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         Week commencing 30.01.2011      


            The focus this week is ‘God or Mammon ?’


        Luke 16:13  No servant can serve two masters:

        for either he will hate the one, and love the other;

         or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.

        Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.  


Wife of Tunisian president fled country with 1.5 tonnes of gold

Saturday, 22 January 2011 22:01

By The Citizen Reporter and Agencies.


The rulers of most countries end up being very rich,

many with secret  Bank Accounts.

Even if one enters politics with the best intentions, one would be

quickly confronted by toeing the line. Scandals will swiftly surface,

or force will be used to remove anyone, who is determined to improve the lives of those over whom they rule.

The rule is that people everywhere should be kept as poor as possible, in order to make them a captive market, to further enrich the super rich.


Both situations enrich the already super rich.


           Money for Destruction                        

         A Stealth bomber $1 billion          

       + operating costs and bombs      

           Money for Pleasure 



 Abromovich the world’s largest yacht

1 of 5  said to be worth $500,000 to 1 Billion $.


Luxury Yachts: It looks like Christmas came early for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich – except that it’s actually a year late. The oligarch and owner of the the UK’s Chelsea Football Club has finally taken delivery of his new “gigayacht” Eclipse, which measures anywhere from 533 ft. to 557 ft. (depending on reports), but is without a doubt the world’s largest privately owned yacht. The cost of the behemoth has also been variously reported as $500 million – $1 billion, but there’s no disputing the fact that it’s the world’s most expensive private yacht either. The Eclipse will cost an estimated $50 million a year to maintain and each fill-up at the gas station will set one of the world’s richest men back a cool $650,000. 

Do you think that the Eternal God is pleased with either of

the above when these conditions exist ? 


Do you think that the Eternal God is pleased with us,

when we just blank these situations out of our minds.

There are no figures for people, who are suffering like this,

but I assure you that they will be astronomical.


What makes it even worse that most times these are the results

of the super rich, in their power crazy quest to become richer,

and to first of all diminish the population of the world and then

to enslave the remaining world population.


This is very real and the super rich are the main movers in this

abominable objective.


The system is set up to penalise anyone who adhere

to God’s way of life. Hard Work, Savings, and Pensions destroyed,

marriage penalised, and inheritance tax penalised.

This is the exact opposite of what the Eternal God intended.


If you want to acquire wealth you must become an active participant

of Satan’s entourage. There is no other way.

Thus Christ said you cannot serve Satan and Me at the same time.

That is what you cannot serve God and mammon.


Emmanuel Eni clearly explains his personal experience

of how the system works.

Read: Delivered From  The Powers Of Darkness.

Jews are often equated with money and wealth.

A study of the abominable practices of Talmud show

what they do to acquire this wealth.

Additionally all the Basest of men rulers, utterly despise those

over whom they have the rule.


Billionaire Bill Gates, is investing a vast millions of dollars

to vaccinate people across Africa. This sounds very good

until you hear him say that the purpose of this is to reduce

the world’s population, one of the factors, which he states

has to be brought as near to zero as possible.

He is not a fool.

He knew precisely what he was saying, but the super rich elite

are now becoming so arrogant that they openly state what

they are doing.  The lesson is that the objective of vaccinations is population reduction.


Watch the clip of just over a minute of him saying just that.

This is his display he said one of these four points has

to be reduced as near to zero as possible



Bill Gates vaccinations are to reduce the population (1 minute)


For two weeks I have been involved with these pictures.

They are so horrific.

I have been asking what do these children dream off when

they go to sleep?

What do you think?

A single dollar would buy them enough food to last several days.


When Christ asks these questions,


What do you think that 1 million dollars could do for these pitiful people?

What do you think 1 billion dollars do? That is  $1,000,000,000.

How many hundred billion did you have?


As I am always being told that we are under ‘Grace’, meaning

absolutely anything goes, will He give those He is judging for

their abominable activities on the earth, a group hug, and say

‘Well done, My good and faithful servant’


Matthew 25:41  Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand,

Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire,

prepared for the devil and his angels:


The Book of Enoch Chapter 103 says:

5. Woe to you, ye sinners, when ye have died,

If ye die in the wealth of your sins;

And those who are like you say regarding you:

“Blessed are the sinners: they have seen all their days.

And now they have died in prosperity and in wealth,

And have not seen tribulation or murder in their life;

And they have died in honour,

And judgment has not been executed on them during their life:

Know ye, that their souls will b e made to descend into Sheol,

And they shall be wretched in their great tribulation.

