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Antonietta, nobody has a perfect understanding of God's truth.
Every Christian must discern the truth with the guidance of
the Holy Spirit for themselves, and nobody is going to get it
exactly, 100% right.

I agree with this statement below in regards to being humble,
but that includes EVERYONE.  For one Christian to point a
finger at another, judge them as though they have a perfect
understanding, exhort them to repent and not live in denial,
is not being humble, but judgmental.  To me, this is nothing
more than self-righteousness.  So, exactly who is in denial?
It seems to me that we are all in denial to a lesser or
greater extent.  We are all deceived to a lesser or greater
extent.  We are all prideful and self-righteous at times to
a lesser or greater extent.  None of us are perfect.  None of
us have any righteousness of our own.  Our only righteousness
is through the shed blood of the Saviour, so none of us has the
right to judge nor condemn anyone else.

The statement below strikes me as the pot calling the kettle
black, by setting oneself up to judge such matters instead of
maintaining true humbleness.  Is the individual who wrote the
statement below speaking God's truth?  I don't know because

I don't know exactly who and what is being referred to, but I do
know that whoever wrote it is assuming that they, themselves
are not guilty of committing the same sin, and we are all
sinners, so for me it definitely does not demonstrate being
"clothed in humility" (I Pet 5:5) as God's word tells me that
me that we should all do.

Love in Christ,

JOHN 13:35 By this shall all [men] know that ye are my disciples,

if ye have love one

Antonietta Wheeler posted:

I strongly advise that the rebellious, pastors, ministers
and lay Christians examine themselves, and when they feel
deep down in their spirit that what they are being told is
the Truth, they should humble themselves, repent and obey,

rather than live in denial.

Answer from Peter James



There is no claim that we have all truth.

We state quite clearly that we do not.

We have also clearly stated the whole world is deceived and that includes us.


However, the reality is that there are rebellious believers of all ranks,

who go against the clear word of the Eternal.

It is not a matter of is this minor point correct or not.

I am not judging anyone at all.

I am of absolutely no consequence.

I am just warning believers to wake up and evaluate their true position.

I have to do this just as much as anyone else.

The guidance 'Rhema' which we have received has made it abundantly clear

that we are in a severe crisis.

Here is the direct quotation.


"...but in spite of all the warning, most of My people will not hear and when they hear will not obey. They are an arrogant, stiff-necked people who go a whoring after other gods of their own making like the god of ‘Christmas’ and ‘Easter’ and a host of other saints days, which again I have constantly warned them not to do, over and over again in the old scriptures and now to-day.


They are a rebellious people whom I will discipline sharply in  the Tribulation  if they do not  repent and change. Many are already receiving judgment, but they put it down to the ‘terrorist’ or ‘global warming’ or to ‘earthquakes’ under the sea.


Of course there has to be a cause for every effect, but they do not take My Word seriously which tells them that nothing happens, but that I allow it!

Let it be known that this is my JUDGEMENT on an evil and rebellious people, which will crescendo into a tornado of destruction and death! This warning is now all over the Internet and yet it is largely ignored by My rebellious people - hardly a squeak or a whimper of this warning from My  “so-called” mainline churches and their daughters.


There will be a Tsunami of Satan’s spirit that unleashes My Tribulation, hard on the heels of a Satanic peace, and the world will wonder “Why?” “Have we not worshipped You Lord all our lives. Have we not given tithes and offerings and done good through “Band Aid” and “Red Nosed” charities? And I will answer, “you are a REBELLIOUS people!”. I will give the same answer as I gave to those Israelites who wondered why I had turned away from them:.."


Of course you can see this in Ezekiel 34 And Revelation Chapters 2 & 3 plus other chapters

and all over the book of Jeremiah.

Much Grace



Answer from Tim


Thanks for your response, PJ.  I appreciate
that you understood my point and agree.

Love in Christ,



Much Grace





             Be Humble      Repent      Listen To The Eternal God     Obey Him.    


                 This is very easy to say, but I assure you that it is physically impossible,

                                         without  the empowerment of the Eternal God.

                    Attending some Church, going up to an altar call, or isolating yourself,

                             in the hope that somehow it will all be alright, will not do it. 


               What are you going to do about it before it is too late?


          See The Video:   Obedience Is The Only Way Of Escape     


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.                The only way out of this dilemma is Jesus Christ.

                              .                             He is the only way of escape.

      .              We have to be under His Care and Protection.          

                    .                     Salvation by any other name or means,

                    .                                     Simply does not exist.

                     .                          Complete Obedience is required

                                                                Praise the Lord.

                      .                                 Come soon Lord Jesus.

                       .                                                 Amen.


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