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  The Holy Bible Is The Immutable  Living Word Of The Eternal God.                                                                                   
            We Recommend The King James / A.V. Bible.                                                                    

  With most other translations,  The Bible Is Used To Deceive            Print                                      






                                CHAIN    Breaking All Chains  CHAIN                                                

                                                       Setting The Captives Free 


       President Mugabe’s Luxurious Lifestyle Slideshow


      Our World  2010  Slide Show                   To Enlarge                 Our World Slide Show U.S. & U.N.             

             The Rich Crooks V The Poor                  Click Pictures            Atrocities in Haiti Approx 5 Years ago    


             The Bible Is Used To Deceive                 Print              What Is Rhema?


             Understanding The Bible


      Help  For Members of   WCG  &  Its Offshoots.    PDF 0   Updated 26/12/13


     The Miracle Which Will Never Happen              Making Yourself Ready   


  Strong    Delusion    Part 1     W.C.G.  Composite  Rhema      PDF 1  Updated 26/12/13


  Strong    Delusion    Part 2     2 Thessalonians Chapter 2      PDF 2  Updated 26/12/13


  Strong    Delusion    Part 3     W.C.G.            A Case Study       PDF 3  Updated 26/12/13


                                              Forsaking The Assembling Of Ourselves       




    Isaiah 9:6  For unto us a child is born,   

    unto us a son is given:     (Christ)                         

    and the government shall be

    upon his shoulder:           (Christ)       

    and his name shall be called

    Wonderful,                          (Christ)     

    Counsellor,                          (Christ)

    The Mighty God,               (Christ)

    The Everlasting Father,   (Christ)     

    The Prince of Peace.       (Christ)


     Updated July 2016               







                                                                     Hellstorm Full Documentary

                                          Exposing The Real Genocide      

                                          of Nazi Germany.     A Very Important Video


             Updated July 2016




          The Book Of Enoch                   The Book of Jasher


                                    There Is No Rapture


          Heaven Are You Going There? – No One Is 


         The Passover Service                      Easter Has Nothing To Do With Christ 


           Crucifixion Not On Good Friday - The Resurrection Not On Easter Sunday


                 There Will Be No New World Order – There Will Be A Revival Of The Roman Empire


                 Sodom:  U.K. – U.S. – Canada - France – Australia – Israel etc. . Biblical Israel Are Worse Than Sodom


                  Holy Day Calendar Summary 2017 - 2021

           Calendar 2018

           Calendar 2019

           Calendar 2020

           Calendar 2021


 Nothing Merry About Merry Christmas       Christmas Has Nothing To Do With Christ


                  Do Not Celebrate Christmas                                       Santa Is Satan

























                 Protection For God’s Anointednew1_e0.gif






                                     Count It All Joynew1_e0.gif




                  Count It All Joynew1_e0.gif




                   Where Are You Now ?   new1_e0.gif


                   Important Composite Rhema     new1_e0.gif


                   To the Inhabitants, and Witches, of the Earth     new1_e0.gif 


                    My Army I AM Your God        



                    DNA, Sin, The Spirit In Man UPDATED 


                    Tell My People   


                   Explosion Of Evil Spirit Activity   


                   Some Very Pertinent Rhema For Everyone     


                   Suggestions  Or  Instructions - Commands   


                   Three Very Important  Groups Today   


                  Important  Update On Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars   


                 Someone Has To Pay - Upcoming Events          


          The Inevitable Consequence Of Our Actions


           The AntiChrist Awaits In Hell


           Restitution Of All Things


           Atonement 2016 Comment   


                   New Ł5 Note Curses You          PDF    


                  Conditioning For The Alien Saviour  


           Husbands and Wives     


           Love v Charity              


           The Human Robot 


         Avoiding Disastrous Relationbships       


           We Are Called To Be A Vessel Of Honour       


           The AntiChrist Deception       


           Can You Identify The Enemy   Updated


           Is Believing In God Enough  Reposted to this web page. 


