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                                    We should ALL be sighing and crying about the sad state of our world.




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           All Of Our Rituals,                         Are An Abomination To The Eternal God.

              All Of Our Festivals,                      Are An Abomination To The Eternal God.

              All Of Our Pagan Practices         Are An Abomination To The Eternal God.


              The Eternal God Is Not A Robotic Moron, On Whom We Make Demands,

              And Whom We Obey, As We Like And, When It Is Convenient To Us.



             The Eternal God Is Not A Robotic Moron, On Whom We Make Demands.


             He Is Our Living, Loving, Personal Saviour.  There Is No Other.  

             Christ Is The Solution To All Our Problems.  There Is No Other. 


             1 Timothy 2:5  For there is   One God, and

                                                               One Mediator between God and men,

                                                               The man Christ Jesus;

             If This Verse Is Not In Your Bible, Your Bible Is Corrupt.

             Throw It Away.

             You Have Been Deceived Into Serving Satan, the god of this world.


             Sincerity Is Not The Issue. You can be sincere, and still be wrong.


             To Live A Lie Is To Die. – It Is That Simple.


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                             CHAIN     Breaking All Chains  CHAIN                                                

                                                Setting The Captives Free 




              Our World  2010  Slide Show                      To Enlarge                         Our World Slide Show U.S. & U.N.               

              The Rich Crooks V The Poor                  Click Pictures                Atrocities In Haiti Approx 5 Years ago      





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       The Eternal God Does Not Play Games    The Document


       Preparing For End Time Events MP4


       The God Particle And Other End Time Events MP4    


       Regime Change  &  Judgment


       No Flesh Saved Alive Updated 2011


       What Is Sin?


           A World In Denial  


           The Judgment And Curse Of Biblical Israel


           A Declaration Of War



              Everyone Did That Which Was Right In His Own Eyes                                           Notes Everyone Did What . . .



              Videos In Alphabetical Order



              A Reprobate Christian or Vagabond, Jew, Which Are You ?                                                     Notes Reprobates  


              A World In Denial  


              Abortion- Embryos                                                                                                                                      Notes Abortion  


              Animal Sacrifices & Old Testament Festivals Will All Be Implemented When Christ Returns                              


              Are You A Pharisee ?                                                                                                           Notes Are You A Pharisee?


              Are You Confused ?                                                                                                                                Notes Confusion      


              Are You Going To Heaven?   No One Is – FLV !                                           Notes Heaven         WMV Full Screen       


              Ask A Blessing On Your Food It Might Be Toxic.                                                                           Notes Toxic Food 


              Astrology Condemned In The Bible


              Atheists And Evolutionists Are Fools – The Bible Says


              Babylon Defined, Babylon Is Not America - It is The Vatican                                           Notes Babylon Defined





              Be Not Afraid                                                                                                                    Notes Fear Not – Be Not Afraid


              Blame Babylon


              Child Abuse                     


              Clean And Unclean Food As Defined In The Bible

              Climate Crisis Another W.M.D.                                                                                                Notes Climate In Crisis ?


              Come Out Of Babylon – My People                                                                                Notes Come Out Of  Babylon


              Congo - The Basest Of Men Update 


              Dancing With The Devil

              Days Will Be Shortened 


              Do You Belong To The One True Church ? Really ? Check It Out !


              Do You Have An Immortal Soul ?                                                                                                  Notes Immortal Soul




              Drought In Australia.


              Eden And The Plan Of God  


              EGO – Confronting Our Biggest Problem                                                  Notes  EGO         Printer Friendly Notes


              False Pastors/Shepherds


              Forsaking Assembling


              From Here To Eternity Part 3 – The Wrath Of Satan


              God Calls Whom He Chooses.


              God Listens 


              God’s Will Or Our Will, My Will or Thy Will Which ?     


              Grace And Works -What Does It Mean ToYou?                                                                  Notes Grace And Works                    



  Heaven?   No One Is Going There


              Human-Animal Embryos  


              I Will Not Hear - God Has Recently Re-Emphasized

              Immortal Soul  - Do You Have One ?                                                                                             Notes Immortal Soul 


              Jerusalem, The Nation of Israel, And Biblical Israel - Their Fate                Notes Jerusalem & Israel’s Fate . . .


              Judgment Awaits All Evil Doers –


              Living A Lie - Are You ?   


  Miracles - What Do They Mean To You?                                                                                                Notes Miracles


              Near Death Experiences


              No Flesh Saved Alive - New


              No More Time  


              Obedience Is The Only Way Of Escape 




              PJ’s Response to Hagee’s Christians United For Israel ?


