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         I am busy working on several documents at the moment,

including ‘Reaping What We Sow’, which is very popular at the moment.


This Rhema confirms much of that document, which will be posted shortly. 


Some scoff at our Rhema and our Documents, but the reality is that

a careful study of both will show that they are exceedingly accurate.

We have been warning about events like this for many years,

with many documents and videos such as  The Preview.


We have warned that the Eternal God has declared war on Biblical Israel,

many times. It is happening, but not in the way we might expect.


Document and Video: A Declaration Of War

Document :  Further Declaration Of War On Biblical Israel July 2011

Document :   France The Onslaught July 2011       Print

Document:    Tragedy In Norway July 2011              Print

Document:    The Line In the Sand                              Print


The Eternal God never acts how we expect Him to act.


Libya is just the latest atrocity, and others are rapidly following it.

Libya is turning out to be a disaster on every single front.

Nothing at all is working out for ‘The Coalition Of The Wicked’.


What we have done to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.,  etc.,

is precisely what will happen to us.


            Rhema: U.K. The Onslaught                

            Rhema Date:  10/08/2011

The Rhema continues:

Time has arrived for My intervention to judge Biblical Israel.

What you are seeing in the U.K. will expand to all Biblical Israel Cities.

The U.K. will deteriorate, and the demonstrations will widen,

into almost all towns.

It will be similar to when Rome was burning.

My vengeance has started for Biblical Israel.


(These riots were not simply race or nationality activities.

You can see from the pictures, that all sorts of people have been involved.

For years I have been saying it will happen.

Many scoffed, but it has now arrived.)


Not so long ago a large section of my fence was burnt down by a “bored”

young person.

He also caused 6 other fires that night, one which endangered life.

He has been caught and will be sentenced in September, they say.


At the side of my house is a path, and a house there is unoccupied.

I believe that it is the only one in this area.

Young children have smashed the windows repeatedly.

They would be considered minors, and not prosecuted,

but the house has been wrecked.

I am living in an area, which most would call very pleasant,

however, I have been burgled twice, had my car stolen, and never recovered.

I had the front of my house stoned, causing £1,500 damage to the plastic facia.

The front door was destroyed.




London Burning.


Large shop in Tottenham - London


Looting Large Electrical Shop in Tottenham London.



         Too young to drink: A youngster barely over 10 years old clutches

         a bottle of wine looted from a Sainsbury's Local store in Manchester city

         centre, and right, one of his friends runs away from the same shop with

         three bottles of strong vodka.


         Manchester: Hooded looters with arm fulls of clothes run from

         a Manchester shopping centre

Read more:




          Liverpool: A post office in the Bootle area of Merseyside    Croydon -  South London

          was attacked with a stolen digger, pictured.



          Birmingham: Masked looters carry boxes of         

          expensive electrical gadgets out of a home

          cinema shop in central Birmingham   



         West Of London: Southall:

         Sikh worshippers protect the Singh Sabha Sikh Temple 

         They are pictured holding their swords known as Talwars




         It's our city too: Manchester City Council praised the large

         numbers of young people who came out to help

Read more:

Read more:


Raid: This group targeted a jewellery store at the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham


Crumpled heap: This Sony distribution centre in Waltham Abbey, north of London was

destroyed by violence overnight, and there were reports of looting at the scene before the blaze


       House of Reeves, established in 1867, is now just a charred shell

          Croydon South London.  

         Read more:




         Rioters are seen looting a shop in Hackney, north London

Read more:



        Brazen: Looters carry armfuls of goods as shops are ransacked

        in Hackney, north-east London

Read more: 


There is a very interesting aspect to all this rioting and looting.

The pictures show us people stealing alcohol, and electronic equipment worth

hundreds of pounds.

All of these activities are very wrong.

The Eternal God said, in the Law, that so many want to do away with,

‘Thou shalt not steal’.


Many of these people including the very young are being fast tracked

into court to be tried for their crimes.


I do not see that these crimes are in the same category,

as those who have stolen literally ‘billions of pounds,

and absolutely nothing has been done about it.


I do not see that these crimes are in the same category,

as those who have stolen ‘billions of pounds’,

belonging to the people of Libya, and the many other nations,

that have suffered similarly,

and they gloat about it, as if they should be given some sort of award.


I do not see that these crimes are in the same category,

as those who have tortured, injured and killed literally millions,

and absolutely nothing has been done about it.