           End Time Believers Patience 


              Converting Someone Updated January 2016 


              Physical Inanimate Rocks Are Better Than Man – Rhema 


              Fate Of Esau = Edom = Turkey  


           Why Communicate ?  


           Trust in Me – Rhema 


           Do Not Touch The Lord’s Anointed – Rhema


           We Are Loved Not Tested – Rhema Dec 2015   


            What Are You Praying For ? Updated


           The Arrival Of The Appointed Time – Rhema 03.12.15  


           France The Onslaught July 2011  Reposted


           Another Reason For Suffering   


           Beyond Tears Part 2   


           Beyond Tears   


           Time Has Run Out – Rhema 03.11.15          


           Northern Army Updated 28.10.15                  


           New Beginnings And Generational Curses  


           Freewill  And The Laws Of God      


           Death Defeated And News Update 


           Training Now For The Future          


  End Of The Age, The Final 3.1/2 Years        


           The Relationship Between The Earth, The Sun, and The Moon   


                   Rhema: Be Ready, Wait Patiently


                   Can You Lose The Holy Spirit ?


                   Satan Does Not Control Hell


                  Hell And The Lake Of Fire Clarification


                  Your Life Overview


                   Godliness & Contentment


                  This Morning June 21st 2015


                   The Jigsaw – The Body Of Christ   


                   Am I Worthy ?                                                          


                   The Northern Army Updated April 2015    


                  The Earth in Time and Space                    


                  Rhema 09.03.15 With Comments    


                  The Question                        PDF                         


                   Enoch’s End Time Woes                


                  Documents Update Feb 3 2015         


                  Yet Another Warning                                        


                  Coping With Tribulation                               


                  More On The Judgment Books                              The Judgment Books


                  Tell Them I Love Them   Reposted


                  Rebellion The Consequences                                 Deaths, Judgments, Hell & The Lake Of Fire


                  Listening And Obeying                                                     The Days Of The Day Of The Lord


                  The Basest Of Men Identified                                    Satan’s Servants 2014


                  Birth Trauma Jeanice Barcelo  / John Kaminski



                  Confronting The Jezebel Spirit Today


                Walking on Water


                  The Vatican Created Islam – Alberto Rivera


                  The Appointed Way To Walk                   The Secret Covenant


                  Are You Going To Heaven ? No One Is -  Updated            Heaven PDF


                  ______________________  Reposted  _________________________        

                Babylon Part  1      Babylon Part  2      Babylon Part  3     Babylon Complete    Babylon PDF   


                  Speaking In Tongues Update


                  Sinners, Hell, And Salvation                             PDF Sinners, Hell, And Salvation


                  Blood Moons


                  Understanding Atonement    


                  Understanding AntiChrist    


                  Lessons From Lot For Us Today      


                   Harvest Time Is Now Part 2                                  Harvest Time Is Now Part 1 




           The Laws Of God Are Not To Test Us  

           The Lord’s Anger      

           Angels And Aliens                          PDF   

           Critical World Events June 2014  PDF 

           Manchild Members Must Obey     PDF

           Armageddon And World War III


           Saints Are The Living Not The Dead !   Reposted

           Arrival Of The Angel, And Listening To Him 

           Christ’s Warrior Bride

           Aliens Are Nothing New   

           My Concern For 2014                                                   PDF My Concern For 2014 PDF

           Baptism Is Not For Babies – What Must I Do?


           You And The Plan Of The Eternal God.



           Do You Think That You Are Exceptional?



           There Is No Rapture – Short But Clear Proof  


           Barbara’s Dream Vision


           Additional Update To Shortened Days


           Are You  Frustrated And Sick With Worry ?


