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            The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God


As I have said many times before, the realization is everything.

Spiritual wars are fought in, and through, the Spirit of My Son.

Satan is constantly fighting on one flank or another,

seeking weaknesses,

lack of belief.

You have to be strong, confirmed in My Word, My Son, to fight the big battles.

There is no formula for the fight because it is a spiritual battle.


Servants of Mine, I, the Most High God, tell you

that you must stop dissipating the spiritual strength I give you on useless trivia.

I provide the weapons for the fight,

but you must keep them honed by your spiritual life in My Son.

Build up that life, through fasting, prayer,

and total submission to Me, the Eternal.


Ask Me, your Father, for counsel in all things.

The time is coming when you will have to adhere exactly to what I tell you.

Spiritual might are the watch Words.

In this last day of Unleavened Bread, think of Me, My Son.

Think how I led My people out of captivity,

through My human instrument, Moses.

You are all, to a lesser or greater degree, like Moses.


You, My servants, through My Words to you,

which are put up on My website, and which go all over the world,

are doing your part in helping to take people out of sin,

by revealing the reality of this present evil world to them.

They WILL turn to Me in the end.


People do not want to face this reality,

something so startling and alien to them.

You are all blessed by how I reveal

the Satanic system of this world to you.

You are having time to absorb it,

and to realize every day how 'real' it is.

As I told you some months ago,

I reveal things, little by little,

or you could not bear the overwhelming sadness of it all.

I, the Lord of Hosts, am preparing all of you to help others,

in their distress and fear - stark fear - at this reality.


Therefore, My Children, give yourselves entirely up to Me

unless you, too, become castaway.

Outright evil can only be fought and defeated by Divine Love,

My Love, which I place in you.

Take up the sword of the Spirit, and fight like those few Spartans

did against the might of Persia at Thermopylae.


THEY fought to the death, and held the pass with their last breath, defeat only came through Internal treachery - a local inhabitant,

whom the Spartans were defending, sold them to the Persians for gold.


As you know, things never change.

Present-day politicians and members of royal houses have sold themselves,

and their people, for base coinage, to Satan, the devil.

They expect absolute power, but that will always elude their grasp.


Be loyal to one another, My servants. Be loyal to Me.

Allow no dissension in your ranks.

I am the Alpha and the Omega.

Your lives are in My Hands.

Remember, your destiny is great

IF you cleave to Me, your Lord and God.

Be My Servants indeed by your unswerving love for one another,

by your overwhelming desire for ALL the captives to go free.


I love you greatly,

I am proud of you all.

Desire that  I, the Eternal, break EVERY bond Satan puts in place,

that I smash down his polluted edifices,

and trample their dust under the soles of My feet

- nothing to remain!

Rest in the peace and joy of My Word, My beloved Son.

He is your all in all.

I am your all in all, your Provider  God.

Think long-term,

so that you will constantly be alert to what is going on around you,

and you will cry out to Me, The Almighty, for a way forward.


You CAN fight, and You CAN win, but your focus must be clearer.


Think on these things, My Children,

and be strengthened by My Love for you.

Your Father, who loves you, gives you much Grace."




                                       The End blue