What I do see is that these people are above the laws,

which they make, but their day of reckoning has arrived,

because they are not about the Eternal God and the punishment,

that He has decreed for them, and there is absolutely no hiding place,

not underground cities, not outer space, absolutely nowhere.


Document: No Hiding Place


I have only seen one place where someone mentions God in all these

current awful situations.

It is the English Version of the Russian Newspaper Pravda.

It asks the question : Divine Justice?

It is really worth reading.


This document in the next link,

is excellent, as it gives a perspective of how many

of the countries in the world view the U.K.


Our Rhema has said that the nations of the world will look at the world

in disbelief and disdain. The link below shows just that.

For those who despise our Rhema, the Word of God says the same thing.


Deuteronomy 29:24  Even all nations shall say, Wherefore hath the LORD

done thus unto this land? what meaneth the heat of this great anger?

Deuteronomy 29:25  Then men shall say, Because they have forsaken

the covenant of the LORD God of their fathers, which he made with them

when he brought them forth out of the land of Egypt:

Deuteronomy 29:26  For they went and served other gods,

and worshipped them, gods whom they knew not,

and whom he had not given unto them:


Jeremiah 18:16  To make their land desolate, and a perpetual hissing;

every one that passeth thereby shall be astonished, and wag his head.


Pay excellent attention as this is coming to an area near to you.


“Some of the responses were shaped by genuine concern for their own

citizens, others were informed by a sense of bewilderment that such

scenes should be playing out in one of the world's leading cities.”



          British youths are 'the most unpleasant and violent in the world':

          Damning verdict of writer as globe reacts to riots

          By Lee Moran and Allan Hall

          Last updated at 7:01 PM on 10th August 2011


           The Rhema continues:

“There will be great demonstrations in all of Europe and the U.S.A.

The authorities will try to suppress them, but they will not be able to do so,

because I am against all of them.


All the countries of NATO, and Biblical Israel, will have the same suffering

as is being inflicted on Libya.

Everything that they have done, and are doing, will take place in their countries,

and I will be against them.


They do everything that they wish, and when everything collapses,

they believe that they can solve everything by praying to God. 

They treat Me like a puppet, which they can manipulate as they please.


How they are mistaken!


          Rick Perry appeals to the Christian right with 30,000-strong

          rally of prayer and fasting

            Rick Perry, the evangelical governor of Texas widely expected to launch a 2012

            White House bid, headlined a Christian day of prayer and fasting to ask God

            to fix America's woes.


I get many requests for prayer.

People often want me to pray that their circumstances will improve.

They want to continue in their wickedness, such as ‘Adultery’,

and I am expected to somehow, make that acceptable

in the sight of the Eternal God.

They are completely crazy even to contact me.

It is so absurd.

It is very rare than anyone want to change and stop their depravity.

They view me a magician, who has the ear of God,

and I can make anything better.


This is no different.

People have to get it into their thick heads that they have to repent.

This means they have to determine to stop doing their wickedness,

before they even can begin to ask the Eternal God for help.


The Rhema continues:

They do not realise that they will suffer for all the suffering, that they are doing

to all My innocent people.

They do not realise that the day of reckoning has arrived.

They do not realise that their turn to suffer, to be tortured, to be submitted

to all the atrocities, and abominations, that they are doing, has arrived.


The time for the separation of the Good Seed, from the Rotten Seed,

has arrived.


It has arrived, the time of the End Times.


The time for the purification of the world has arrived.


Do not be afraid (The Eternal Is speaking to His genuine people).   


It has arrived, the time to see many dead people, everywhere.


          Over 440 people killed in 51 US drone attacks in Pakistan in 2011

          `Islamabad, August 10 : The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

          has killed at least 443 people in Pakistan in 51 drone attacks this year

          so far, the Conflict Monitoring Centre’s latest report has said.


US launches anti-Qaddafi offensive in Africa


"After the first three bombs dropped at around 11:00 pm (2100 GMT) on Monday,

many residents of the area ran to the bombed houses to try to save their loved ones.

Three more bombs struck," he told reporters on an organized visit.

Thirty-three children, 32 women and 20 men from 12 families

were killed in the "massacre," Mussa said.



The Rhema continues:

It has arrived, the time of the Great Tribulation.


There is no turning back.


Everything will deteriorate, day by day, and hour by hour.


Be Ready.


Start to Pray.    


It is certainly time to start to pray,

if we are not already doing so.



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