           How To Win Your Personal Battle


           The Miracle Which Will Never Happen


           Making Yourself Ready


           Lies Another Abomination Which Kills


           The Mirror And The Sycamore





   A Cruel Deception


   A Famine Of The Word


A Message commanded to Be Given, But Ignored


A Refuge From The Storm Isaiah 4


A World In Denial


Abomination Of Unclean Food Causes Curses


Abomination Of Purgatory


Abomination Of The Mass

Abominations Causing Curses In Biblical Israel & The World

Abraham’s Bosom – A Place Of Comfort For The Just - New           PDF Abraham’s Bosom

Achan’s Lesson Applies To Us Today

      Alien Invasion   



All Lie


ALL Scripture Is For Instruction                                                                                          Print       


                  An Unprofitable Servant                                       


And Then You Die


Anti-Christ    From Here To Eternity Part 1


Apostle John And The Light                                                                                                  PDF - APO


Are You A Christian?


Are Underground cities And Men Living In Other Parts of the Universe Possible?



Are You Going to Heaven? – No One Is


Are You Born Again?


Are You Naked?


Arrival Of One Witness


 Assigned Training



  Babylon’s Bogus Money

  Babylon Defined

  Babylon Defined Updated

  Babylon – You Live In Babylon

 Baptism And Your Church

  Baptism For The Dead – A False Doctrine

 Be Brave And Courageous – How ? Why ?

  Be One As We Are One

  Beyond Aid

  Beyond Babylon

     Biblical Israel’s, Fall And Judgment Update


     Biblical Israel’s Love Affair With Demons 


     Blessings Of Christians


              Bosom  Of Abraham – A Place Of Comfort For The Just - New                Print



  Born Again ? Are You?


  Brothers And Neighbours

  Building The Ark

  Building The Temple


Can The Elect Be Deceived

Catholics Some Help For You

Child Abuse

Child Abuse Extensively Updated

Christ Comes Returns

  Christ The Only Mediator

     Choosing Curses                                                                                                                             Print


Christ The Beginning Of The Creation Of God -  There Is No Trinity


Christ, The Creation, And The Spirit World

Christians And Lebanon WARNING Includes Graphic Pictures

Christians V Satanists


Christmas Has Nothing To Do With Christ

Clean & Unclean Meats  Updated 2011                                                                          Print

Climate In Crisis Another W.M.D. !

Come Out Of  Babylon – My People

Composite Rhema August 2012

Control And Manipulation

Control And Manipulation Is Idolatry

Coping With Depression Update

Coping With Negative And Accusing Comments

Coping With The Traumatic Life


Covert Wars                                                                                                                                           Print       

Created In His Image      

Creation In The 6 Days of Genesis ?

Darkness Deepens                                                                                                                          PDF - DAR

Days Of Noah Are Today

Deceived About Hurricane Katrina

Deceptions That Affect Us All    

Declaration Of War On Biblical Israel By God July 2011

   Declaration Of War By  God On Biblical Israel Original


    Delivered From  The Powers Of Darkness By Emmanuel Eni




Destination ?

Destiny Of The Black And White Pope 



Do Not Celebrate Christmas

Do Weapons Win Wars ?

                  Doomsday Bunker - No Hiding Place From God                                                   PDF - DOO


 Earth’s Earliest Ages by G H Pember Best Link- Ebook  Pease wait For download.

 Earth’s Earliest Ages by G H Pember - Ebook  Pease wait For download.


 Easter Has Nothing To Do With Christ

    Easter – Crucifixion Not On Good Friday - The Resurrection Not On Easter Sunday


EGO -  Our Biggest Problem

                  End Time Events 15.07.12 – Part 3 Arrival Of The Apostle John              PDF- ETE PT3


           End Time Events 15.07.12 – Part 2                                                                                     PDF- ETE PT2


           End Time Events 15.07.12 – Part 1                                                                                    PDF- ETE PT1



Envy The Ruthless Destroyer

Escape Plan? Your Plan Is ?

