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Do you know that whenever you attend the Mass you pray God to free you from your enemies? 

Do you know that until 1952 we prayed at the Mass for the destruction of the wicked Jews? 

Wide berth from these Catholic ideas!  (Does not the mass is part of the Christianity?) 

Ciao Michele




Did you know that you could pray directly to the Eternal God directly,

you do not need another human being to do that for you?


Did you know that this direct prayer can include being delivered from ALL enemies

including our primary adversary Satan the devil who has deceives the whole world?


Did you know that we should pray for our enemies, we don't have to get others to do it for us?


Did you know that the Mass is a counterfeit of the Passover which this year is

April 23rd 2005 is a once a year event?


Did you know that the Passover uses unleavened bread and wine and they are only symbols

and the words 'This is my body', is stated more correctly by 'This represents My Body'?


Did you know that if you follow the instructions of Christ, you cannot get someone else

to take the wine for you, no more than you could get another person to dry out for

an alcoholic?


Did you know that the 'host' given to the recipient is still a wafer, you see it as a wafer,

you taste it as a wafer, it passes through your system as a wafer, as that is what it is

and that is what your senses tell you?  


Did you know that every time you attend Mass, pray to Mary and dead saints,

you break the direct commandments of the Eternal?


Did you know that when you sin only the Eternal God can forgive you as He paid

the price, there is no other creation in the universe who can do this and we have to do

this or be lost?


Did you know that I have a great love for the people who are Roman Catholics

but I abhor the system which lies to them and enslaves them?


Did you know that you could read the bible for yourself and see the truth for yourself?


Did you know that unless we are delivered from error  by the Truth, we shall all likewise perish

like all rebellious people before us, and that includes me?


Did you know that all I am saying is backed up by scripture?


Did you know that unless you had the Holy Spirit indwelling in you that you would

not understand anything which is said here?


Much Grace


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The only way out of this dilemma is Jesus Christ.

                He is the only way of escape.

                            Praise the Lord.

                   Come soon Lord Jesus.





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