We  Should All Be Sighing & Crying, About The Sad State Of Our World.   




                                                                 Let Us Pray


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             Week commencing 27.03.2011      


                        The focus this week is

         ‘Current Abominations of God’s People’


Always pray from the heart.


Things are going very, very badly for the coalition of the U.S.A.,

the U.K. and France.

They are hated by all the world, not only by the Arabs.

The time of their captivity has arrived.

Russia, Japan, China, Iran, Venezuela and the Arab countries,

are preparing, and from one moment to another,

they will attack from their bases.


What carnage, what an attack, what humiliation, what hate.

All the world against  the U.S.A., the U.K. and France.


Yes, France will be attacked.

A vindication for what the French President has done

to the Romanoff gypsies,

and refugees, what hate, what vengeance.


Only those united to Me will be saved.

The others will go into captivity.

They will be taken prisoner, enslaved and molested.


The time of My great judgment has arrived.

The beginning will be marked by the sacrifice of Obama,

on Satan’s altar.

He has become a burden to be eliminated,

because he is no longer required.


Do not go to the left or to the right.

Be strong.

Do not be sad, because your duty is to free, My people,

to let them know that God loves them, and has freed them

from the clutches of Satan.

Help them materially and spiritually.

Because of all the atrocities they have experienced,

their minds are disturbed.


Love them, as if they were your own children.

Be like fathers and mothers, and with My help you will succeed

in bringing them to Me.

They will be grateful to Me, for eternity.


As you are human beings, I will give you the authority

to overcome the pain, and all the atrocities that you will have to see.

I will put in your heart a spiritual love, never known before,

to help both you and them, to forget the past,

and to let them have a new life, loving Me, and their family,

working for the loved Father.


Be ready all of you.

The time of My judgment has arrived.

A great judgment, which you can only bear,

with the strength, which I will give to you.


You will see so many horrors, that if your spirit is not empowered,

you will not be able to bear it, and you would die immediately,

because you cannot believe that such atrocities happen.


I repeat Sodom and Gomorrah, was nothing, compared with what

My people are now suffering.  

I have no more tears.

You are complaining about little difficulties, in your daily life.

What you have seen in Ethiopia, is nothing in comparison to what

My people are suffering and enduring now.


How Satan is enjoying it.

How the demons are enjoying it.


If I do not reinforce all of you, you will not be able to do any work.

You will not be able to help My lovely people,

because if I do not reinforce each of you,

you will not be able to help and comfort them, to free them,

but you would die painfully.

(traumatised by what you experience)


I will never forgive the torturers, who have given the orders,

and are organising the atrocities, torture and abominations.

Only Satan could conceive such horrors.

I will never forgive all who are torturing, and all who are working,

for their Master, Satan.

Pray that I call you soon.

(so the next phase of God’s plan can be started)

Pray continuously.


Do not be interested in material things.

Pray continuously for My atrociously tortured people.

Pray for all who are subjected to abominations.

The prayers tonight, and for this week, must be concentrated

on the protection, courage and strength for all My people,

who are subjected to the greatest abominations.

Pray that I give them courage, and that I take (bring to Me),

the ones who cannot take any more torture.


Pray for Bradley Manning.

Bradley Manning.


'You can hear Bradley Manning coming because of the chains'

16 Mar 2011: US soldier Bradley Manning is being held in inhuman

conditions in military prison, accused of passing secrets to WikiLeaks.

Every other week his friend from Boston goes to visit him. David Leigh reports


He also describes the experience of being stripped naked at night,

and made to stand for parade in the nude, a condition that continues to this day.


Bradley Manning has not been tried for any offence at this time.

He is held on suspicion.


Pray for Bradley, My Bradley.


Pray for all the innocents who are tortured.


Pray that My judgment on Biblical Israel comes soon.


These are the prayers that I desire that you do tonight in unison,

and for the whole week.


My judgment starts.

I know that all the group desires that I put an end to these atrocities.

I have promised it.

Be patient, everything at My time, and I can assure you,

that it is very, very soon.


Pray, Pray.


                                   So Let Us Pray.