         Evangelical And Other ‘Christians’ And World War III                                       PDF - EVA


Everyone Is Right In His Own Sight

Experiencing Christ In Reality

Faith And Long Suffering

Fallen Angels Pictures From Fourwinds Website

False Prophet

False Shepherds

Familiar Spirits And Witchcraft


Family Destruction

         Famine Of The Word                                                                                                                      PDF - FAM


Fear Not – Be Not Afraid

Feast Days In The Bible Still Apply Today

Feast and Holy Days from 2013 to 2015             Print Word Doc- Download

Financial Fear In Biblical Israel

Forgive And Loose

Forgiveness And Confession

Forsaking The Assembling Of Ourselves Updated 2011                                Print

France The Onslaught July 2011                                                                                         

From Here To Eternity Part 1 The Anti-Christ

From Here To Eternity Part 2 The False Prophet

From Here To Eternity Part 3 The Wrath Of Satan

From Stream To Stand Pipe

Funeral Of The Pope


 God Bless Who ? NNNN, What ?NNNN 

 God Is Not Mocked Updated August 2011                                                                 Print

 God Is Not Trying To Save The World Now

 Gold Have You Bought Any ?

 Gospel Of The Ridiculous

                  Great Change And An Earthquake.htm – Major Update


 Great Deceptions

 Guilty Come Out Of Her My People

     Have You Bought Any Gold ?


     Heaven Are You Going there? – No One Is


 Help God


 How Churches Are Deceived

 How Deception Works

 How the Bible Is Used To Deceive

 How We Should Treat Strangers

 Human Sacrifices



 Identifying Rhema

Idolatry And Its Consequences

Idolatry Updated August 2012

Indictment Against Biblical Israel

Is A Worldwide Revival Coming Soon?

Is Your Pastor A Judas

Israel, Judah, Britain And America

Israel’s Nano-Technology Hornets

Jerusalem, The Nation Called Israel And Biblical Israel – Their Fate

Jesus Christ Is The Holy Spirit

Jesus Is God

Jesuit Plans Exposed



Joel’s End Time Warriors 

John 14

Judgment Update

Just One Word

just10 - God’s Commandments v Satan’s Suggestions

Justification For Terrorism

Lebanon Escalates Christian Condemnation

Lessons From Hurricane Katrina

Let No Man Judge You

           Letter To Brian Gerrish & Similar Well Meaning People Of Integrity August 2012


 Liars Lie


Life Lessons A Comprehensive Report

 Line In the Sand                                                                                                                                Print

           Live By The Sword Die By The Sword          


 Loose And Free

 Losing The War

 Love Your Neighbour

              Magdalene Sister Slaves  - Daily Mail


Miracles The Challenge


        More About Child Abuse


       More About Come Out Of Babylon


        More About Covetousness


        More About Decisions


        More About God And Mammon


        More About Judgment


      More About Lying


      More About The Lord's Prayer


        More About Truth


        More About Your Calling



 More Satanic Catholic Lies 1


 Name It And Claim It

 Negative And Accusing Comments – Coping With

 Nephilim – Giants -  Birth – Life - Death

 No Flesh Saved Alive Updated 2011        Video: No Flesh Saved Alive Updated 2011

 No Hiding Place

 No More Tears -  The End Game

 No More Tolerance

 No Revival Complete Notes

No Void Words

Norway  And The Coalition Of The Wicked July 2011                                       Print

Norway – The Tragedy July 2011                                                                                       Print

Not Entertainment

Not Peace But A Sword

Northern Army Will Punish English Speaking World & Israel Part 2     Print Part 2

Northern Army Will Punish English Speaking World & Israel Part 1     Print Part 1

                  Nothing Merry About Merry Christmas


Nothing To Join


Oil Obliterates The Commandments


Obey Or Perish

Old Covenant V The New Covenant                                                                                 Print

Ordinances And Their Consequences

Our Strong Defender

Outside The Ark - No Flesh Saved Alive


 Passover And The Days Of Unleavened Bread

 The Passover Service                       The Passover Service As A Word Doc

 Paul An Apostle

 Pay Attention

Persia And Biblical Israel                                                                                                            PDF - PER

 Point Of No Return

 Pope Francis I

 Practical Suggestions To Deal With a Traumatic Life

 Praying For What ?    

