We  Should All Be Sighing & Crying, About The Sad State Of Our World.   




                                                                 Let Us Pray


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so that they will be available from Sunday Internationally for the whole week..


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             Week commencing 01.10.2011      


                The focus this week is ‘Africa’


The world is deteriorating from hour to hour.

I am giving signs, but no one is paying attention.

Everyone continues in wickedness.


How My Africans are suffering!

How My African children are without food, homeless,

and without the basic necessities.


They do not complain, but they accept,

what their Father is giving them.

They have in their hearts only love for Me, and their parents.

My true family is in Africa.

They accept what I their Father gives them,

and they still love Me, and they help each other.

What a people!


I cannot  accept seeing them suffer so atrociously, any longer.

I cannot accept seeing how Biblical Israel is treating them,

which is worse than slaves.


How much I love them.

I have a special place for them in My heart.

The Bosom of Abraham is waiting for them.

Pray that I let them come soon to My Bosom of Abraham,

where they will know happiness, joy they have never known,

and a love and respect, which they could never believe exists.


Pray that I let them come soon, so that I can terminate,

their suffering.

Pray by heart for My loved African people, who are suffering atrociously.

Pray, Pray, Pray, that I take to Me, all the children

deformed by Depleted Uranium, White Phosphorous, Agent Orange,

and all Radiation.


Pray that I take them to Me, so that they know the delights

of the Bosom of Abraham, where they will know incredible happiness,

which they did not know could exist, and they will thank Me,

and worship Me, night and day.


Pray by heart, so that I will grant your prayers.


                                   So Let Us Pray.