Wrong Scriptures

           Valerie What Is Truth ?  

           Valentina's 11 Questions 

           Was Peter The First Pope ?

           Website Documents Too Long ? 

           What does God say about a raped woman who has an abortion?

           What Has Happened To Antonietta ?

           What Is Happening In The World ?

              What Religion Are You?

           Who Are Saints ?                                                

           Who Are You To Judge ?    

           Why One God And So Many Religions ?      

           Why Pray ? 


           Worldwide Complimentary Comments

              Women Teachers Fish Caught

            Women Teachers Just Fishing ?

            Women Teachers In The Bible?

            Women Rabbis

      Worship The Saint Virgin Church !!

               Wow Concerning False Prophet Yahweh

            15  Year Old Atheist Comments