Preparing For End Time Events MP4

Pretend Child Sacrifices Is A Lie                                                              

 Priests Of The Eternal God Can Marry

 Profound Blessings Of Christians

 Protection For New Believers - Reposted

Qualifications To Be A Servant Of God


 Reaping What You Sow Is An Unbreakable Law



 Regime Change  &  Judgment

 Religious Spirit


 Response To Richard Dawkin’s The God Of Delusion

 Revelation Chapter 12 verse 1

                   Rhema: Update on End Time Events July  2012                          PDF-ET-RHE





 Sabbath And The Law

 Sabbath Keeping

 Salvation Is A Family Matter

 Salvation Is Not

 Same Sex Marriage Forbidden By The Eternal God

 Santa Is Satan

 Satan Is Not A Racist

Satan Wants You Dead

Satanic Deliverance Ministries                                                                                              Print             

Satan’s Son

Scripture ALL Of It Is For Instruction                                                                                Print    

              Sex, Contraception, And Onan


Sheep And Goats

                  Shortened Days           


           Should We Have An Emergency Stock Of Food?


Sink Holes and Strange Sounds


           Sin’s Powerful Claim On Your Life


                  Sister  Charlotte’s Testimony


           So You Can Convert Someone Then!


So You Are Born Again ?

Sodom: The U.K. – U.S. – Canada - France – Australia – etc. . Biblical Israel Are Worse Than Sodom

 Some Great Deceptions That Affect Us All

 Speaking Evil Of Dignitaries?

Speaking In Tongues


Spiritual Significance Of Clean And Unclean Creatures

Spiritual Wickedness In High Places

Strong Delusion Part 1    W.C.G.  Composite Rhema

Strong Delusion Part 2    2 Thessalonians Chapter 2

Strong Delusion Part 3    W.C.G.           A Case Study

Super Imposed

Synagogue of Satan  


 Tell Them I Love Them

 Testimony Of Sister Charlotte

 The Abomination Of The Confession

 The Abomination Of The Mass

 The Abomination Of Purgatory

 The Abyss

 The Anti-Christ From Here To Eternity Part 1

                   The Apostle John’s Spectacular  Entrance


 The Bible And Hearing The Eternal

 The Bible Is Used To Deceive                                                                                               Print

 The Conspiracy

 The Days Of Noah Are Today

 The Deadly Dance

              The Death Pathway And Other Murders


              The Dream August 2012   


The Engineered Economic And Other Crises

                   The Eternal God Does Not Play Games                                                                       The Video


 The Eternal God Is Immutable

 The Fall Of Biblical Israel And Judgment Update

 The Falling Rain – Days Of Noah

 The False Jews Of Revelation, In The World Today, Are Real & Dangerous

 The False Prophet Identified

 The False Prophet From Here To Eternity Part 2

 The Fifth Column

 The Four Horsemen Of  Revelation

 The Fourth Kingdom

 The Garment

           The God Particle and End Time Events Video MP4


           The God Particle


 The Holy Spirit Is God


 The Importance Of Discipline


          The Judgment And The Curse Of Biblical Israel

 The Judgment Continues

 The King Of The North Is Not The Northern Army

 The Line In the Sand                                                                                                                     Print

 The Longest Night  Updated Nov 2012

  The Ten commandments As Distorted By The Vatican


 The Woman, The Manchild, The Remnant Updated 2011

 The Meetings – God Was Not There

 The Micro-Managed Life

 The Mountain

    The Narrow Road


    The Northern Army & Allies Will Punish The English Speaking World & Israel Part 1            Print


