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        EXPERIENCING CHRIST IN REALITY is a great piece





This is a great piece, and it has actually helped me as I have been
thinking of "dropping out" of my activism, since it seems to do no good.
I'm thinking that at 72 maybe it is time for me to forget the world since
I can't save it in any event, and just do those things that are
personally joyful to me.  After reading this piece, maybe I need to
rethink that, and just hang in no matter how bad things get.

My question is, who wrote this??

Dick Placone
Palo Alto, California




Greetings Mr Placone,

Thank you very much for your kind comments.

You made a very good point, which I believe to be true

'my activism .. seems to do no good'. 

Unless we are doing what the Eternal requires our 'good works' really serve

the enemy rather than the Eternal.

However, you made a second point, and that is that you need to consider

not dropping out. There is no drop out clause for genuine believers.


The reality is that as you have clearly seen,

there are serious problems in the world.

What I am finding is that countless websites and email lists do not want

to confront the problems.

They do not want their comfortable complacency to be shaken.

They prefer simply not to know, and they hope that somehow

one day they will wake up and it will all be alright.

Meanwhile if they could escape to some quite place somewhere,

that would be just fine.

That is simply not going to happen.


Sadly because of our rebellion things will get worse and worse.

We are hypocrites, and we do the exact opposite of what the Eternal requires,

and then we expect Him to bless us.

How mad is that?


The Eternal is challenging all of us to choose Him, and to give up the churches,

and all those who are not faithful shepherds.

All He requires is that we have a personal individual relationship with Him.

Then we listen and obey, and encourage others to do this as we are led.


I neither have a group nor church, nor do I attend any such thing.

I simply encourage others to do as I said above,

because I know that it works,

and any who have the courage to try what I say, will also find that it works.

I have a website which exposes all the lies of our adversary.

I hate the religious systems which destroy countless lives,

but I dearly love the people in those systems,

thus my main occupation is helping to lead people out of captivity

and to a real relationship with Christ.


If there are any questions, I will try to answer them,

although I do not claim to know everything,

and neither do I claim not to make mistakes,

however careful I might try to be.


My Website is


My name is Peter James, I retired a little early to do what I am doing.

I do not seek a following and neither do I solicit contributions.

I am not wealthy, but I use that with which I have been blessed,

to serve the Eternal God.

I truly believe that if I am indeed serving the Eternal,

He would provide the means without me resorting to begging.


It is a great joy when someone is helped in some way.

You probably would find the document

The Woman, The Man Child, The Remnant  very helpful.


You are not too old to get involved in this end time battle.

I am a little younger than you are but we have warriors who are older.

At this time we are just scattered individuals who seek to obey the Eternal.


Thanks again

Much Grace





             Be Humble      Repent      Listen To The Eternal God     Obey Him.    


                 This is very easy to say, but I assure you that it is physically impossible,

                                         without  the empowerment of the Eternal God.

                    Attending some Church, going up to an altar call, or isolating yourself,

                             in the hope that somehow it will all be alright, will not do it. 


               What are you going to do about it before it is too late?


          See The Video:   Obedience Is The Only Way Of Escape     


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.                The only way out of this dilemma is Jesus Christ.

                              .                             He is the only way of escape.

      .              We have to be under His Care and Protection.          

                    .                     Salvation by any other name or means,

                    .                                     Simply does not exist.

                     .                          Complete Obedience is required

                                                                Praise the Lord.

                      .                                 Come soon Lord Jesus.

                       .                                                 Amen.


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