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††††††††††††††††††††††††† Rhema: Something To Carefully Ponder

Honour Me in your thoughts of others - friend, and seeming foe Ė because in an instant I can change a follower of Satan to a follower of the living God, My follower.

Therefore,care for all in your thoughts, and neither condemn nor judge anyone, because they can become Mine by your prayers, and those of all, or any, of My servants.

Love all as I love all.

Yes, there will be judgment, but I alone judge.

Think constantly of whatI can do for someone, however evil, and treat him as you would a friend.


You are My servant, showing Me/My Son to all.

However they act towards you, you have My Sonís Spirit in you.

My Son went to the crossfor people who have now willingly sold themselves for silver and gold and power.

That is The King you serve, My Son.

You bear His Name so you must act like Him.


This is no light thing.

Do not think evil of these people in your thoughts.


Any thought which does not glorify Me, raises the Adversary.

Do not, by default, serve him.


Let them do what they will, while I allow, and while they have time.

I will bring all to book.

You do not need to worry that the poor will always be oppressed.

I raise up the poor out of the dust.

That time is coming.

The rich and the mighty WILL be laid low.

Their small reign is NOW.




Everything comes from Me and belongs to Me

You belong to Me and have been set apart for My use. 

You willingly dedicate yourself to Me.   

I keep you safe in My right hand for My purpose and My plan.

Listen clearly to My words to you for your sake,

and most especially for the sake of others

because you are a called and chosen sacrifice

Do not worry about the term I use.



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