And into darkness and chains  and a burning flame where

there is grievous judgment  shall your spirits enter;


Enoch also says in other places that they will then ask for mercy

but it will be too late. Remember have been responsible

for the unbelievable suffering, torture and death of millions. 

Miss World.jpg



 FOOTBALL tycoon Mike Ashley lost £1million

 at a casino in just two hours.

 The Newcastle United owner blew the cash on a night out

 with team manager Alan Pardew.

 At first he hit a winning streak and was soon up £130,000

Then his luck turned and after two hours' further play at the

craps table he was down an eye-watering £970,000.

But the mega-rich Toon supremo, worth £890million,

didn't seem too down-hearted - he still tipped the dealer £700.

 A source said: "It was incredible. He lost a million quid in not

 much longer than it takes to play a football match

 but still left with a smile on his face."



 It was just one mega rich passing on

some money to another meg rich. – p.j.

The Sun Newspaper 240111


The ultimate present: Billionaire has £150,000 Wendy house

built for his children...and transports it to Switzerland

By ANDREW LEVY  Last updated at 3:50 PM on 5th January 2011

Wendy house: The two storey £150,000 super-sized Wendy house was custom built by a British company as a present for the Swiss billionaire's two children

Read more: The Original Daily Mail Article

Simon Cowell’s super yacht you can charter for

$450,000 per week.


Slipstream, the superyacht American Idol creator Simon Cowell spent his summer lounging around on is now available for charter with rates starting at about $450,000 per week –

though if you want the full luxury package including private chef that Cowell opted for, be prepared to pay around twice that amount. The 196-ft. craft can accommodate 12 guests plus a crew of 14 and features mirrors above a giant waterbed, a Jacuzzi, an observation lounge with panoramic views, gym and a sky lounge with a retractable roof. 

WC5 Inside An Oven.jpg

WC9 Footballers Luxuries.jpg

World cup football bathing luxury in S.A.        


WC7 Washing Facilities.jpg

     Next door in S.A. bathing facilities


Z3 Mugabe 2.jpg

      One of Mugabe’s 5 palaces                                 

  Z11 Mugabe 10.jpg

            One of Mugabe’s 5 palaces                 


Z14 Mugabe 13.jpg

         One of Mugabe’s 5 palaces                


A4 Al Gores Palace 4.jpg

             An Al Gore  Palace

See the full short slideshow here:

Palaces Of The Rich Crooks V The Poverty Of Poor


We have deceived ourselves into believing that what we have is ours, and that we can do precisely what we like with what we have. We say as long as it does not hurt anyone else, others should mind their own business.

We say our bodies are ours, and we can use and abuse

them as much as we like.


This is not true.

Absolutely nothing that we have is ours, and that which

we have is on loan, we most definitely have to give an

account for it, to the Eternal God, who owns all things.


These are the facts, whether you believe in God or not.

The message is exactly the same in the New and Old

Testament. If it exists it belongs to the Eternal God.


1 Corinthians 10:26  For the earth is the Lord‘s,

and the fulness thereof.


Deuteronomy 10:14  Behold, the heaven and the heaven

of  heavens is the LORD‘S thy God, the earth also,

with all that therein is.


In simple, plain to understand language it means that we

are not free to do as we like, with what we have, and that

includes our bodies. As everything belongs to the Eternal God.

We are told that the entire creation has but one

objective, and that it to give the Eternal God pleasure.


Furthermore we are told the purpose for the creation.


Revelation 4:11  Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory

and honour and power: for thou hast created all things,

and for thy pleasure they are and were created.


We will most definitely give an account of what we have

been given, right down to the smallest detail.

This is clearly explained in the parable of the talents,

which you will find in Matthew 25:14


The entire world is driven by a single thing,

‘The Acquisition of Wealth’.


Amazingly Christ said you cannot serve God and Wealth.

This shows us that people have elevated ‘Wealth’, to the

level of a ‘god’.

He said you cannot serve the Eternal God, and the ‘god of Wealth’, you therefore have to choose whom you will serve.


There are some who are telling us to put our trust

in the things that money can buy, which is absurd.

Almost no one is telling people the only solution to their

problems, and how they are to go about implementing,

what is their only hope.


This is the primary message of this website.

The solution to our problems is Jesus Christ.

There is no other solution.


When the blind lead the blind

it is inevitable that they will fall into the ditch.

It seems that supposed believers do not even know these

basic scriptures.