              Puppet On A String - Are You ?


              Prophesying Lies


              Relationships And How They Affect You                                                                      Document Relationships . . .       


              Rhema And The Temple Of The Eternal God


              Satan Is Real 


              Salvation Is A Family Matter     Notes Salvation A Family Matter   Print       


              Satan's Servants


              Some Already Live In Hell, For The Wicked Hell Awaits  


              Some Great Deceptions That Affect Us All 





              The Basest Of Men


              The Body Of Christ Are You A Part Of It ?                                                                Click Here For Alternative Link     


              The Book Of Revelation & How It Affects You ?


              The Bride Of Christ


              The Day Of The Lord & The Lord's Day Are The Same - Neither Are Sunday


              The Days Of Noah Video - A Rude Awakening                    


              The Days Will Be Shortened 


              The Deceitfulness Of Riches


              The Defeated Life




              The Engineered Economic And Other Crises                                                                       Notes Economic Crisis


              The False Jews Of Revelation, In The World Today, Real & Dangerous                                 Notes False Jews


              The Importance Of Discipline -  Discipline Abandoned  Result Suffering for ALL                   Notes Discipline 


              The Killing Fields – The Entire World Is One Large Killing Field !                                   Notes The Killing Fields


              The Last Disaster   


              The Northern Army & Allies To Punish The English Speaking World & Israel                Notes Northern Army


              The Old Testament Festivals And Animal Sacrifices Will All Be Implemented When Christ Returns


              THE POPE IS A LIAR – Saying The Great False Church Is The True Church


              The Pope Is A Liar Alternative Link     Use this link if the above fails, as it sometimes does,


              Babylon the Great Mother of Harlots, And Abominations of the Earth.

              Revelation 17:5


              The Real Cause Of The Economic Crisis Is (Interest), It Transgresses God's Laws    

              Note the 30,000 mentioned in the video,

              are children with Curable diseases.                                                                                         Notes Economic Crisis     




              The Real Crisis


              The Sabbath And The Law   


              The Sin Of Eve Had Nothing To Do With Sex With Satan. Cain's  Father Was Adam. 


              Sodom The U.K. - U.S. - Canada - Australia - Israel Are Worse Than Sodom            Notes U.S./U.K. . . Sodom


              The Wrath Of God                                                                                                                                Notes Wrath Of God  


              The Wrath Of Satan -  From Here To Eternity  


              There is A God In Heaven


              There Is No Rapture 


              There is No Trinity - Christ The Beginning Of The Creation Of God - Yet Is God                     Notes No Trinity


              There Will Be No Revival 1 of 2                                                                                         Notes No Revival Complete


              There Will Be No Revival 2 of 2



                                                                                                                                                              Notes No New World Order


              There Will Be No New World Order - But A Revival of The Roman Empire           



              Tithing And Offering The New Testament Application                                             


              True Believers Are Kings And Priests -Now


              Wake Up & Save The Children


              Weighed In The Balance And Found Wanting

  What Is Sin?  


              Which God Do You Serve ?                                                                                    Notes Which God Do You Serve?


              Who Is Counting The Dead ?                                                                             Notes Who Is Counting The Dead ?                                                                                                 


  Who Rules The World? Answer: The Basest Of Men       


              Why Did Christ Have To Die ?                                                                                               Notes Why Did Christ Die


              Why Many Are Weak, Sickly And Sleep                                                                        Notes Why Many Are Sick . . .                           


              Why War ?


              Will We Destroy Ourselves ?                                                                                 Notes Will We Destroy Ourselves?






 No Flesh Saved Alive: Additional Comments.

  Your microwave is killing you.

  It transforms your food into a toxic poison.

  Throw  it out.


  Anything that the Eternal God did not create as Food, whether you believe the bible or not,

  will make you sick, period.

  Satan calls these scavengers and water filters, the various mollusks, such as ‘Oysters’,  ‘Delicacies’. 



  All PIG products clog up your arteries and play a part in killing you.

  They were not designed as food.


  I have noticed Formaldehyde in Washing Up Liquid (as in many soaps),

  therefore, be very careful to rinse plates thoroughly.

              Avoid MonoSodium Glutamate, Coded MSG, sometimes called Accent,

              and Enumber food additives,                       

              although not mentioned in the video, they are harmful.

              Ordinary Salt, we are told is toxic probably from the additives.

              An alternative is Sea Salt.

              Avoid margarine, the difference between the plastic

              container and the margarine is one molecule. When you run out of margarine,

              just eat the plastic.

              Corn flakes !

              It is said there is more nutrition in the cardboard, than in the contents !