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†††††††††††† The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God. 
The Bible we Recommend Is The King James / A.V. Bible.

Hereís the reason, shocking but enlightening truth:The Bible Is Used To Deceive


The Holy Spirit Is God††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Jesus Is God†††††††††††††††††

             Jesus Christ Is The Holy Spirit ††††  ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† There Is NO Trinity


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Serieousely dude,

You need to get rid of the Jesus is Lord text thatswirls around the mouse
pointer. It distracts people from reading what is on your website.

Me, I donít bother with sites that have distracting stufflike that, itís hard enough
to read the text on pages with all the background images
and colors that donít work with my eyesite.

Secondly, perhaps you should be a bit more specific and single
minded in topic when you post a rant like this.

As for the rest of you who canít handle anything that is not
coddling you, grow up. You are to easily offended
when something does not appear in your eyeís to be from a loving
heart. Yet you will discipline your children, or take them to the doctor
for a mean painful shot when the need arises.

And remember, Paul did speak of those people in the last days that attract
to themselves preachers that speak words to tickle their ears.

So you might want to consider whether your offensive response to this
message is due to that type ofan attitude.

Now concerning the rapture, this is something that will happen in Godís
timming, and in Godís power to save and to sanctify us. Not in our ability
to maintain our faith or our relationship with God. It is only for those who
have excepted Christ as Lord and Savior.

And to Peter James I would like to say: So what if not everyone has
heard the voice of God as I have. It does not mean they do not have
a relationship with the Father. I dare say that you with all your
aparent boasting of your own spiritual gifts which you received
from the Holy Spirit and have no gift in and of yourself, reject
that which God has spoken to me as all otherís have rejected what
God has spoken to me. You will as they question how I know that it
was God who spoke. You with all your boasting, as they will not
be able to discern who it is that God has said that I am. This
failure to discern in the Spiritthat which God has testified
concerning me, is the evidence that you are not all that.

I myself, do not make so great a boast as to put myself above all
others in the Lord. I am simply one who has heard in times past
though I do not hear all things. Take care and donít let your ego bite.



Greetings Scott,

You are entitled to your opinions regarding website design.

Yours is the only complaint I have had in several years, and I assure you that

quite a few people read my website. The new counter has only just been put up

and is not designed to see every hit.


Sorry about your eyesight, but pleased to see that you were still able to read

that Jesus is Lord.

No doubt there are lots of websites which will be of greater interest to you than my site, so just move on.


Single minded!!

On my site you will see that,

We don't ask you or anyone for money.

We don't ask you to join anything.

We encourage everyone to pray about what we have on the site to see for

themselves, if it is true of False.

I do not lead people to follow me.


I see that you are judging me yet you do not know me at all.

I have absolutely no idea who you are, therefore I neither condemn nor recommend you.

Why Should I know you?

Who are you?


If you read the book of Jeremiah which I do not intend to quote, you will see

that God speaks to His people. Often it is only a prompting, a still small voice.

The problem is not that we do not hear, but rather that we do not like what we hear.

Because we do not like what we hear we do what we want to do.

When this happens communications break down, you stop hearing the still small voice.


We have written extensively that we are not saved by works or penance or any such thing, and that God is not a respecter of persons.


Acts 10:34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said,

Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:


I make no claim of having either any spiritual gift or office of any type.

I have never elevated myself above any one.


I am pleased to hear that you heard from God in times past.

I would be even happier if you asked Him about me and the Website.

I would be very interested to hear what the Eternal God says to you.


I never condemn any one.

Any anger is vented at the adversary and certainly not at mankind.


Peter James


††† ††††††††Be Humble †††††Repent †††††Listen To The Eternal God†††† Obey Him.††††

†††††††††††††††† This is very easy to say, but I assure you that it is physically impossible,

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† withoutthe empowerment of the Eternal God.

††††††††††††††††††† Attending some Church, going up to an altar call, or isolating yourself,

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† in the hope that somehow it will all be alright, will not do it.


†††††††††††††† What are you going to do about it before it is too late?


††††††††† See The Video:†† Obedience Is The Only Way Of Escape†† ††


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.††††† ††††††††††The only way out of this dilemma is Jesus Christ.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† . ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††He is the only way of escape.

††††† .††††††††††††We have to be under His Care and Protection.††††††††††

††††††††††††††††††† .†††††††††††††††††††† Salvation by any other name or means,

††††††† ††††††††††††. ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Simply does not exist.

†††††††††††††††††††† . †††††††††††††††††††††††††Complete Obedience is required

†††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Praise the Lord.

†††††††††††††††††††† .†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Come soon Lord Jesus.

†††††††††††††††††††††† . ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Amen.


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