Matthew 15:14  Let them alone: they be blind leaders of  the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. 


The conclusion of the matter is this.


Most of us are so poor that we are quite unable

to buy the silver and gold, that we are told to buy in the

first place, but we do not need to worry, as it does not matter.        


We are told that absolutely all of the things that we are

being advised to buy, will be quite unable to save

anyone, in the days which are close at hand.


Suddenly, we will be on an even playing field,

for the very first time for thousands of years. All acquisitions and accumulations of wealth, will all be worth nothing.


Ezekiel 7:19  They shall cast their silver in the streets,

and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold

shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath

of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.


We are also told that not only will the silver and gold be of

no use whatsoever, but that the silver and gold is the actual

reason why the wealthy will not even be able to properly

feed themselves. So we are being told that regardless of

of the wealth that the super rich have hoarded,

they will still be hungry.
This is very apt indeed when we consider that those who

are wealthy, and the super rich, have no care whatsoever

about those who are greatly in need of the basics to live,

right now.


The rich are warned about their attitudes.


1 Timothy 6:17  Charge them that are rich in this world,

that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches,

but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;   

First of all everyone should never forget that there comes

the point when we must die. There is no escape, and we

cannot take a single thing with us.


Job 1:21  And said, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb,

and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.


Even the elite rich will die.

They do not believe so, they believe in an incredible after life, just like the Freemasons, which is all part of the same group.


James 1:10  But the rich, in that he is made low:

because as the flower of the grass he shall pass away.   


I have recently explained when we die, our spirit immediately

arrives at the throne of the Eternal God, who decides

where the time will be sent until the resurrection.


Christ said that unless we buy His gold, and righteousness,

we will appear before Him, as naked as the day when we

were born. Forget about the designer clothes, palaces, ships, harems, etc., naked and ashamed is how these

wretched people will appear.


Revelation 3:18  I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in

the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment,

that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy

nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with

eyesalve, that thou mayest see.


This is the 3 part indictment against the rich.


1. They have despised the poor.


2. They have oppressed all whom they determine to oppress.


3. It is the rich who take us to court to take the little, which we have from us. They lie to us and then they steal and even kill in order to take that for which they lust.


James 2:6  But ye have despised the poor.

Do not rich men oppress you,

and draw you before the judgment seats?


We have to realise that things like Police Stations, and

Courts are cost centres, which are primarily designed

to make money for the elite.

Who gets the proceeds of costs in cases?

Very rarely does anything go to the victim.

Therefore unjust judges have a simple goal, which is to make

a profit for the elite.


Video : Who Rules The World? Answer: The Basest Of Men                            


Finally we need to realise that electronic and paper money has

nothing of value supporting it. There is no gold, silver, or anything.

It is called FIAT money, which is literally no different

to monopoly money. Money made out of thin air.


The public has to be constantly convinced of the stability

of the currency. With FIAT money, every deposit is loaned

out ten, fourteen or more times.

The result is that if everyone went and requested their money,

the banks would all collapse in a moment.

I have personally witnessed two banks collapse in this manner.


We must also remember that the Bank of England and the Federal

Reserve are private institutions, which are owned by the elite super rich, to further enrich themselves.


It is possible for the government to print money and there

would be no debt, instead of enriching the already super rich.

Abraham Lincoln knew this, and so did John F Kennedy.

They wanted to change the system, and the result is that they were

murdered. The rule is that nothing and no one must stand

in the way of the accumulation of more wealth for the super rich.

Their real problem is that there is a God in Heaven.

He will reward them for their deeds.

Video: There is A God In Heaven


Luke 18:25  For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.


In view of all of the above it can be seen that we need to earn

money in order to survive, but more importantly we have to have

faith and trust in the Eternal God to look after our well fare,

when everything around us fails.

He left us the example, of how He personally looked after the

nation of Israel, when he delivered them from the furnace of Egypt.

As He is not a respecter of persons, He will do precisely the same,

for us, if we come out of Babylon.


Video:  Come Out Of Babylon – My People         Notes Come Out Of  Babylon  


Additional information in the Prayer point of 23.01.2011


Display Prayer Point  For W/C 23.01.2011    With Pictures     Without Pictures  


                                      So Let Us Pray.


        The only way out of this dilemma is Jesus Christ.

                                          He is the only way of escape.

          We have to be under His Care and Protection.          

                            Salvation by any other name or means,

                                         Simply does not exist.

                               Complete Obedience is required

                                                Praise the Lord.

                                          Come soon Lord Jesus.