We  Should All Be Sighing & Crying, About The Sad State Of Our World.   




                                                                 Let Us Pray


Our Intention is to post prayer points by the latest on the Sabbath,

so that they will be available from Sunday Internationally for the whole week..


Send in your National Prayer Requests in good time for them to be included.       



Our hope is that the selected prayer point will be part of our prayers,

for that week.



                 Please try to submit all requests in good time,

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             Week commencing 19.09.2011      


        The focus this week is ‘Condition of the World’


Our Eternal Father says:

I want you to pray the following prayer 3 times a day for one week.

I want you to pray sincerely from the heart, and not like a parrot.

I want you to start to be My warriors, not just by words but by deeds.


Pray with all your heart.

Dedicate the week to these prayers, and I will listen to, and grant them.


Start to Pray.


(1)   That My people will not be deceived by Satan and his evil spirits.


(2)  That many of My people will come out of Babylon,

       and that they will have a personal relationship with My Son,

      Jesus Christ.


(3)  That the actions of the wicked fail, before they are carried out.


(4)  That the Rebels, and the coalition in Libya will be defeated.


(5)  That the Leaders of the coalition have the same experiences

       as those whom they torture.


(6)  That My judgment arrives now, on those who have tortured,

       and carried out all the atrocities and abominations.


(7)  That I judge now, those who are carrying out the horror

       of paedophilia.


I have repented to have made man.

There has never been and never will be again,

as much wickedness as exists today.


How happy is Satan!

How happy are his demons, to destroy everything that I created with

a lot of love.

How happy are they, to have contaminated My creation with Radiation.

How happy are they, to bring many people with them to the

Lake of Fire, and to torture them for Eternity.


They know that they have very little time,

so they are accelerating their wickedness.


Satan and his demons are deceiving My People.

They are deceiving the people in the world.

They are putting it into their hearts, that they should stay with them,

because very soon, they will give them the reward for their fidelity

to them, by providing them with work, money, happiness, wealth,

and prosperity.


How the people in the world are deceived.

Satan and his demons are trying to attack My people,

and many of them are deceived.


                                   So Let Us Pray.