The Northern Army to Punish Biblical Israel Part 2


 The Overcomers


 The Preview

 The Prison


 The Real Cause Of The Economic Crisis is (Interest), Which Transgresses God’s Law

 The Sabbath

 The Sabbath Is Not Jewish

 The Separation

 The Spirit In Man

 The Spirit In Man Part 2

 The Synagogue of Satan

The Taken, The Left Behind & The Rest

 The Traumatic Life

 The Two Trees

 The Unpardonable Sin

 The Unravelling Of America


 The Watchers

 The Wedding Feast

 The Wicked - Book 1 - Flip Book

 The Woman, The Manchild, The Remnant

 The World’s Condition - Prayer Point  For W/C  19.09.2011

 The Wrath Of Satan – From Here To Eternity Part 1

 Thief Of Time

 Then You Die - Abraham’s Bosom                                        

 There Is NO Trinity – Christ Is The Beginning Of The Creation Of God

 There Is One God

 There Will Be No New World Order – There Will Be A Revival Of The Roman Empire

 Thou Shall Not Kill

          Toxic Food Notes 


          Tragedy In Norway July 2011                                                                                                Print


          Traumatic End Time Transition                                                                                          PDF - TRA



 Tribulation Update


 Truth Is Freedom

 Tsunami -  Part 1

 Tsunami – Part 2 – Why God?

                  Two Kingdom Parables, And Their Relevance Today


Two Witnesses The Support System

         Two Witnesses And Satan                                                                                                     PDF - TWO


         Two Witnesses, Two Olive Trees, and the Candlesticks


 Tyre And The Vatican

 U.K. The Onslaught August 2011                                                                                      Print

 Understanding The Bible

 Understanding Rhema

 Understanding Time

 Universal Sin = Universal Judgment,  Isaiah 24

 Unpardonable Sin

 U.S.A  Judgment Has Started October 2011

 Wages Of Sin

 Wake Up !


War Against Biblical Israel 2013

Warning To The Rebellious Shepherds -  Part 1

 Was Everything Created In The 6 Days of Genesis

 Watch Your Words

 What Is Rhema?

 What Must I Do Now?


We Are Living Under The Curse Of Cain

 Weapons of Biblical Israel’s Enemies

 What Are You Praying For ? Updated                                                                    

 What Happens When You Die 


 What Is Sin?

 What Is Your Escape Plan ?

 What The Eternal God Wants


 When Will Christ Return  Updated

 Where Are the Many False Christs?

 Where Are You God

 Which God Do You Serve?

 Who Is Running The Show?

 Who Is Our Worst Enemy?

 Whosoever Shall Marry Her That Is Divorced Committeth Adultery

 Will We Destroy Ourselves

 Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

 World In Darkness

 Wonderful Testimony Of Someone Who Took The Challenge And Came Out Of Babylon



 Why Many Are Weak, Sickly And Sleep Amongst Believers

 Why One God And So Many Religions?

    Why Peace Evades Us                          


   Why Peace Evades Us – As A Flip Book


 Why Pray Updated 2011

 Why The Canaanites Destruction Was Commanded

 Witness - Apostle John,  Enoch And The Light                                PDF - WIT

 Wrath Of God

 Wrath Of Satan From Here To Eternity Part 3

Why Tribulations For Believers ?



              What are you going to do about it before it is too late?

         Watch The Video:  Obedience Is The Only Way Of Escape


        Be Humble    Repent   Listen To The Eternal God   Obey Him          


         This is very easy to say, but I assure you that it is physically impossible,

           without the empowerment of the Eternal God.

           Just going up to some altar call, running to some church, or isolating

           yourself in the hope that somehow it will all go away, will not do it.


                                  The only way out of this dilemma is Jesus Christ.

                            He is the only way of escape.

               We have to be under His Care and Protection.          

                Salvation by any other name or means,

                               Simply does not exist.

                       Complete Obedience is required

                                     Praise the Lord.

                                                    Come soon Lord Jesus.