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            The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God

                                                  Walls Of Steel         

All My true servants have a steel wall round about them,

like a box, on every side, above them, below their feet.

But this wall is no ordinary steel.

This wall is reinforced spiritually.

My  angels guard this wall.

This wall is around your dwelling place, but it is around you


My plans will be implemented, and you have my protection for this time,

because you are carrying out My plans and doing My will.


To All My true servants I give encouragement, I give guidance,

I give protection. DO NOT FEAR, ANY OF YOU.

Your lives are in My hands. My Son, lives in you in fullness.

You are My mouthpieces at this time.

My Son  will be spread over the whole earth, by the words you utter in this country,

and others utter elsewhere.

Many have been called in many lands to speak forth My Word.


I give you the strength, I give you the words.

My Son lives in you.

Look, servants of Mine, this is ALL My work, not your work.

You do nothing.

You are receptacles for the life of My Son.

My Son, is the initiator of the work.

THE ONE, who speaks through you, THE ONE , who enables you.

My Son, in everything give Him praise.


Remember, you are the beneficiaries of His Sacrifice.


You are NOT that sacrifice.

Your God, who speak to you, gives you much grace.


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